The Real 17 Black Internet Pioneers Coming from a Real Black Internet History Expert

Genetta M. Adams name is credited behind an a slideshow on an online e-zine called The Root, a Black-orientated media entity owned by the Washington Post. The URL is and the slideshow is titled “17 Black Internet Pioneers” and have the following subtitle “These online innovators broke new ground and helped make the Internet what it is today.” As one of the real Black Internet Pioneers, Genettta M. Adams is full of shit and don’t know what the fuck she is talking about. Genetta M. Adams, if you look at her resume is someone who is just another Black paycheck taking person who turned over 40 and got turned out in the industry she working in. Made it all the way to the near top and then “accepted a buyout” which basically a cute way of laying off someone or shoving their over-the-hill old Black ass out the door. Now Genetta is today writing ignorant slideshows for The Root e-zine? So you know the source and the credentials of the writer behind this bullshit slideshow and list. The takeaway lesson here is to hustle hard, don’t end up like Genetta! In fact, this list by the Root was an attempt to re-write history to portray a false light that Omar Wasow (who is behind the Root) and some of these Boule-affiliate cornballs present themselves to you as something they ain’t. I would tell you how I truly feel about Omar Wasow and his punk bitch ass but I’ll keep it to myself, the only thing I’m interested in is the truth and giving the true Black Internet pioneers their proper credit. I told you from the beginning that it’s a lot of lying fake ass Black people in this technology game. They hide behind the media and the media prop them up as Black Internet gurus. They have their own propaganda outlets but you should be smart enough to see though it and that’s your responsibility to see through the bullshit and know the truth. When you call someone a pioneer and innovator and claim they broke new ground making the Internet what it is today, you better have some goddamn credentials and real work to back that kind of statement made, Ms. Genetta. Most of the characters on that slideshow been in the Internet game being “put on” through White sponsorship, in fact I would say the majority of the people on that list got their so called “come up” that way. So how can you pioneer and innovate when you are being sponsored and put on? When we Black people like the late John H Johnson or the late Don Cornelius starts something, we put in real work to get it done. That’s the biggest giveaway these cats are full of crap and you should be able to see through that. Look at all your real Black pioneers and innovators around you then look at these cats like Omar Wasow and you will see the difference between Black History makers and half-Black, half-Jewish cats pretending they repping Black people but stay as far as fuck away from Black culture except when smiling in the media. So we going to give you the real list of 17 Black Internet Pioneers who really innovated and helped shaped the Internet as we know it today. I’m one of the few real experts who is qualified to speak on this topic and you will see that many of the real people will testify that this list if accurate. The one thing I beg of you brothas and sistas is don’t let these characters like Omar Wasow try to make you think different. Now, I will give you brothas and sistas the real list of the 17 Black Internet Pioneers: 1. Africans First and foremost, brothas and sistas in Africa are the number one innovator and pioneers of Internet technology because what they are doing right here and right now. It is Africa who has ushered in the rise of digital payments and mobile payment technology which will be the largest known expansion of this technology to date. It was the successful adoption of the M-Pesa mobile payments by Kenyans that sparked a global mobile payment revolution worldwide. The world saw how Kenyans were embracing the technology and sending remittance back home to their people and collecting money at stations using a mobile phone. Everybody who speaks of next-generation mobile payment technology speaks to M-Pesa and Kenyans as the reference model. Number two, African IT specialists are building solutions directly for their people in their own homeland. They building out services that allow local merchant set grain prices, receive news alerts, track shipping and logistics as well as education and cybercafés. I thank God for the African brothas and sistas who are taking real leadership among the African Diaspora to move our people into the Information Age while we got African-Americans graduating from Howard, Norfolk State, UC-Davis, Fisk, Tulane, Morehouse, Spellman and ain’t doing shit worth mentioning in the technology space for brothas and sistas, real talk. 2. Universal Black Pages The Universal Black Pages (UBP) was the first known web portal covering Black web sites and it was evident because the UBP was around when only government institutions had website domains when yahoo was under and the UBP was from Georgia Tech by the Black Graduates Student Association. The reason why they were a pioneer because they are the ones who helped launch similar Black-orientated web sites and search engines and put together the Black-orientated ecosystem when the Web was getting started. 3. Albert White and Emitt McHenry , Network Solutions co-founders The funny thing is Albert White and Emitt McHenry(photo above) is they are not even on The Root 17 Internet Pioneer list and these are well-known successful technology legends. The Root is a Washington DC area based e-zine and they didn’t list these two legends that anybody who really know technology would know these two cats who always been profiled in Black Enterprise magazine of all people?! The fact these two people were not on the list show you that The Root 17 Internet pioneer list was written by a person who don’t know anything. Albert White and Emitt McHenry were co-founders of Network Solutions and they definitely are pioneers by being among the first entities to run a domain registration service that sold domain names. I mean, if that isn’t enough to get on The Root 17 list, come on now. 4. Maynard Jackson Oh lawd, I cannot believe the Boule cats at The Root did not even mention Maynard Jackson and his Internet pioneer work. Here is the most tripped out thing about Maynard Jackson contribution, he contributed in helping establish one of the main Internet connection points right down a few blocks from Underground Atlanta around the 1996 Olympics! You want to know what’s funny about this right? Maynard Jackson help established the only true Internet infrastructure right in that area where a whole bunch of Black Internet dotcom startups could have come down and have a infrastructure to host their web services and have a fat pipe to connect to. In fact, the infrastructure is still setup that way and cats, including the current mayor still ain’t realize Atlanta downtown is prime real estate for Internet dotcom businesses, the AJC building across the street was given to the city and they don’t even know what to do with it. This is the reason why I’m situated here in Atlanta as an Internet entrepreneur because I do know this. 5. Deborrah Cooper Many people do not realize Deborrah Cooper is a Black Internet pioneer and how far she goes back. Deborrah Cooper used to run an advice web site called AskHeartBeat when it was hardly any Blacks on the Internet. But here is the thing – Deborrah held no punches back and told people how it was and real straight talk from a sista. She was not reserved, but painfully honest and unedited and one of the first Black person to come on the internet and act like a real uninhibited Black person. She inspired other Black folks to keep it real talk, including me. 6. Omar Wasow I really shouldn’t list this punk ass clown but I might as well since I’m about the truth. I think he did something with New York Online running an ISP that attracted Blacks to the Internet, probably did something else like Community Connect that was an Asian social network and Omar did the Black version that was called Blackplanet that went strongly viral. That’s all I can remember about this moron. 7. NetNoir NetNoir was one of the first professional ventures featuring Black content in cyberspace through operating an AOL channel and through their own web site. They basically promoted Black-oriented content and was sponsored by advertising and this was back in 1995-1996 area they were doing all of this. So NetNoir model was the template for all of the other cats like BlackVoices and others to copy off of. 8. #Blaklife The first social network on the Internet was not, it was #Blaklife which was managed by Adrian Bradley. First I’m going to apologize for being the one who was information manipulating this group, creating sock puppets, starting flame wars and f*cking some of the sistas wrong and dissing ProfessorX back in 1995 doing all kind of foul ish on the Internet when it just started. One time, me and my homey hijacked the #Blaklife IRC for 8 hours constantly “kicking” cats off after having some dummy gave us admin and it was all over. Damn, now that I think about it, I was a rouge ass brotha - a straight dirty rotten dissident back in the day, wasn’t I? But don’t let my activities fool you about #Blaklife – it was a networking site that allowed brothas and sistas from college campus share their photos and we would post status updates and communicate with each other, kinda like how Facebook claim to got started. We also had a lot of #Blaklife meetups where we meetup during fall break, holiday season and spring and summer breaks. It was Adrian who really laid down one of the first Black social networks on the Internet that others started basing their social network models off. In fact, I still see my picture on one of the #Blaklife servers – it’s out there. 9. Philip Emeagwali Philip is also a shocker that The Root 17 did not list because his work on creating some of the fastest next-generation supercomputers laid the groundwork for many of the computer processors we are operating on today, including powerful web servers. Anybody who is Black and know anything about computers would know and recognize Philip Emeagwali as a pioneer and his contributions. At the Army High Performance Computing Research Center at the University of Minnesota, Emeagwali conducts research on next-generation supercomputers that will enable scientists and engineers to solve important problems in diverse fields: meteorology, energy, the environment, health, etc. He has also worked with the Maryland State Highway Administration, U.S. National Weather Service, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and the University of Michigan, where he conducted his award-winning research. Interesting to note that both the Unversity of Minnesota and Unversity of Michigan and DC area where Philip worked at are the groundfloor Internet development centers – yet again, The Root and Omar Wasow did not realize this? 10. Marc Hannah March Hannah is the co-founder of Silicon Graphics and one of the creators of modern graphic processing. Many Hollywood movies used Silicon Graphics engines to make special effects in their movies. In fact, March Hannah work may have led to the evolution of GPU processing as Silcon Graphics was also used as high performance web servers back in the day. 11. EverythingBlack/IBIS/BlackWebPortal Ed Dunn, Patrick McElroy and James Rucker are listed together because we were the first generation of providing a Black web directory featuring Black web sites for African-Americans to find web sites about us. This was done back in the nineties around 1996 and 1997 and we were the ones who helped African-Americans who started web sites have a place to list their site and be promoted. 12. George Jackson If you want to know where the term “urban” comes from in regards to Internet content, it started back in the 90s from a startup that never came into existence but was well known called Urban Box Office. Urban Box Office was basically a portal that was being set up by George Jackson who was a film producer who was best known for “New Jack City” and this was his big adventure. Unfortunately, George Jackson passed away shortly after receiving VC funding and Urban Box Office never came into fruition but the model of so-called “urban content” was picked up by others and carried on to this day. 13. Cherokee/Wouncie If Dream and Hustle had been influenced by anybody it was Wouncie who ran a porn site called back in the 1990s. The thing about Wouncie and why he is a pioneer and innovator was Wouncie would tell you how he is making money in the porn game and how to make moves as well as show off his money while dishing out porn videos! This was a brotha straight telling you about getting paper and ain’t nobody been doing that ish on the Internet like that! He is the first Black person that ever show cats the hustle over the Internet and he definitely inspired me to have the same mission with my hustles. Now Cherokee is also a pioneer because this sista is about as old as the Internet itself (photo above is 15 years ago). See, the thing about Cherokee is back in the days most of the Black porn stars looked like washed up prostitutes, crack addicts and confused interracial runaways. Cherokee was one of the first real big booty thick sistas that a real brotha can look at and she was the one that brought the modern day image of the butt model sista to the Internet. You have to remember that it was mostly self-hating sistas sucking off Jewish porn producers back in the day, I believe it was Wouncie who put this sista on and the rest was history. 14. Alfred Edmonds, Black Enterprise When the Internet was growing, many of the Black magazines like Ebony and Essence really were reluctant to having an web presence. However, it was Black Enterprise magazine driven by Alfred Edmonds who jumped out into cyberspace head first and tried every way to use the web to promote Black Enterprise magazine. While other Black magazine operations were hiding from the Web, Alfred Edmonds was out in front promoting Black Enterprise and this was during the 1990s and he is the one of the true pioneers that fully embraced the Internet for his magazine operation and built a foundation for Black Enterprise to establish their web operations for years to come. 15. Crispus Attucks, Urban Expose The thing about Crispus Attucks which was his pseudonym that I’m using in this context was he was actually a legendary hacker back in the 80s who done phreaking. But Crispus Attucks done something in the 1990s that is definitely innovative and pioneer – he created the one of the first gossip blog and in fact, it wasn’t even called a “blog” back in the days but he was one of the first people to use the format that we know today as a blog or blogging. Urban Expose would blog about the so-called “urban media” movement and all of the hypocrisy and bullshit business models and cats getting funding and insider dirt on the “urban media” industry. If you dig deep enough into Urban Expose, there is a cat talking a lot of shit and dissing cats named Ed Dunn on there – yeah, I know I been starting up ish on the Internet since the Internet started, homey. 16. Dwayne M. Walker, Network Commerce Dwayne Walker created one of the first aggregated e-commerce sites that used drop shipping logistics called This was back in the 1990s and many of his business models are now used in many e-commerce business models, including many business models that me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents are working on. Here is his background from the 1990s: Network Commerce started out building e-commerce storefronts including and, but several acquisitions, including those of Go Software and, pushed the company toward payment processing software and B2B electronic commerce. Its consumer flagship website operated under the domain, and the company umbrella also included the popular entertainment-based website Network Commerce later acquired the Vancouver-based domain registrar and morphed into a registry for domain names and an Internet hosting company. At its height, Network Commerce once employed more than 650 people and had a stock market value over a half a billion dollars[1]. Network Commerce sold shares to the public in September 1999 at $15 per share, and shares traded as high as $23.44 on November 30, 1999. 17. Yvette Jackson Moyo, Karega Kofi Moyo These two people are extremely well-known and do not need me to describe who they are. I will personally tell you that they are extremely influential people to me and they impressed me and taught me how to do business as a Black entrepreneur just from the little interactions I had with them. Their contributions to the Internet as pioneers and innovators is they were really the first ones to get all of the real Internet pioneers together at a conference to speak on Blacks and Internet technology and this is what they did around 1999 with an event called MOBE. This event had people like the founder of, Black Voices founder, NetNoir, Dwayne M Walker, Patrick McElroy, Ed Dunn, Darian Dash and Davy D all sitting in the same room talking among each other. Summary These are the real list of 17 Black Internet Pioneers and Innovators that you brothas and sistas should recognize in the game. You can take all of these names and check their resumes and will see all of these cats put in real work and many of them are really established in our community and using technology. However, I want to be very frank and clear – the only true Black Innovators right now are in Africa as they are laying down the biggest Internet framework that will change the world economy and growth of emerging nations as we know it. Anybody who is African-American in the 21st century talking like they technology hustlers probably need to STFU because the real stuff is in Africa right now. All these cats I’m listing outside of Africa did their work in the 20th century. We brothas and sistas need to recognize that African-Americans already started dotcoms, already got VC funding and already got listed on Wall Street – we already been there and done that. This is why I’m trying to explain to you brothas and sistas that you really have no excuses on this technology and stop need to pretend we are starting at zero when we are not. The truth is, 2012 Web 2.0 Black African-Americans just want to front and lie about pretend they are technology experts and we cannot afford that kind of nonsense. Of course, I will be following up with the Washington Post Company and file a complaint about Omar Wasow and The Root putting out that self-serving propaganda list of phony Black Internet pioneers and I also going to make sure I shit on Omar Wasow name as hard as I can as he is a straight punk ass to the game – I really wish I can say what I want to say about him but I’m going to take the high road and ask you cats to honor and recognize the real pioneers and innovators to the game.

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  1. Incredible commentary. I have heard of a few of the names you listed; but most of them I am not even familiar with. I am sure the stories behind them are just as incredible.

  2. Ed, another great post and some of these folks I never even heard of before.Even the movie “Social Network” show the Mark character using Network Solutions in building Facebook.

  3. no they have not!

    i don’t ask people for help anymore because most people act as if your looking for the recipe for the secret sauce.

    i was a truck driver and i have asked black truck drivers that owned their trucks about starting a trucking business,and they act like they can’t give up any info.i was looking for info so i won’t get jerked in a deal.

    so when i get another hustle going, i will not help anyone

    “spread love it’s the brooklyn way”

  4. sean,

    You are not alone and that is what I experience and keep talking about on this blog.

    Had Black Enterprise Magazine actually showed any of us step by step how to do something or were they too busy bragging about one or two Black people and had a cover magazine with someone smiling with all their teeth showing?

    All these fake Black leaders – how many of them are serious about creating Black entrepreneurs who can fund social movements? Seems like they don’t want us to have money and just want us to be victims and vote Democrat out of fear of the GOP.

    And like you said, these other brothas and sistas out there once they start a business, they do not want to show anybody else anything. 99% of them ain’t doing nothing special and scare you will out-compete, but will let someone Asian or Indian destroy their business before helping another Black person come up.

    So I’m telling you with the reality of today, you gotta help yourself because you 100% know people ain’t ish right now when it comes to business, empowerment and the Black community. My point is you going to have to get that extra motivation to do for self and self-learn and self-direct because of the above statements and facts.

    That’s why I’m keeping this blog going and helping people directly and doing things like and why I have a crew dedicated to this.

    1. Thanks to the #blaklife crew for being pioneers back in the early 1990s and we know there were plenty of compuserve and other bbs groups back then.

      I would ask that you guys please do a better job and speak up more so people like Omar Wasow and the Root do not revise this part of Black history. I will follow up again about what Omar Wasow and the Root done with that article with the new owners of the Washington Post as they let that article still sit there.

  5. Good article, history is a bit off. Needs to go back several years to roughly 1989 and 1990. Also forgot to mention MELANET (founded by the Jordan brothers), TCP.IP.NET and SHOPS.NET and CHRISTMAS.COM (founded by Keith Basil (Urban Lividity) and MaxDread (Max Nomad) and Mark Imbriaco and Anil Palat. A lot more history there, if you’re curious hit me up. We lived it.

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