The Educational Smack-Down Discussion

Last century in the 1970s, George Benson wrote a song saying he believe the children are our future. In 2012, looking at the current state of American education, I believe we got a f*cked up future if we don’t intervene and do something drastic to change this runaway train wreck in the making. We are going to talk about a few issues regarding education in America and be 100% on topic. Recently, the College Board that does the SAT and ACT testing reported that only 43% of students taking the SAT for college scored good enough to succeed in college. Let me get straight to the point as a tech entrepreneur - I cannot hire these dumb mother*ckers! To be honest, I have to go to Singapore, Rio, London or Toronto to find talent and there are very few pockets in America like the Northeast but overall, the talent pool in the USA sucks and the funny part is yall acting like yall all that and ish. Right now, even Africans are taking opportunities worldwide that African-Americans are either too scared to hustle at or too dumb to hustle at and this is real-time data right now. We talking the $90K-$250K jobs, the landscape for the big paying jobs ain’t the same no more and African-Americans got serious worldwide global competition for these kind of jobs. As you see, I’m exasperated and I don’t know what to say anymore except let’s get to the subject at hand. STEM or Standardized Tests: Can’t Have Both The worst thing that happened to the America public education system was standardized testing. Show me a person that believe standardized testing is good and I’ll show you someone who is most likely working an entitlement privilege job that require no real intellect. Plain and simple, you cannot standardize innovation. Either you are training our children to innovate and become great contributors to the economy or you training our children to pass a standardized test so the teacher can get a bonus and not get fired. These kids overseas are not f*cking around, to say the least. They are overseas downloading open source code, learning how to setup stuff, learning advance math collectively and create neat projects and stuff. From China to Africa and elsewhere, the whole world is crawling and begging trying to hire these kids from emerging nation and not even looking at American graduates and that’s the truth. That’s why some of you are unemployed and talking that 99 percent stuff after your unemployment went out after 99 weeks. No one in Taiwan gives a damn your child did good on a standardized test when they got kids over in India learning CAD and engineering simulation using open source software and they only 17 years old. And you bragging your kid made an iPhone app like that’s something to talk about, GTFOH. Look, STEM encourages kids to be creative, work collective and solve real problems. All standardized testing do is tell kids to fill out bubbles and numbers are generated and stats are created and people at the top smile and the kids don’t know a damn thing to compete globally. When those kids grow up and all they did was standardized testing, they going to be complaining how someone in the future took their job. Hampton and the Hair: The Cornrow Theory Note: In the graphic above, look at the ad they put on this page when the topic is about cornrows or dreads. When I read the article about Hampton not allowing men to wear cornrows in their MBA and the Dean Sid Credle explanation about “looking the part”, I heard enough. First of all, Sid Credle is an out-of-touch Negro who appears to be full of self-hate and should not be in any capacity training African-Americans for a future after college. This is a HBCU we are talking about right here! What kind of bullsh*t HBCU let this plantation house negro sit there as their Dean? I’m supposed to find Hampton University credible after seeing this ish? Of course he going to have a high job placement rate if he is trying to ship these corporations some image of a cornball corporate negro that looks the part! And then this Sid Credle clown had the nerve to say when was cornrows part of the African-American experience?!. Black people always wore hair dressing as a culture since our African heritage, this is not debatable and only a dummy would believe different. Even as slaves we wore our hair differently. Number two, I would like to know the corporations that are hiring these MBA cornball negroes coming out of Hampton University. I’m willing to bet you any kind of money none, zero of those corporations will say they will not hire a Black person that wears cornrows – Sid Credle made this “no cornrow” bullsh*t up in his own mind. And that’s the real problem here. See, it is Black people like Sid Credle that makes up these BS rules about how we Blacks should “look the part” and then you hear cornball Blacks support that crap as they try to play the game that way. Look, if they don’t like your Black ass, they don’t like your Black ass whether you wear cornrows or wear a crew cut. It’s plenty of cats with crew cuts and business suits looking the part at the job fair and unemployment office if Sid Credle haven’t realize that basic fact by now. Also, I cannot help but laugh at Black people talking this look the part stuff when I’m looking at H1-B visa cats in full garbs, wearing turbans and ish and red dots on their forehead, not apologizing about their culture – yeah, LOL – you African-American college Negro people go ahead and look the f*cking part, okay? You got some foreign cats coming to work smelly musty and some of them, you can even smell their p*ssy but they still taking jobs from your Black ass and ish and you sitting up here talking to me about “looking the part” in 2012 and you want me not to laugh? In Tokyo, in Bejing, in Kuala Lumpur, in London, in Dublin, In Brussels, in Paris, in Rio, in Toronto, in Singapore, in Hong Kong they don’t give a sh*t if your Black ass wear cornrows and you going to let some outdated cornball Negro like a Sid Credle tell you this 20th century bullsh*t he thinks other people will like about us and you buy into that ish? I thought MBA programs from HBCUs would train brothas and sistas to start their own businesses, not be a corporate negro, btw. Virtual Education Moving Forward and Tenured Seeking Teachers Are Scared! A lot of people are scared of technology and globalization because they are slowly getting put out of a job! And the next people who are really scared are these unionized and privilege teachers. The funny part is I’m hearing cats trying to rationalize that teachers are important – no they are not. Teachers are nothing more than content producers and right now, content is becoming commoditized. So the same way RedBox messed up Blockbuster, the same way Amazon is messed up Borders books, the same way iTunes is messing up record stores, virtual education is going to mess up public education institutions as we know it. You are going to see a gold rush effect of trying to create educational content that can be redistributed and taught virtually and with cheaper educational assistants. The government will slowly phase out the concept of unionized, privilege and tenure-seeking educators with PhDs. Look, it’s the same way with Internet programmers – cats think they were entitled to make $65K a year doing HTML and JavaScript and CSS and ish. But you can pay cats in Vietnam to do that ish for cheap so cats ain’t getting $65K a year anymore and that’s how the global markets in the free world works, get over it. Teachers want to believe they are secure – no they are not, especially if cities are going broke. What you are going to see is a shift from moving education away from being teacher-centric to being content-centric that focus more on kids downloading data and going home and having more involvement with their parents or other community resources to educate. The movement away from teachers is already in the works and I already hearing about this in the technology circles as the next big thing. Schools will be more interactive with more immersion and you will have more “volunteers” and assistances that probably make around $12/hour monitoring the kids and rehash the stuff that was discussed on the media screens. Private centers will emerge as places for kids to actually visit after school and for a fee, receive enhanced education based on their skill level, creating privatization. The recent Chicago Teacher strike did nothing but push this technology forward. The sad part is teachers are the last battalion of the Black working middle class we got in our community. I’m hoping that teachers do not try to go down in a sinking ship, blinded by the feeling of entitlement on the taxpayer dime – that ain’t going to happen. I’m hoping that teachers begin to learn and probably jump aboard the future of education and be ahead of the game. Summary The education system in America is messed up and I wouldn’t hire any of these Americans knowing how talented the kids are overseas. While kids overseas are learning food sustainability through aquaponic farming in Africa, Sid Credle at Hampton University is telling his students they can’t wear cornrows and need to “look the part” to get a job. The reality is America is too f*cked up to compete globally and I probably going to end up moving to West Africa and do some Oprah Winfrey ish like starting a school to cultivate my ancestral motherland children there and say f*ck these dumb USA motherf*ckers…

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  1. lol, that “look the part/sound the part” isht remains THE dominant attribute and theme of the overwhelming majority of cornball 2nd/3rd line inheritors of the civil rights movement.

    It also explains why they’ve placed such a premium on diversity awareness and political correctness, (translation, don’t call out cabbage-headed imbeciles for their incompetence or you may get sued) – between that nonsense and the collective bargaining that has folks scared to exercise their “employment at will” prerogatives, the situation is one which cannot be institutionally corrected from the inside, i.e., it’s so broken you simply can’t fix it, and there are too many folks with vested interests in seeing to it that it remains broken

    It can only be evolutionarily destroyed from the outside, by providing a streamlined, effective, and entirely superior alternative – really not that hard a thing to do with a little know-how.

  2. It’s a hard argument to have: either you fall in line or get excluded. While many would rather fall in line, they don’t realize that once you own your company and your SELF, you can wear whatever you want to and make transactions happen. It’s the corporate world that readily molds people to it.

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