Yeah, Now They Really Mad At You and Our President

They were swearing up and down that the Health Care law was going to be struck down. They were organizing, assembling, gathering, rallying and all that to go after ObamaCare and just knew they were going to prevail. They were screaming states’ rights and socialism and suing and state legislatures were trying to win votes based on hating ObamaCare and now they brought it to the Supreme Court. They were plotting hard and had it all figured out, the Supreme Court was going to strike down ObamaCare and this would create momentum during the re-election for the GOP victory. Then when the court made their decision, they got all excited screaming thinking it was struck down. Then when they read the whole decision, they found out President Barack Obama signature law was upheld by the courts. Yeah, they mad ain’t they? They so angry because US President Obama got so much swag running around taking out Osama and singing like Al Green – they can’t stand having a Black president. Even worse, they can’t stand a Black president from the South Side of Chicago either. They thought the only sure way they were going to get at this Black president is to take down his health care law initiative and they lost again. You remember the look on their damn faces when Barack Obama won the election in 2008. You also remember how stupid they look when President Barack Obama released his birth certificate also. Now you see them looking stupid once again in front of the steps of the Supreme Court when they found out the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare. Man, these cats are mad as hell, word to your mother! Look, you brothas and sistas have to contend with the fact they ain’t going to hire your Black ass for any jobs, they going to try their best to not convict George Zimmerman, run to the gun show and buy up cheap knock off AR-15s that’s going to blow up in their face one day. They heard President Obama says he support gay marriage and now they are just sitting around steam coming out the ears. Let me give you a secret – they ain’t really mad at you brothas and sistas. What they really mad at is all of the White people out there that do believe President Obama is doing a good job. A lot of White people love the Affordable Health Care Act and that’s something that they will definitely re-elect Obama over. Insurance companies have been denying cats with pre-existing conditions and that is a big deal with this law. But the point of this message is simple and clear – these cats hate you brothas and sistas and you need to stop relying on them, stop trying to seek validation and acceptance from these cats because they truly hate your ass. Get the f*ck out of their GOP voting neighborhoods and communities, get your kids out of their schools and definitely look at ways to do your own hustle and not rely on them for a job. Work to get these cats out of political power in your own community and go hard on the offensive to make this country the type that respects President Barack Obama legacy. I’m going to keep it 100% - I don’t give a f*ck how mad they are at President Obama, they better get over the fact and find something else to focus on. But we brothas and sistas need to break away from their angry racist and hateful ass and start focusing on doing for ourselves, our people and our community and start working on the global economic level. We got so much to look forward to instead of being caught up by these slowly marginalized hateful clowns in America. Too much moves to make in this world, too much business opportunity worldwide we can chase and way too much money worldwide we can stack and stack and stack like the world is ours. Brothas and sistas got nothing but big things to chase after and with that said, let them be mad while we go for ours in this world.