Live Your Life to the Fullest By Getting Rid of the Haters and Side Show Bobs around You

I know many of you guys out there are dealing with negativity, most of the time, things you cannot control. You are trying to live a nice peaceful meaningful life or got goals you striving for and someone or something out there is constantly disrupting you and throwing you off track. Anybody who follows this blog for years should know all the cats who tried to come to this blog and disrupt me and my flow. We are going to talk about not how to deal with cats, but remove them from the picture. See, the biggest mistake I made in my life was dealing with people who were actively in my life being negative to me. I had so-called significant others, so-called childhood friends, so-called fraternity brothas and family members I just had them around tolerating their ish. Then you got straight cornballs trying to disagree with you or enforce their opinion when you at a social gathering and you trying to tell yourself to be tolerant of others even if they disagree with you. Let me be very clear because the solution is easy – take your life back, take your freedom back and work hard to get these people out of your life. Don’t let cats come into your life talking that “alright” crap – if they ain’t about winning, helping you win, improve your life and can’t show you love then push them out of your life and work at taking your life back. Your life is too short, too special and most of yall are some beautiful people inside and you gotta do you in this world like God design you to walk this earth. There are three ways to get them out of your life and we will talk about each of them. The first way is the passive way and cut off communication lines and hopes they go away – most likely they will not. The second way is to tell them to go somewhere and they usually go into that denial, anger, fear and acceptance crap. The last way is to go nuclear, but this option will probably give you a sworn enemy until one of you dies first and you haven’t got them out of your life. Cut Off Communication Cutting off the communication only works if you not in the vicinity of that person. You live on the east side and they live on the north side, well you don’t visit them, call them or even care anymore. But this cutting off communication really only works with negative relatives and semi-platonic friends. It will not work with the person that you enjoy having great sex with because that ish is like crack. The funny part is if the sex is lame, you can easily cut off communication but that is only if the sex was lame between you both – the other person may disagree and think you was the bomb and can’t get that out of their head. You can cut off communication among phony cats real easy and that’s cats who think they playing you trying to jive talk you about something like an MLM hustle. I do it all the time with cornballs I run into where they gone from everything including Facebook, the rolodex, the cell phone and they are out of sight and out of mind. I learned to do this with chicks who I’ve been dating for a while but they are acting funky about not giving me some. I just stop calling that iron panties chick because I know she most likely playing me and think I’m something they can fall back on. You see it on this blog all the time where cats come at me with some cornball comment and except a response. Back then, I used to let these cats come to the blog and give their different opinion as they like to call it but now that I’m going to be 100% - I don’t give a damn what they think and see or hear that crap either and it never come on this blog anymore. Either you about winning or you on some crap I really don’t want to hear about and that’s how you got to treat these cats when you cut off the communication. Tell Them to Go F*ck Off The only ones I suggest you tell to go f*ck off are internet dates, cheap tricks, collections agencies and cats wanting to do shady business with you smiling in your face at the same time. Do not tell cats around you in your hood, your family or even your high school friends to go f*ck off because to be honest, all of you guys are on the same lifespan bandwidth and you know you going to have to come together later in life. I tell cats to go f*ck off who coming at me wrong and act like I’m not going to respond in kind to them. The key factor is I don’t even know these cats and they coming at me wrong. Bums in Atlanta coming up to me and my date asking me for money like I’m supposed to be respectful in front of her – please, I tell that bum to go f*ck off in front of my date cause I’m from the West Side of Chicago and we don’t beg, we take. You should have seen the number of bums I had to told to go f*ck off when I had that kiosk in downtown Atlanta. Be careful about telling cats to go f*ck off because you better be ready to make them go f*ck off if necessary. If you ain’t willing to back it up, then don’t be running telling cats to go f*ck off like that cool because you may run into the wrong person, in fact anybody you say that ish to is the wrong person. You tell those kids in Afghanistan begging you for one of your military meals to go f*ck off while you holding on to your M249 – that’s the only parameters of using that kind of way of getting cats away from you. The one person you don’t want to tell go f*ck off is someone you been sexing, doesn’t matter if you are married and f*cking that person on the side. Let me repeat – do not tell anybody you been screwing to go f*ck off! The reason why is because the truth is, people you sleep with are a part of your soul, whether you like to admit that ish or not. Only a stupid clown run around talking about they have sex with multiple people like objects – look at them and especially look into their eyes and see how empty they are. I treat all chicks that I sexed back in the days with the strong exception of those who were lame as if we are partners and friends for life – and we are. One of the things I’m not feeling good about is having hate for a person like that – I can hate everybody else in the world but I’m not going to hate someone that I once got down with because the truth is, that ain’t going to make me feel right. So basically, be careful who you go tell to go f*ck off in this world. Go to War Go to war means what is means – you straight launch an all-out offensive to get these cats out of your life. These are most likely roommates who started tripping less than 45 days of moving in together or a very negative business partner or client that you have to sue to dissolve the partnership or get them to realize you don’t want to do business with them again. These are people you made formal arrangement with and you feel you are stuck with their behinds and they are straight tripping with you during the arrangement instead of operating in a goodwill basis. Now, there is a flip side and cats that go to war are usually in the anger stage after a loss or a traumatic event such as getting let go. You have chicks keying up your Chrysler, slashing tires, driving on the side walk trying to do a hit and run on you while you walking with your new chick, filling out magazine subscriptions in your name with the bill me later checked and all kind of crazy ish. See, the going to war option is done by people who get emotional about letting go and want to straight take it to a nuclear level. I really don’t like going to war with cats because many of you cats really ain’t ready for war. I don’t know where yall cats are from but when cats go war, bullets fly in your mom living room window and your niece get sexually assaulted and cats are randomly shooting at you and your people making you get the message they ain’t happy with you. That Jennifer Hudson sister stuff – that’s war that dude was used to and that’s why I say you don’t go to war with people you had sex with. The best way to go to war is to first remove yourself from the environment. Leave the apartment, leave town and chill out, walk away from the partnership and think on it. Most of the time around 90%, you probably better off leaving and don’t need to deal with them anymore. But sometimes, you may feel you got to send a message that your name, ego and pride ain’t to be messed with. But real talk, I’m trying to convince you that you don’t want to go to war with cats unless you in it for the long haul. F*ck a Hatfields and McCoys, it’s families in the hood that been fighting and killing each other since the 1930s which is close to 80 years already. You don’t want to see the real effects of going to war because your’re being reckless about the repercussions of not only you but your family and friends. Now, if it is legal war, then you are paying the courts and lawyers and giving them money and it’s even more ugly because that ish can carry on and the only people winning is the lawyers charge both of yall. Look, don’t go to war because that will actually keep those clowns around in the picture longer than they need to. In fact, your kids will be fighting their kids and so on and now you definitely got them stuck in the picture. Summary You should always be vigilant about your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s a lot of characters out there who are negative or talk that “alright, homey” crap and you should not waste one second reading their hustle blog or bothering with them as your life is too much of a gift and precious for crap like that. It’s a lot of cats who like to talk down on you but they are in your life and around you on a daily basis. You do not have to put up with that mess in your life. It is refreshing to get rid of negative people and open up room for someone else to enter who will be good for you. Or even better, you have time to yourself to enjoy your life and pursuing your own happiness not defined by others. Going on a solo hike, taking a vacation by yourself overseas and hanging out at the bar enjoying a drink while watching the game cheering it on with other cats you don’t even know. The best option in my book is to simply cut off communication – they do not have a right to bother you and you don’t have to put up with anybody coming your way spitting crap you don’t want to hear. Telling people to f*ck off or go to war with them is not necessary because 99% of the cats out here are punk fronting cowards who ain’t ready to go there with you if you are truly a universal solider. The best option is to take control of your life by simply cutting them out of your life through cutting off the communication and move forward.

2 thoughts on “Live Your Life to the Fullest By Getting Rid of the Haters and Side Show Bobs around You

  1. I agree with you 100%. I’ve had to cut a lot of ppl out of my life these past few months for my own sanity. Most of them fell back after I cut off communication. It hurt a lot at first because these were ppl I thought I was cool with. But, I guess I just had my blinders on when it came to their actual actions.

  2. Absolutely love your blog. It’s funny too because I always have to remind myself to ignore and forgive. Its hard. I have this jealous woman that wont leave me alone and its out of control. People let me know and look out for me though. So I’m certain I’ll be safe.

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