Take a Day to Celebrate Doing You and Being in Control

The day I published this article is a good day for me. It is the day I recognize who I am and who my real friends and family are and realize this is my life and I’m in control. See, what happens is as you want to do for self or you experience a crisis or challenging moment, you learn who the real people are and the fake people real fast. This article is design to help brothas and sistas overcome this first major challenge when they going through trials or pursuing their personal goals. The reason why this day is special to me is because I told so many people during this time of the year who were around me undermining me or not showing me any love or support that I felt I deserve to straight step off and out of my life. As you should expect all of them mad and showing their true colors - a good thing because I want people to show me who they really are so I can show them who I’m really am. And that is what you will find out as you try to do for self and go for your goals is you will encounter a lot of people who supposed to be close to you but trying to undermine you and will show their true colors as you become more successful. You will see the same people on Facebook praying for celebrities going through problems or praising President Obama but will never pray for you during your tough moments or praise your accomplishments on Facebook and they know you personally! These are the same people you talked to about starting your own business, moving to another location better for you or your switch to a natural hairstyle from a perm, they act like they can’t acknowledge you for going for yours and choosing to be a better person than you are yesterday. These are family and friends that we’re talking about! Here is the weird thing – you can go on the Internet and publish your personal problems like you going through like money problems, legal problems, relationship problems and you will get all kind of help from strangers who don’t know you. But you approach your own so-called family and friends with your personal problems, most of them will twist their lips up at you, talk about you and your problems behind your back and act like you owe them your life for them helping you as they looking to take advantage of your plight. These are the type of people I had in my life and I’m pretty sure many of you have or had these kind of people in your life. This is the important lesson of the day – your real friends and your real family are who doing right by you right now. If cats ain’t treating you proper and ain’t coming around when you need them, get them out of your life and outside of your circle fast. The biggest mistake I’ve made was not getting rid of people fast enough from my life and allowed their true colors to come into full bloom against me. When I learned to get rid of these people quick and fast, that is why I celebrate this day as the day I learn to do me and stop letting people who ain’t about ish step into my life and be around. Notice the part earlier about strangers helping you – that is important because you probably should know it isn’t about how long you know your friends and family - it’s about who cares enough to do something to be there for you. For example, people from Utah were kind enough to take in people from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina or after the earthquake in Haiti because they cared – that is what counts when you are a victim, not prayers from friends and families. Many of you cats have to understand when you go about putting yourself in a closed clique-like circle, you alienated yourself from real people who will be there in your time of need, even if they don’t know you. God works through all the people he created, not through cliques or so-called close-knit family or friends. Many of you can testify to the fact how strangers you never knew came into your life and helped you out when your own close people try to crap on you and wanted to just watch you go down. When you go for yours, you need to keep an open mind and an open circle and realize you don’t know where the next opportunity, the next customer or the next big break going to come from. That big break is going to come from someone you don’t know and you need to understand that. Don’t get caught up in these cliques, into that family reunion nonsense or these so-called friends you just happen to talk to a lot because they are not reliable and won’t be around when it matters most. Instead, choose your path in life, go for yours and realize the right people will be there at the right time at stages in this only life you got to live. That’s why I take this day and celebrate me and my liberation from all the fake people I had purposely kept in my life being insecure and want to identify with people who look like me and related to me. But once I learned the truth of these same people trying to put me down from doing me, I became enlightened and dealt with all of them by any means necessary and very harsh and most cases. That’s what I’m celebrating, how I dealt with them and I hope you create a day to celebrate how you deal with these same kind of cats also.

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  1. I love your website! The principals you expound, the pure self love that comes through is inspirational. Your truth has helped me in so many ways over the past few years. Thank you! Blessings.

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