Just Have to Step to the Mic and Free Style This Ish..

I got so much topics and articles I’m working on, I don’t know where to start! Articles about vending machines, more geolocation hustles, politics and other topics that I want to publish them all tomorrow! So because of all of the articles I got to work on, I’m going to just freestyle on various stuff off my head just to have something out there before I focus on what I need to write about next. I don’t even know what I’m going to talk about and I’m just typing to bear with me. I Think I’m Bria Myles with all These Non-Black Friends and Associates! For the first time in my life, my non-Black friends and associates outnumber my Black associates (I have no real Black friends right now) and I’m a brotha from the West Side of Chicago. I’m dealing with people from Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America; in fact my only Black associates are non-American from the African Diaspora. To be honest, I don’t have probably anybody American I’m dealing with now that I think about it! The truth is American people kinda sucks right now – I don’t want to be around these American recession, non-innovative, entitlement, self-loathing cats! Really, why I want to be around some cornball brothas and sistas who just talk ish all the goddamn time but don’t want to put in any real work when it comes to hustling and stacking paper?! The music American brothas and sistas listen to versus the music UK brothas and sistas listen to – come on now, this ish ain’t rocket science! Let me explain what happened – I basically got all of the bullsh*t people out of my life and started demanding being around quality people and what I want out of people. I want people who are go-getters and actually have talent and doing something and I don’t have to show/teach/instruct them to do anything. I need people around me who are smart and when I talk tech and business, they know and understand and give me real feedback instead of some dumbass “I don’t know tech” response. Unfortunately, that wiped out 100% of all African-Americans from my immediate circle. Look, I don’t hate African-Americans because some of my best family members are African-American. The problem is I been taking in brothas and sistas into my inner circle as-is thinking just because they were Black like me, they were automatically cool. So I find out the hard way none of these cats were ish and damn sure wasn’t my friend and wondering what the hell they were doing in my life! So if you see me out and I’m hanging out with cats from China, India or African just remember that this is a sign of the times that even when I’m not around brothas and sistas no more, something is definitely in the air. At Underground Atlanta Meeting Chinese chicks from China! For the past several weekend, I have been going downtown Atlanta and as I stated, been in the public library going over the business books on the 2nd floor. However, I had several encounters and it didn’t click until this weekend until I rant into a bunch of Chinese dudes asking me to take their picture. These cats are straight flying from China to hang out in Atlanta on some freestyle ish! I was on the Marta and these two ladies started speaking Chinese and one of them started saying real loud on the train that word in Chinese that sound like n-word! The train was all crowded with Black people and she all loud talking to her girlfriend and cats were looking up at her everytime she was saying that word in Chinese that sound like the n-word. She was going on and on with every other word being the one that sound like the n-word and I had to explain to cats that it is word they use in China and she is not referring to Black people. But here is the thing – most Asian cats on Marta are all quiet, these two young ladies were all loud and just talking it up with shopping bags and ish. Another week on Marta, I get off at the Five Points and I’m going up the escalator and mobbed by a whole crew of Chinese ladies, all of them cute as hell and look like they in their 20s. They were asking me directions to the Centennial Olympic Park and told me they were also from China visiting Atlanta– I forgot what city to be honest because I wasn’t thinking about it. They were walking down in the Underground area too with some kind of swagger you don’t see from Asian ladies acting like they sistas and ish checking out ATL from Detroit. But the most recent weekend, I figured it out – I saw a young White man walking a group of young Chinese dudes around downtown Atlanta and he was apparently their guide and that’s when I recognized what the f*ck was going on because I recognized that young White man hustle and he was smart as hell to pick up on it. These are rich, young Chinese cats with disposable income flying directly from China to Atlanta and taking the Marta train from the airport into Atlanta and got Yuans to blow. And that one White person was the only smart cat who found a way to market himself as a tourist guide to this new money from China coming into Atlanta. Now how many of you Black characters did a damn thing about this or even noticed this? Couldn’t you setup a side hustle that take Chinese cats around, take them to the King Center, take them to other spots around the ATL? Run promotions to attract them coming in with their money to spend at your spot? When you go there, they got all kind of setups to make you spend money with them - what you doing? You know they want to see Black culture and those cats in China are straight ghetto so don’t think brothas and sistas got a patent on being ghetto - we don’t, trust me. That’s why I was saying these Chinese cats were all in Atlanta acting like they running ish in packs. The question is, what kind of hustle are you running to get at these tourists coming in the ATL willing to spend money? I thought this was funny because you don't see Asians running around acting like this - they usually all quiet and stuff. These are arrogant new young money Chinese cats running around the world and now coming to the ATL walking around checking out the city. Did you know that many merchants are quietly putting up they accept China UnionPay above the Visa/Mastercard logo? Do you know China UnionPay is bigger than Visa/Mastercard now? Now are you realizing what’s going on here? Did Not Realize How Violent the Mexican Drug War Was Look, I knew they were having a war down in Mexico with drug cats and bodies are getting dumped in the streets and stuff. But what I didn’t know what they were doing ish worse than Al-Quadia in Iraq on cats down there. I’m sitting up here looking at videos of cats getting their head cut off with chainsaws, cats being garroted, chicks getting their head blown off – these cats are making hardcore snuff videos and posting it online doing stuff way worse than what the terrorists they were doing in Iraq! I came across these videos because I was talking to someone wanting to vacation in Mexico and I wanted to research how violent it was down there – damn, I didn’t realize it was like that! But here is the part that bothers me is we got American media all focused on the Middle East and these countries that appear to threaten Israel more than the USA and American media putting all the attention over there in the Middle East talking about terrorism when we got these crazy and violent cats down here south of the American border doing real terrorist type stuff! And you know these cats down in Mexico are now in America doing dirt and making this no country for old men in the process! So why are these pricks in Arizona and elsewhere trying to attack illegal aliens or these Mexicans running away from open warfare and violence? I don’t think they want our jobs, I think they want to get the f*ck away from what I saw on those videos, cats in Mexico being hanged from bridges and stuff like that for everyone to see. I’m really shocked right now at how the American media downplayed the drug war going on in Mexico – I knew it was bad but damn I didn’t know it was this bad! My same friend who supposed to be tech and think he is a better tech person that me asked me how to solve this whole problem. I told him that creating and selling autonomous submarines that can navigate directly from Columbia or Panama to America east and west coast and possible up the Mississippi River or through the Great Lakes would remove Mexico from the equation and dry up the trafficking that they are violently fighting over. He said the right answer was to legalize drugs and then he realize that I’m actually am a smarter tech person than him and that legalization response was a stupid answer. You ain’t going to see legalization anytime soon because states and local sheriff counties make money off the drug seizures to buy their dog bullet proof vests and they buy M4s with EOTECH red dots and vertical grips and crane stocks. What you want to do is create and sell submarines that can ship a payload with cats in Boliva using a joystick and command center like it’s a Predator drone and do drops in weird places like 50 miles off the coast of Maine and ish. Make those things look like a dolphin and mimic the heat signature of one – they won’t show up on radars. You don’t know what they pushing in those submarines – you just want them to do what they do and you get your money and you also reduce the violence not only in Mexico but even on the streets here in America by making the supply very abundant.