Let’s Just Put It Out There – America Is Mean and Scary Towards Our Entrepreneurs!

More money, more problems – that is the policy of the United States of America when it comes to people choosing to get their hustle on and stack paper. See, they teach you as a child in America to become nothing more than a salaryman or a proletariat class of being part of an educated workforce. But now you are in your 20s and always see how cats get washed up and turned out in their late 30s and 40s working at these corporations and you know you ain’t trying to be next up for that! So you choosing to find ways to generate more income and do for self and be successful. But see, there is a secret about this so-called great country called America that even I’m learning and shocked by it all. You learn the more you become successful and make money, the more America hates your rich ass for chasing the American dream. That’s the real truth of this country and we need to be honest about it. Recently, the founder of Chik-Fil-A made a comment about his opposition to same sex marriage and here is a guy who built a business that gives people jobs and put food on their table. And because he voiced his spiritual belief about marriage should bounded by a penis and a vagina so the penis can penetrate the vagina and agitate itself against walls of the vaginal cavity to produce sexual stimulation to the point of climax where the penis spurts streams of semen in order to fertilize eggs and produce an embryo to be born in wedlock. And that’s his belief and he has rights as an American to express those beliefs, even through his company. But because that statement offended the gay community, Chicago and Boston mayors are saying they want to block Chick-Fil-A from opening up a store. So Chick-Fil-A operation which will attract foot traffic and create jobs because it is already a buzz-generator, you got politicians pandering to gay lobbyists by hating this business and threatening to not let them engage in free-enterprise. This is exactly what me and you as progressive Black folks are learning about this country called America is they do not place value on entrepreneurship and the importance of economic development! So this is the same country full of people screaming we are the best country in the world and we are the best in everything. But let someone say they want to start a business, let someone get money outside of their withholding heavy paycheck, let someone want to start something that gives other people opportunities and jobs and see how much America turn on that entrepreneur real fast. No, America has a serious problem with cultivating American entrepreneurs and will rather engage in capitalist ventures from communist China than from a fellow American and that’s the goddamn truth and you know it too. Everybody around you want to discourage you and frown upon you for wanting to start your own business, despite the fact you have to work hard to do so. But here is the part that kills me – someone want to make a comparison that starting a business in America is better than let’s say Afghanistan or whatever. No it is not – you can start up a telecommunication company or sheep trading exchange right now in Afghanistan and pay less taxes and move those profits into Swiss accounts without that money never seeing the states. You can start businesses in Asia and Africa right now and move those currencies to Singapore, Cayman Islands or Swiss accounts and let that money sit overseas and don’t enter the USA. If you haven’t figured it out by now, that’s exactly how cats are doing their money moves right now instead of investing in the USA. IRS want to tax you 50% for capital gains which is earned by being creative and skillful and being good at what you do. And if you are a corporation which is a non-living entity that is an economic vehicle, the IRS want to tax your corporation and the people running that corporation – how dare you try to make money and provide jobs – give Uncle Sam some of that money you making!!!! And when you do open a physical business, the local country trying to find every little way to find ways to fine the business for non-compliance, charge them fees or tell them to collect special taxes. You sitting there wondering why the hell you started a physical business after experiencing all this crap! God bless the child that has their own but America want to tax the living ish out of that child, real talk. See, you think these Republicans and all these other right wingers are nutjobs but see, when you poor and from the projects, ain’t nobody bothered my Black worthless ass. We were left alone and had government benefits and then some. But when we say we want to do for self, the tax cats start coming in, the local government want to find way to collect income and then you got other cats wanting to be all in your money business. This is how America treats you for wanting to be successful in America. I really don’t know what to say about this whole episode except to say it is really sad commentary and we brothas and sistas cannot be able to create companies that create jobs, then Americans ain’t going to have jobs and that is why our inner cities are crumbling. The truth is people with entrepreneurial talent are finding ways to leave America and keep their money outside of America because when you compare America to other places in the world, you begin to find out the truth about this country is America punish those who want to get rich. This don't bold well for the rest of regular American cats out there looking for jobs and many of these jobs are going to the countries that welcome and have more favorable terms for entrepreneurs. The Black community extremely hate entrepreneurs and the only cats doing something, they have to be armed and violent to get their way in the Black community and that's BS. Something got to change, real talk and it starts at the laws and taxes that are trying to destroy and punish entrepreneurs from starting up a business in America.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Just Put It Out There – America Is Mean and Scary Towards Our Entrepreneurs!

  1. It is the truth. You have to fly under the radar with them. While working in a tax office the last people to come in were always the business owners. They come with their pile of stuff trying to get the most out of tax breaks and what not. Some sole prop, some small corps. What got me was a man with a business here in the us and owned property in another country. He actually disclosed this and the fact that he held more than $10,000 in a foreign bank account and he wasn’t even a citizen. The u s government does not need to know about the amount of money you pulling in your country from rental income. But hey it was definitely a good case study.

  2. This is a great hidden truth! The danger to this country is free thinking. They want everyone to be stepford wives. When ever free thinkers start businesses they always look to shut them down. Being gay is all about sexual preference not economics. Freedom in America is most definetly not FREE!

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