Why I Haven’t Hosted Another Conference Call Yet

Plain and simple, I’m tired of cats with ego problems. I have no tolerance or playing with cats when we talk about serious issues to try to make the issue about themselves versus me or other people who may appear to challenge their ego. In 100% of the interactions I had with brothas on serious issues, all of them resorted to their ego in less than one round of conversation – this is why I been reluctant to run a phone conference. We really have serious problems to talk about in terms of how to get a job for those who are unemployed, talk to the adult youth where we listen to them and be real with them, talk about relationships in the 21st century, taking advantage of business opportunities overseas and other topics. But cats always want to hijack and start bragging about themselves and just want to put their ego on display. The way a good conference and chat session is carried out is everybody is respectful of the issue and provides a theory and support the theory with facts. It is okay to question the facts and if it supports the theory but here is the thing – just acknowledge and put the theory on the table. There is no agree/disagree, just collect all of the theories presented and see what kind of solution will it bring. But too many times, you got cats who want to debunk what someone else said and have nothing to bring forth and just want to argue. Then you got someone who probably a loser and a loner at home calling in and want to talk and talk and don’t shut up promoting their beliefs and values. This is the part that I keep running into when African-Americans want to talk over phone conferences. It is very shameful because I take part in international call conferences where there are no egos and no one grandstanding. The focus is on the problem and the solution and sometimes, everybody will admit there is no real answer to the solution and discuss how to mitigate the problem to an acceptable level to tolerate until a condition occur where it can be solved. So I will be try to run a conference in the next few weeks and see how it goes. I think it’s a lot of important things to talk about so look out for the first invitation to get something going soon.

4 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Hosted Another Conference Call Yet

  1. I would like to say Thank You!!! I am fairly new to your blog however, I visit very frequently since I am trying my hand at the technology aspect of things. I wondered why there were no phone conferences but since this article explains the previous situations, I understand. I’m excited that you’ll try again and for that I am thankful.

  2. I’m looking forward to the next call. I missed the last one because I had some other stuff to do. A simple solution to that ego problem is to simply shut those people up. If they don’t respond to your suggestion to shut the f*ck up, then make sure you use a conferencing service that allows the ability to mute an individual.

  3. I think you have to be a more tough facilitator, like Carl said. There is nothing wrong with being rude and cutting people off if they get off track on a concall.

    If you briefly lay down the ground rules at the start, then enforce them in the call, most attendees will be thankful. People’s time is too valuable to have to put up with someone’s off-topic prattle.

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