Considerations for Creating QR Code Ticketing Solutions for Your Event Hustles

The holidays are approaching and one of the biggest money makers will be creating social events that require paid attendance. That means you sell tickets for attendance and we are talking events from kids hanging out hearing Santa and Mrs. Claus read holiday stories to elegant wine soiree. However, you do not need TicketMaster or LiveNation to sell tickets to your event and we are going to discuss the overview of creating ticketing solutions. Advantage of Digital Ticketing The old school way most cornballs trying to do ticketing for events is they rely on printed paper that can be counterfeited very fast with current technology. Other cats don’t even have ticketing solutions and try to accept a cash box at the door. The biggest advantage of having ticketing, especially digital ticketing is to allow you to know the demand by the money you get upfront, even months in advance. So that helps you avoid selling wolf tickets where you talking up an event, paid all this money and no one shows up on the event date and you lost money. You would know how many cats are showing by paid tickets using ticketing solutions. Type of Events Let’s talk about the type of events you can run over the holidays that require ticketing. Micro-Exhibits. These are setups that allow visitors to basically come in and browse. For example, a church setup a “Bethlehem village” inside the church and cats be making $100,000USD off that ish with a line outside the church, cars driving up because people like that kind of stuff. You can also setup a pop-up museum in an empty store playing nothing but Motown Xmas tracks, Black people Christmas trees with Chicago Garrett caramel popcorn balls and popcorn strings and photo exhibit of Christmas in the hood dating back to the Harlem Renaissance or Great Migration era. You can just charge $5 a head and tickets in advance and make money all day long on that ish. Micro-Conference. This is a gathering centered around a theme but the truth is, you are renting tables for vendors to showcase and charging people for food extra that what you paid the caterer and an entrance fee. For example, you call the event “Sexy and Empowered Sistas” and you get sistas at the job to pay $20 to mingle with other liked-minded progressive sistas and there are vendor tables selling handmade soap and e-books. Then you cater food from the Cheesecake factory and have wine bottles for sistas to pour their own drinks. You can easily make a few thousands each weekend running this event in the big city. Soiree. This is a snobby event where Chicago South Side cats dressed up looking like they better than the West Side knowing the West Side is the best side. You charge a higher premium like $30 to $50 for the event, snobs drive their Mercedes and BMWs or their church car to the event and it is like a mini-ball and you serve that same Cheesecake Factory catered food and cats are talking shallow uppity crap while suckling on bacon-wrapped mini-sausages. These are small manageable weekend events you can side hustle while working full-time where cats can go online and order their tickets online from your web site. You checking how many people bought tickets at work while looking at your co-workers listen to Black online streaming radio and you just shake your head at them. Technology Approach to E-Ticketing Solutions There are various solutions out there to create event-based web sites. One of the ways I’ve seen but I have not done were these WordPress templates you can download:

WP Event Ticketing setup from 9seeds LLC on Vimeo.

However, one of the ways we are going to discuss is to use QR code ticketing leverage the same technology base we talked about with QR Shopping posters and other QR code technology we talked about on this web site. Because you have to remember, this is how you can hustle multiple angles when you learn how to create databases and code on $5/month Goddaddy web sites. See, you can create a QR code that can link to your web site and show the event, they pay using paypal and you generate a unique QR code that you will scan to see if it is a valid ticket. You have a database of the ticket id numbers and who you sold them to and when they arrive, they just show the QR code from their cell phone and you use your QR code reader to validate the ticket by checking your database online from your cell phone. Or you print out a list of sold ticket numbers and scratch them off as they come in. I hope the cats in the video above don’t believe they doing something unique because this is the same approach we are talking about for your event hustle to perform ticketing. Summary I just wanted to give you cats a heads up that we will be talking about creating the ticketing solution using QR codes real soon. Once again, this will take no time because we will use the same database code on the same ass $5/month Goddady web site and we can even set it up to create QR code smart posters to advertise the event, pay for the ticket and show up at the event with their smart phone to get in. But we are not stuck on QR codes from smart phones and can also print sophisticated tickets that can be scanned. What I want you to realize is how important the overall subject here is to learn database technology and the base technology because as you see, I can easily hustle a QR code shopping poster, an geo-location treasure hunt game and this QR code ticketing solution at the same damn time. This is why I want brothas and sistas to learn the basics because once you have a platform, you can flip out a million hustles the same way Ja Rule and Ashanti flipped out all those same ass sounding songs in the last decade.