African-American Orientation Guide to Exporting Physical and Digital Goods to a Global Emerging Market

Our quest for money, power and respect is no longer the American dream as the new target is the quest for global empire domination. Brothas and sistas under 40 should no longer be thinking in a limited tunnel vision perspective of how to stack paper. Young African-Americans looking at their future should realize that the opportunity to find prosperity and progress from global hustles far outweigh seeking validation and acceptance from those that never like us, hate Obama and will never like us. In the 21st century, all you brothas and sistas better realize the world is yours and this article is design to get you orientated to go out and get it. UPS released a 2012 report on the Change in the Supply Chain with IDC and came back with some interesting findings and I posted the links below this paragraph. The video gives a good overview of how UPS is seeing trends in new global emerging and developing markets worldwide and I posted the video on Dream and Hustle Facebook page, please join when you get a chance. UPS Change and Chain Outlook Link: White Paper: Dream and Hustle Facebook Group: In terms of sourcing products, the high tech firms see a sourcing growth in APAC which are basically Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines. They also see sourcing growth in India and Brazil. Isn’t it funny these are the same markets that are sourced for hair weaves these sistas be stitching in their head? These are places where plants and manufacturing jobs are going to be established and built and will be the source of a new middle class with new money. Where American high term firms believe they are going to export their goods, they have Africa, the Middle East and India as high on their list. Notice that Eastern Europe in places like Poland and Ukraine also has an increase as a demand for their exported products. Now, you as an African-American need to realize what all of this means – it means your generation needs to be part of this global hustle and start thinking and acting like a global hustler. So with that said, you are probably wondering how can a brotha or sista get things rolling and get started? Well, my answer is to go pick up a copy of Black Enterprise magazine..haha, yeah that was funny wasn’t it?! Man, I almost fell out my chair as I was typing that. Damn, I got jokes..go pick up a copy of Black Enterprise magazine..hehe, that was funny!! What I want brothas and sistas to do is two things at the same damn time – cleanse your mind and thinking from this bullsh*t negative African-American lifestyle that ain’t us and fill your mind with self-identity, inspiration, hope and realization we are bigger than what we been told we are all these years. We are the change we been waiting for and it’s time to show the world we understand that. Now that you done that, I want you to realize you can create products and services with zero intention of selling in America but sell in emerging markets overseas. The products that you have to consider are either physical goods or digital goods. With physical goods, you have to hire people, fly to countries and source manufacturing plants, pay for logistics and shipping and keep an adequate supply of inventory when you get a purchase order for 10,000 items in Bejing market alone. With digital goods, you create technology services or digital media that you can distribute from a web server worldwide and be consumed worldwide. What you want to start thinking about is what you want to export, digital or physical goods. Physical Goods One of the biggest physical goods that brothas and sistas sleep very hard on is clothing. You will be shocked to damn near death if you really knew how much clothing these rappers sell overseas, particularly in the Middle East and Asia. Sean John sells like crazy, Billionaire Boys Club sells like crazy worldwide. Here is the thing – don’t even try to go that cornball American urban look and instead, study their clothing and just slap your brand label on it. Create India style clothing for Indian cats with your label on it, Nigerian style clothing for Nigerian cats with your label on it and Brazilian style clothing with your label on it. Just use your patterns but use their designers to create an exclusive pattern for you and send you samples and you sell it through boutiques with marketing and advertising. All cats overseas know is you some African-American fashion designer when you just another broke college student at some fashion school. Another physical good in my opinion is mobile accessories and bling. For example, in Asia, they have “charms” on their tablets and phones like little figurines and stuff like that. They don’t do that in America but guess what – why you can create one from America and sell to the cats in China and Taiwan and Japan? You get one key charm manufacturing plant in China off alibaba to create some custom ones you design and you sell it on Asian e-commerce sites and promote it in their markets showing your Black behind as the designer? You don’t think that is unique and something exclusive they would want overseas. But keep in mind the two main points I’m making here. You want to “design” in America, but build and source the product overseas close to the market you are going to sell at. Because physical goods are very expensive to ship and you never know if the sailors on that ship is selling your ish in Colon, Panama and telling you it got lost or stolen and you have to re-order but the boutique in Kuala Lumpur don’t want to hear that ish and cancel doing business with you. Focus on you being the designer and the image and create a hub and spoke model in that local region to distribute your design. Think fashion in terms of nightlife wear and street wear and mobile device accessories and remember to study hard on what they like to wear and buy, not that crap you wearing right now that they made in their sweatshops. Another thing you want to consider is made-to-order stuff like custom shoes or handbags where they can mix-and-match on a web site like how you can create custom Nikes. Once they order it, you make it and ship it out to them – same with shirts and other fashion accessories. Digital Goods Digital goods quite frankly mean digital media content and web-based services or cloud-based services. For example, you can sell a cloud-based service that allow cats in Africa create drag and drop party flyers to promote beach parties in West Africa coastline or in the Caribbean and they pay you in local currency. Or you can build text message services for cats overseas who still use SMS text message services to lookup information like world news and stuff like that for a small fee. That’s how you use services to make money. Now, another thing is you can engage in the import/export of digital goods. For example, I mentioned that Africa has an explosive growing house music/club music scene. Chicago DJs as well as many artists are now flying to Africa and doing performances and making serious money at clubs in South Africa as well as all throughout West Africa. Damn, yall don’t know how fine the sistas are in Africa – yall don’t know!!!! And keep it mind it goes both ways, you can import African club music here to America – you think brothas and sistas want to hear that negative ish they play on Radio One all the time? You probably can stream Nollywood movies like a Netflix service to mobile phones in Africa as a service doing pay-per-view. A whole world of opportunities exist for brothas and sistas to provide digital content of a new medium in Africa. Probably can start your own music label on a cheap in Africa and export the music worldwide to clubs worldwide throughout the African Diaspora. But that goes back to learning how to create these kind of web sites and web services and starting off with a $5/month Godaddy site. For example, remember the QR code shopping wall project I told you we were going to test in the Middle East and Asia? Yeah, exactly – you don’t know ish because you here in America and that’s exactly why you should be thinking worldwide so your money is over there and cats here in America can think your funds is just as limited as theirs. Breakdown of Markets and What We Can Export There While this is not a complete list and I will continue to update it, this is our top list of things that we brothas and sistas can export to these areas using our resources and talents: Asia – Urban Lifestyle - Non-Asian Manufactured Clothing and Fashion - Bling Accessories - Printed Media - Pop-Up Stores Africa – Black Identity 2.0 - Cloud-based Services - Tourism and Hospitality Support - Beauty and Health Products - Mail Order Services Caribbean and Latin America – Infrastructure - Mobile apps and commerce - Payment and Financial Services - Social media services and online gaming Summary Here is a test for you brothas and sistas - just look at the video below from South Africa and let's talk afterwards: Now, did you look at the video and critique the way they dance or how they dress? If you did, then you are a dumbass and ain't learn ish reading this blog. What you should be thinking is how is this music video distributed through South Africa? Can you create an IPTV service that play these South African music videos on demand around their country? Can you create an entertainment magazine that covers these artists? Can you see how the brothas and sistas dress and export their style maybe to the Caribbean? Think about it - you at a club in Atlanta with all these fronting clowns running their mouth. One chick works at Walgreens and she think she all that because her jeans are tight. Another brotha does nothing but drive a beer truck to corner stores and he think he is cool in his Steve Harvey suit. But you, created an IPTV music video service for the country of South Africa featuring South African music artists as you pop your bottle of Moët et Chandon at the VIP table laughing at all of them because you are a real 21st century African-American global hustlers stacking paper on these clowns fronting in Atlanta. Brothas and sistas have to realize we live in a new world that is filled with opportunities. It’s one thing to talk about Black unemployment in America is high but the opportunities worldwide are very high for brothas and sistas that want to go and get it. This is why you don’t see me sweating or worrying about anything despite the Western World economic decline because I’m fully aware of the opportunities of the emerging markets and the new middle class coming up. But the one secret I keep trying to explain to you cats over and over again is the billion new middle class cats coming up with disposable income, they like your Black American behind. But you are tripping hard and sleeping hard on the opportunities you got worldwide because you stuck on American stupidity watching ignorant American TV shows and listening to self-hate music on the radio. Real talk, go get some ice water and splash that ish on your face and wake the f*ck up! The world is yours and everything in it if you start realizing that you need to be the change you been waiting for.

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  1. Ed, you are the beacon of light for our community on a very foggy night. Its up to us to bring back the Talented Tenth W.E. DuBois was speaking on to save our people and create that Mansa Musa wealth. In what order would you roll out the products? Also what about Latin America, how would you take advantage of the growth of that region as well?

  2. Questions answered! Thanks Ed, for breaking down these answers so thoroughly. The UPS reports are excellent resources as well.

  3. Man… this UPS report. jesus.

    As for that last video. I was watching their dance moves and clothing selections. but after reading another one of your posts i also had something else on my mind.

    Who do i know that can help me design similar clothing and how can i ship it


    Could i open a blog that reports on foreign music artists?

    Research, research, reseach…

  4. I love this blog. I just need to know where to start. MY parents are entrepreneurs in Atlanta, and I’m at a community college. I really want to go into the restaurant business

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