Mr. Dunn Goes to the Cupcake Café..

I just stopped by my favorite place to eat when I’m chilling and it is this upscale Thai restaurant up in Brookhaven where I hang out at the sushi bar or treat myself to something special. You should have hung out with me because it was a pretty nice evening to be hanging out in Atlanta. So after enjoying the hot sake and fish entrée, I went outside and saw a cupcake store next door. But here is the fried fish that I ate for dinner: Okay, I know the fried fish dish ain't that attractive for sistas, but I liked it. But let's get to the dessert part. Now, the thing is if you been to places like Milan or Paris or Tokyo or London or any High Street area where you are strolling with your date after attending a special event or whatever, you see a dessert shop where you and your sweetie can drop in and get some sweets. The most many of you ghetto cat in the hood can equate to a dessert shoppe is the Baskin Robins Ice Cream shop but when you step your game up, you will know what a dessert shop is. That’s kind of funny because many of you guys didn’t know and I forgot to mention it but when I had that Liquiditi kiosk in downtown Atlanta and was open on Friday and Saturday night, cats be walking with their women and she wants an Izze drink and dude buys it for her as a dessert/sweet treat. Then the dude gives me a tip in front of his women like he ballin like a boss – he don’t know I’m a world-class software developer, just thought I was some street vending dude. A dessert shop is one of the business models that I identified as a core ingredients of the empowerment cluster pack of business models to economically revitalize a Black community in 90 days. But I’m blabbing because I’ve been drinking that hot sake and need to get to topic. So I went to the cupcake café that was next door and saw something interesting that made me smirk and shake my head at all you brothas and sistas. First of all, the place I went to was call The Cup Café over in Brookhaven and it is a cupcake café shop that is ran by a brotha I believe. In fact, a lot of stores and shops and boutiques in that area are ran by brothas and sistas and I hope they can stick around when we do that geo-location treasure hunt game later this year. It would be funny if I make this place the geo-location grand prize winner location but honestly, I will try to make this area one of the destinations to pick up a clue. When I went to pay for the cupcake (it was caramel chocolate chip in case you dying to know, smh), I noticed they had the system by LevelUp that allow you to pay with your mobile phone. Notice how the setup looks – they have a fiberglass stand to place the phone with a forward facing camera where you put your phone that has a QR code on the screen to place to be read and a transaction is conducted. See, and you know why I was laughing at all you brothas and sistas right? You know why I was laughing, huh? Because you know full well you could have done this same simple m-commerce setup for the hood when I was blogging about it a while back and not only that, I put the actual code on Dream and Hustle on how to put this hustle together. But I had cats put doubts on it and laughed about it altogether. Well, you should know that haters are the first to run away when they see you real and the hustle is real. Let’s break down the hustle here so you can understand that you could have easily set this up. This LevelUp hustle in a way is pretty straightforward but I have one small problem with their business model. I don’t like the link to credit card option because for the hood, I prefer the open loop stored value model or prepaid model. You being a brotha or sista have to remember you have an advantage serving the unbanked Black community where you can bypass all of the credit cards and crap like that. The components of a QR code mobile payment hustle like this do not have to be an “app” for smart phones either; in fact I find that kind of extra work that is not necessary. This hustle can be done with any phone that can display an image for the QR code which is most WAP browsers. In some cases, a MMS text message may work. So let’s look at the architecture of this QR mobile payment hustle because to be honest, this 21-year old kid doing this LevelUp operation could have been you and you know it too. See, his model ain’t going to fail because he has a real physical merchant base of thousands – if anything Paypal or Square is going to buy his ass out for millions so he is good just doing this hustle when I was trying to fight with Dream and Hustle readers to put this model out there. Could have been you and you know it. Mobile Payment Database If you look at this hustle, what you is really looking at is a peer-to-peer mobile payment model. One peer is the merchant mobile device and the other peer is the customer mobile device. Both of them have accounts and you are just transferring funds and taking your cut. I already wrote the damn database code for you to copy and paste at this link And I showed cats how to use the database code in this link. Now, there is a slight flaw in the link and that is the “create database” command that has a fixed drive but it still works and in fact, I’m going to use this same code again to create a demo. HTML Web Site You don’t need an “app” to host this service as you can just use MMS or WAP or a web site to host this service. I know why they are using an app and that is because they have what appear to be a cradle that enables a light feature in the fiberglass stand or they using some kind of security that reads the device identity information. None of this in my opinion is necessary because third-party validation will have to come with this solution making it very secure anyway. You create one web site for the merchant and another web site for the customer and they both access the same database to conduct the transfer of funds. Merchant Setup Notice this cat has a simple fiberglass setup – I like this form factor and this was a very bright idea by this Chief Ninja 21-year old cat at Level Up. But let me give you a hint – you don’t need to do a cradle, just use Bluetooth and this is where you can use XBee and Arduino and an LED from Radio Shack to do the same effect, meaning you can use almost any phone to push this hustle through and not just Android or iOS either. Security Token The QR code being produced to conduct the transaction is a security token. This is not hard to do and what you do is create a unique code and give it an expiration date and qualify it to only work for a certain location depending on the phone and account or geolocation area to restrict the use. That’s how you create a QR code that is unique enough to process a payment. Actually, This is Really an M-Pesa Model Now, the thing I would suggest to you cats is to think about this model for the hood because that is where you money is going to be at and low hanging fruit. See, the reason why M-Pesa blew up in Kenya because there was virtually nothing there for the unbanked cats to send and receive money. But you need to realize the hood and especially hood merchants are unbanked and can use this same business model without having to deal with merchant accounts from the bank that eating away their profit margins. I’m tired of saying this but cats in the hood cannot do cash-only business and need an alternative payment system. They cannot afford merchant accounts and most cards hood cats use like debit cards cost more money to process than traditional credit cards – you can eat cats lunch and snatch the steak off their table and this QR code payment system ain’t hard to setup. Summary This mobile payment QR code hustle is not hard to implement. In fact, I already created similar code for Liquiditi the code on how to do this when I had that video a year ago showing a payment application and one of the web site describing the model is located at In fact, I have been using QR codes to emulate NFC payments as we create the retailing software solution for the hood. However, I didn’t look or consider the simple form factor Level Up presented with the fiberglass stand. And to be honest, that QR code m-payment hustle can actually scale extremely fast throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia! Let me say this before I go because I got things to do – you brothas and sistas keep sitting around talking about you need a job or a better job or some kind of secondary income. I keep showing you the real big hustles and the opportunities out there and keep giving yall code to run with it. But it seems like yall want to sit around and in a way, try to make me feel like I’m not being heard. Well, as you see and as I predicted other cats like LevelUp is going to do these hustles and make their millions while some of you brothas and sistas sit there. I’m going to say it again, no one is going to tell you to do these kind of hustles for you hood, except Dream and Hustle. For real, is Black Enterprise telling you cats how to do this type of stuff? Man, yall gotta make moves and stop sitting there thinking someone going to do for you instead of you doing for self.