First Look – The 30 Rotten Dissidents

Many of you heard over and over again the name 30 Rotten Dissidents and I want to make sure you understand who we are and what the group is about. You will hear even more about us in the coming months as well as in 2013. First of all, 30 Rotten Dissidents is not a new group and been around for over 10 years with cats coming aboard from legendary groups as far back as 18 years ago, before some of you cats were born. I come from the group called the Mad Bastards that been around since the 1990s and the Mad Bastards were pretty much house heads from the Midwest and was into drum and bass, downtempo and synth programming creating 12” dance tracks. I want you guys to make sure our current and dedicated mission is fully understood – our goal is to empower, cultivate and grow entrepreneurs from emerging communities around the world. That means we are targeting places like Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America as well as the hoods in North America to use our technology and research talent to help those with knack and talent to succeed and give them the resources and materials to take them to the next level. As you know, I’m the one focusing on the hoods in North America and my efforts that I pledged is HustleSpace, Dream and Hustle and creating a group here in Atlanta to solve hood-based issues with technology. If you want to twist your lips and think we are a made up group, want to know who is the leader is like you supposed to know that ish, keep twisting your lips up. We operate in the same function as WikiLeaks and Anonymous where we are not structured, not uniformed and answer to no one except the mission itself – all hacker groups are formed that way. However, our focus is purely on economic empowerment and self-sustainment of those who we can be there for and will be there for. Here is our core mission and goals: Micro-Loan Forgiveness. While micro-lending has been hailed as a great model to enable people in impoverish communities to setup trades and markets, the system is rife with corruption and sharks. We have heard too many stories of young men and women killing themselves over a $300 micro-loan debt and that’s not right. Our mission is to go in and pay off these micro-loans and put the people back on mission to do for self. We will be not be paying off the villager loans, we will acquire the loans and basically forgive them. Micro-Grants. We will offer micro-grants in the form of capital to help people in emerging countries start small micro-enterprises. Keep in mind that it does not have to be money as for example; we can ship instructions and videos as well as fund the tools to build from raw material to create a bakery or fruit cart or fishing material or make jewelry to sell to tourists. We spoke to local cats worldwide in their local communities with translators and quite frankly, they tell us what they need and we listen and we realize all they need is a little from us that will go a long way for them. White people want to give them charity – they tell us they want to be empowered and that’s our mission. Pilot Programs. These are done primarily by me and the cats here for research on our own hoods. Our first project is already underway and that is to start a retail store in Southeast Asia and we funding an educated individual with a degree to start and run their own retail store in their country. Their goal is to feed us information we can apply for the hoods here in America to start our own retailing. They give us their experience and we learn from them and it is a worthwhile investment to understand and educate ourselves on how to approach commercial development in the Black community. The sad part is it is easier to help them start a business in their semi-repressive country than it is to start a business in a Democratic-controlled Black community here in the USA. Technology Support. I provide cats in Latin America technology all of the time, going to pawn shops and used computer stores buying laptops and shipping them down to tech entrepreneurs there. When I went overseas one time, a guy loved my digital video camera – I took out my SD card and just gave that ish to him. Did you know he sent me back videos he made of his community, his people waving in the camera? That’s the kind of little things we can do for others that have no price but a big reward. In 2013, we will be creating and funding cloud service to enable African and Latin American tech entrepreneurs to create services for their people. These are the 30 Rotten Dissidents active projects and to be honest, I’m proud of the accomplishments we have been making so far. I let other cats brag like they special and let the Boule Black media try to suppress me and my people but the truth is, we worldwide making moves like we supposed to do. Yeah, I’m from the West Side of Chicago but that means that I’m good enough to help someone on the other side of the world who was poorer than I can ever imagine and be there for them. There is no need to brag or publicize what we are doing – only a dumbass fool would think cats of our caliber with the technology skills and hood skills and life skills would think we ain’t got the paper and the passion to uplift others. In fact, helping them is helping me become a better blogger here at Dream and Hustle and understand how to help brothas and sistas. For example, cats don’t like filling out paperwork and do the small detail stuff so it is not just a Black thing where we got cats scared of hustling hard and sweat the small stuff. The biggest thing I want people to take away from the 30 Rotten Dissidents is we learned something about love. See, in the Black community, I’ve heard too many people say you have to love yourself first before you can love others. Or you have to help yourself first before you help others and that’s a crock of dog shit. No, we realized as we help others who are thankful and grateful for what we doing for them, it’s their appreciation and love for what we do that fills our hearts inside and that the kind of love you carry around. So I hope you guys understand the 30 Rotten Dissidents are a true 21st century collective organization designed to empower others. We are not going to be media whores seeking attention and recognition, we are going to be about getting things done for those that can take what we consider a little to give but will greatly impact their lives. And this ain’t charity work as we brothas and sistas can learn from those we help worldwide to learn how to create economic solutions in our own Black communities. I hope this revelation help you brothas and sistas in America as well as Canada and UK see the light that even though we are struggling in the First World economies, we still have the capability and resources to help others and realize that good deed will come back and help us in return. If you feel you can’t do anything with the knowledge you got, at least give that knowledge to someone who can do something with it and enjoy watching them become a better person, a better people, a better community off your contributions – the reason God put you here.

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