I Love How Japanese Media Breaks Down the Hustle for Us Brothas and Sistas to Peep

If there is one major thing I like about people in Japan is they like to break down the hustle for you. They don’t walk around acting like they got secrets or they are special talent or all that other crap, they actually break down the business, explain the logic and the science. Over the weekend, I probably saw one of the best 5-star movies on Netflix called The Great Happiness Space. We are going to talk about this movie and also show another example from my favorite J-girl Kyary. The Great Happiness Space If you are a stripper, a strip club owner, hostess, run any kind of bar or social event planning then this is a required movie you must see and make no excuse not to see it. Skip anybody with reservations and doubts – this is a required movie and only a pig-headed loser that stuck in their own ways would not see this movie or not try to learn from it. I found it very entertaining and if people are worried this is a Japanese movie with no Black people, I did saw a Black man in the background riding on a bicycle around the 40 minute mark, so no excuses. What is so amazing about this movie was how the main character broke down his business, how he makes money, his tips and techniques and he does not hold anything back. You never hear anybody talk like this in Black Enterprise magazine, never! That is the first thing that will amaze you about this movie. The second thing is they break down the customer! They talk to customers and the customers are extremely honest and then you are watching both the business and the customer at work and this is the kind of real movie an entrepreneur and hustler want to sit down and watch. This is what I see a lot of Japanese media where they break down how to do things which is why I watch a lot of their movies and other media. They don’t act like they special or gifted or some talent you suppose to admire, they actually break down the science of what they doing. It’s like they want you to learn their hustle and do the same thing on your end - that’s why I recommend brothas and sistas watch this movie. I don’t want to give too much away for this movie but I love the business model of clienteling as well as bottle popping and commissions with that technique. I never seen this done here in America but I seriously think a strip club should consider this profit model and revenue sharing as this probably bring in just as much money as tips and other stuff. See, they focus more on company instead of sex and they appear to make way more money than these strippers who cannot even afford to pay their $100 fee and barely break even that night, hoping they can make their losses on Saturday and Sunday. A very good movie to watch. Kyary and the Making of Candy Candy Man, I love some Kyary Paymu Paymu. The thing I like about her is again, she is someone who is transparent and she shows how she is doing it and let you see how she does her thing. We seen things like the making of video but to be honest, most of these making of videos are just as phony as the actual movie but Kyary is very real and I watch how she does it and she is a very down to earth person. By the way, I love this video, especially when the onion-head cat start singing along: In the video below that shows the making of the video above, I want you to notice some things that you will never see in America when they do their making up videos. Notice you see the hair stylist putting on her hair and other costumes. Even better, look at the chick showing her the dance moves – she is always with Kyary everywhere she goes and appear to be her dance instructor. You don’t see stuff like this in other places and this is where I say good information to learn from. Don’t Forget the Big Picture As I explain over and over again, African-Americans who are 18-35 years old definitely should be looking worldwide for information to empower themselves and learn proven techniques and patterns. We are in a global economy and brothas and sistas will find their goals are more aligned with people outside of America. Don’t be pig-headed and ignorant like our older generation of Black folks – just one look at their bitter, worthless stagnant behinds who spent more of their money on Cadillac cars than investing and creating generational wealth is enough to convince me and you that we have to do something different to make our situation better as Black people in this global economy. Sorry but you reading from a hood cat but at the same time, we straight worldwide 777 cats getting the visa approved and passport stamped and working with brothas and sistas worldwide. You will learn it’s cats outside of American more than willing to work with you to real business while these bigots and Black sellouts want to keep you held down and held back as long as you deal with them. Nah, learn to look worldwide and you will begin to learn a lot, like I’m doing in Japan and other places around the world.

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  1. You see this right here is game! A business model like that is something else . For this to be implemented it would take someone who is bold and can disrupt the whole nightlife game. On the real this is some real P.I thats going on in that first video. Ed I think someone who is a former convict who cannot get a job, can do something like this and make flow. This is similar to a cabaret and I’ve had never been there nor a strip club so I wouldn’t know the whole set up. But I would think maybe there could be a one to one speaking get to know session for escorts without sex. That would leave out suspicions on prostitution.

  2. I agree this is a business model that can be run in the big city. But if you noticed, Osaka has a cluster of these host/hostess clubs and this is why I stress the Black community focus on clusters of the same business model next to each other.

    The reason I give that movie 5-stars because they were selling having a good time, which is more important to a customer than sex. They give these ladies attention and talk to them (probably just listen to them). They are not gyrating or grinding their bodies – they simply providing happiness as the title suggested.

    Many Black strip clubs and party clubs do not provide happiness and we end up fighting and shooting at each other in the club. This is why I think this movie is required viewing and something we can learn from to make real money.

    1. // I did saw a Black man in the background riding on a bicycle around the 40 minute mark, so no excuses. //


  3. Straight game! Love this!!! Hell, I might break up with my boyfriend to give this a try! Lol.. Seriously, you are absolutely correct. The clubs, etc should really look into this business model as it captures one of the most powerful emotions we have: love/desire and turns it on it’s head!

    Did you hear Issei say that it stress him out to keep up the charade of compliments?! I was straight taking notes!!

  4. Ed-

    can you write something about how to make international contacts and transition to doing business globally?

    As far as the states, I’m all over. I want to launch something or at the very least, buy companies in other countries.

    That would be awesome. I know you mentioned the age range 18-35 but I include myself in that group being I’m 41.

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