Helping Them Get Over the Fact President Obama Will Be Around for Next Four Years

Let’s not kid ourselves - President Obama is going to win re-election by a wide margin and landslide. The Republican base of promoting bigotry, fear and trickle-down has all but fizzled out. It is looking more and more like the Republican Party is shocked and awed noticing the White Male privilege platform they banked on is basically ineffective and marginalized in the 21st century. They think it going to come back, but it won’t and those “good ol days” will never be the same in their lifetime ever again. Look at Clint Eastwood old ass talking to a chair – like I said, that ish ain’t coming back and that reality is sinking into their bigoted skulls right now as their children are dancing to 2 Chainz and FloRida and dating a brotha or a sista and hanging out at the mall. So that means these bigots are mad as hell because quite frankly, they got 4 more years of a Black president. That means a lot of old ass bigots are going to phase into end-of-life mode living in America under a Black President, something they did not expect to see in their lifetime. A lot of them ran to Australia and New Zealand but the others ones are still stuck here in the USA and they ain’t too happy. So if you want to have some fun with them, here are two things I’m seeing being done that you may want to consider. I don’t have too much involvement in this year politics as we got bigger fish to fry globally but if I wanted to mess with the GOP base, this is how I would go about it. Get Some! One day, I was reading some political article where someone was criticizing President Obama. The people in the comment section was writing their typical anti-Obama stuff about socialism and the economy gotten worse. Well, I noticed some brotha basically stated that they are full of it and at the end of his message, he used two words – get some. Those two words “get some” I’ve seen used by brothas on other comment boards and do you know those two words basically made these conservative bigots go nuts? I was like damn..I never saw this kind of reaction before where they were trying to argue back but couldn’t go at the brotha. He basically checked their behinds with “get some” at the end of his comment. LOL..just don’t lead them so much..that’s my favorite line and you have to be military to get it but the term “get some” dates back to the movie Full Metal Jacket. If you see the video above, then you understand what “get some” means and basically what I’ve seen some brothas been saying on the comment board by saying “get some” is letting these bigots know their President is Black and cats are ready for whatever, come get some if they want some. I found that ish hilariously funny because basically, these bigots ain’t used to hearing that ish. They just get some liberalized Black person on their discussion trying to act like a victim, but to see a brotha type on their discussion board that they are Black, proud and if they have a problem with it to “get some” that is effing classic! So when you make your point and they trying to come after you, then let them know to “get some” and see where it goes from there. Conservative sans Liberal Sock Puppet Look, with the election a few weeks away, it is the perfect time to join a conservative board as a sock puppet, infiltrate the conversation as a stalking horse and then convert into a Trojan horse. So here is what you should do. The first thing you should is give yourself an alias name that sounds like one of them. Something like “takemycountryback2012” or “eaglesandpatriots” or whatever. Just sound like a proud America who is shocked your country was taken away from you by the likes of Barack Obama! Then for the first 2 and the half weeks, you post like you one of them. You start questioning if Barack Obama is a socialist or an America or even a Muslim! They will start liking you and your comments. Then you talk about how this country has went to hell under President Barack Obama and start blaming illegal immigrants for America’s economic problems. Talk about how those illegals took your brother-in-law job! Yeah, they took his job!!! Then on the third week, after they see you as one of them – you bring it to them. You tell them that you been a conservative all your life and one day, your son brought home a Black girlfriend. You then post how you took her in as one of your own and that you have a newfound respect for President Barack Obama and you will be voting for Obama. Then you will get the reaction you waited two weeks for playing around with them. And if they have a problem with it, just tell them to “get some” as your two-word response.