First Look: Swagg-Scientific

Swagg-Scientific is my next vision for an operation and will probably be bigger and most disruptive. A lot has been learned with Fooky, Inc. and those teachable moments are helping me make sure the next firm, Swagg-Scientific operates on better knowledge. For example, the biggest lesson is I didn’t need to spend so much upfront money for services and infrastructure. This article is going to talk about what the operation Swagg-Scientific is about. The one thing I want cats to take away about Swagg-Scientific is the firm was designed for urban communities, especially our hoods here in the USA. Our market will be urban Asian, Latin American and African markets and all of these markets are extremely hot for urban-orientated technology. Please keep in mind when we say urban, we are talking about high-density metropolitan areas in large populations, usually with a 1 to 10 million or more population. The second thing I want cats to take away is many of you guys are extremely sleep about 21st century opportunities and think somebody is going to hand you the knowledge or break it down for you. The fact you ain’t trying to understand how to do mobile money, how to do smart posters, how to do iptv and all that other stuff tells me you sitting around waiting for Superman to save you. Look, these bigots are trying to figure this ish out themselves right now how to get this stuff going and you sitting there waiting on them instead of learn how to create the solutions and take paper. So with that said, look at the core operations that Swagg-Scientific will be operating in and I hope you understand what the 21st century opportunities worldwide are. No one is going to come up to you and say “hey, here is how to create a self-checkout market that accepts mobile payments” and help you stack paper. Cats are trying to condescend on you, look down on you and yours and put doubts in you and your children head. You got to go out and get it yourself and you already know that. So here is how we going to address 21st century solutions for urban communities worldwide and get our money up at the same damn time: Retailing We discovered the biggest opportunity and missing element are truly structured retailing solutions in the hood. Most cats in the hood still use cash registers and most are now turning to Square but these operations are not scalable enough to go big time. By using big data, state of the art point of sales and touchpoints, retailing in the hood and urban communities can be ramped up fast. Swagg-Scientific plans to introduce a retailing point-of-sale solution for the hood that is very robust and scalable for rapid growth. In addition, we have plans to release a pop-up store module that makes it easy to create pop-up stores as well as create a self-checkout market to create vending spaces in the hood. The retailing solutions will be our flagship product line and based on our research regarding needs in the hood, what is being done in emerging urban communities worldwide. Just like Africa can bypass traditional banking and go into mobile banking and m-commerce, the hood can bypass traditional point-of-sale solutions and jump right into next generation solutions. Financial There are several financial aspects that will go under Swagg-Scientific. The first one is a PaaS platform for enabling mobile commerce in the hood through peer-to-peer mobile payments. You do not know how frustrating it is in the hood and I learned from Liquiditi that cats do not carry cash in the 21st century to by small items stuff and have a debit card. Most hood cats and urban communities find it unaffordable to maintain a merchant account and the fee system involve, even for small items. The second solution is DBEXX which stands for the Detroit Binary Exchange that we will create here in Atlanta and beta test with the goal of establishing in the city of Detroit in their financial district to spark Detroit economy with financial service jobs. I will be releasing the beta very soon and yall keep your eye out on it. Media We will be releasing a digital out of home network and an IPTV solution to enable paid content media distribution in urban areas. This also includes investment of large jumbo LCD screens in urban communities to showcase local products and services as well as entertainment and cultural information. Second, we are looking at providing wireless media network in urban communities to allow people to play interactive games with each other and provide content to sports bars and other local entertainment establishments in the community. Security I’m from the hood and nothing frustrates me more than to hear about crime in our urban communities knowing we can stop it. For example, smart camera technology gives us the capability to detect cats running towards a house, starting a fight or violence act in real time or predictive time. In addition, we can read license plates or community barcodes to determine friend or stranger in our hood blocks. And last, we can build vector-array swarm robotics designed to take over the corners in the hood and monitor blocks and activities 24/7 manned by volunteers worldwide to deal with punks in real-time. You are not going to hear a lot about this from me because yall will be mad as how good we got and working hard to reduce the amount of Black-on-Black violent crime in our urban communities. Summary This is the vision of Swagg-Scientific that I have been working on and look forward to solving problems and creating new solutions for urban communities worldwide, especially in our hoods. You young brothas and sistas still in college and ish should realize by now that the new Black enterprises should be global-orientated and aligned your hood with the emerging nations. You can solve problems in your community and at the same time, solve problems in places like Lagos, Nigeria and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the same time. Once you do the math, look at the numbers of your customer base you will realize there is no reason to be chasing these bigots in America for validation and acceptance like NewMe/Black Web 2.0 and you will also realize that people like Ed Dunn and the 30 Rotten Dissidents got your back and trying to show you how to do it 21st century style. There is just too much opportunity for brothas and sistas but the biggest challenge is to kill the stubborn ego and pride and fear keeping us from thinking big and realizing the world is ours.