The First Thing Successful Brothas and Sistas Should Learn is the Stalking Horse

If I were to sit down with new African-American entrepreneurs who are winning, the most important thing I would explain to them first is the stalking horse. When you brothas and sistas put in work, start winning and cats start respecting your game like a boss, your first encounter as a Black entrepreneur will be a stalking horse. In this article, we are going to discuss the stalking horse concept and how you brothas and sistas need to deal with it when they come at you. What is a Stalking Horse? Wikipedia has a definition of the stalking horse: A stalking horse is a person who tests a concept with someone or mounts a challenge against them on behalf of an anonymous third party. If the idea proves viable and/or popular, the anonymous figure can then declare their interest and advance the concept with little risk of failure. If the concept fails, the anonymous party will not be tainted by association and can either drop the idea completely or bide their time and wait until a better moment for launching an attack. A stalking horse is basically a decoy designed to come after you brothas and sistas to interrogate you and test you and they will try to appear like they cool or neutral with you. The funny part is they will try to look like you, want to talk to you about your hustle and most of the time, they will try to confront and criticize you and you don't know who this person is and where they came from. What you need to understand is these people coming at you are nothing more than a stalking horse used by someone higher up who won't come at you directly. The term stalking horse comes from an old hunting technique where the birds would fly away if they saw a human but the birds will just chill out if they saw a four legged creature like a horse. So what the hunters realized was they can just hide behind a horse or create a fake horse to hide behind and shoot at the ducks. See, the dumbass ducks were under the impression they were dealing with a four-legged friend like the horse not realizing the "wolf in sheep clothing" was gunning for them. You being an African-American entrepreneur, that’s exactly how they will come after you brothas and sistas when they see you coming up hard and putting it down like a boss. Examples of Stalking Horse You seen the stalking horse concept used before in your life and you probably used it when it came to relationships. The most popular stalking horse example in relationships is trying to hook up with someone through their friends. You want to get with them, but you can't step them to directly. So what you do is befriend the friend of that cutie and use that friend to get close to the cutie. You be surprised how this technique still works in these Atlanta clubs where you give the sloppy looking muffin top dried out weave wearing sistas a drink and some play and she bring you to her table where her fine cousin from out of town is at, then you hooking up with the fine cousin, your real target from the get go. Another example you will see stalking horse is the use of Black sellout tokens by these bigots. Malcolm X explain this very elegantly when he spoke of the house negro versus field negro. When you Black and you become outspoken or popular and the bigots didn't pre-approve you becoming successful, these bigots won’t come at you directly. What they will do is pull out their Black tokens or house negroes and give them airtime to discredit you. The goal is for the bigots behind the scene is to see how you respond and keep you distracted while they set their sights on you from a distance. The house negro will be the first stalking horse encounter you brothas and sistas in America will come across when you start getting big. Right now, the Black media and these tech bigots are doing everything in their power to suppress the passion and hustle of me and this blog. But I will bet you every dollar you got in your pocket as soon as we execute getting certain metrics like thousands of Facebook likes, more visits to this blog and media airtime, you will see some stalking horse tokens come out of the woodpile after the 30 Rotten Dissidents trying to come at us. And the 30 Rotten Dissidents will deal with them accordingly but that's a discussion near the end of this article. This is not a matter of if they try you with the stalking horse concept - it is a matter of when they will try it and how you will respond to it and handle it. You as an up and coming Black entrepreneur and go-getter need to understand there are people out there with a clear agenda of trying to shut you down before you get to come up, do not be naive. Also keep in mind it is a lot of wannabees non-winners side-haters willing to operate as a Black token stalking horse because they don’t want to see you make it either. A lot of Black people out there hate like this because they either licked booty to get ahead or they still stuck at the bottom and looking at you hustling hard, getting yours, stacking it up and racking it up and that does nothing but reinforce they are sorry to the game while you running the game. How to Recognize and Deal with a Stalking Horse As you brothas and sistas start coming up in the world, these bigots will operate like hunters and bring out their stalking horse to come at you. They will do a lot of things like create fake drama to see how you handle it or bring a token sellout around you pretending to be cool with you after you start your executive-level job. They will even bring a good looking slut in the picture to try to have sex with you and this is their favorite tactic against Black men who fall for that crap every time. The best advice you better receive from this article is as an entrepreneur who made it without this far without cats helping you, you better be paranoid and trust your gut. First of all, you need to ask yourself who are these people and why are these people even approaching you in the first place? Where they around when you was on the ground floor hustling hard? Sometimes, you will see cats who were around when you started, left you and then they show up for no rhyme or reason! Trust your gut on that and try to find out why these cats are coming around you with smiles on their face. A lot of these cats also be trying to patronize you and stuff like that, complimenting your hustle or whatever – that’s a clue they trying to get at something. But here is the thing that these cats always do in their stalking horse game – they try to come at you but you realize these guys ain’t competing for what you going after. For example, you start buying up retail buildings in a commercial area and then you hear cats talking on the radio station saying you not going to give back to the community or trying to squeeze out the little guys or some other made up story. Remember what I said – these are people who ain’t doing what you trying to do and compete directly with you, they just around running their mouth trying to draw you into something. Most likely those cats are stalking horse for someone bigger out there who is trying to compete with you in the game. The best advice I can give you how to deal with these cats is to go directly after their ass in the bluntest manner possible. When a token come at you or they smiling and ish, ask them directly why they coming to you, look at them in the eye and wait for their answer. If they can’t answer, just ask them you want to know who they working for and explain to their ass that you will eventually find out anyway. What the 30 Rotten Dissidents usually do (they came at us plenty of times) is make that punk ass token a double-agent and their original stalking horse is working for me now and feeding me information about the bigots who came at us. But you got to be good in this game to pull that kind of turnaround and I can’t tell you how to make them turn to my side, except I will only say the obvious I’m from the West Side of Chicago and we know how to deal with motherf*ckers. In summary, as a go-getter, a hustler, a boss and a winner, you better recognize when these stalking horse cats come at you smiling - you better shut them down real fast. But before you shut em down, find out how much worth they are to the game or if they are disposable. If the stalking horse they brought your way is worth something to the game, then you might want to “convince” them that your way is the better side to be on and turn them your way to be a double-agent. If they are disposable, ship their ass back to the Judaism practicing bigot who dispatch that sellout ass token your way and you make sure you send a message to that bigot to definitely understand you ain’t the one to f*ck with and you got their number. This game is real, this stalking horse crap is real and you better be ready for it when you go for yours.

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