Attacking and Tearing Down Others Is Not a Good Come Up Strategy

I see it all the time where cats come out of nowhere trying to tear others down thinking that's how they will come up. I’ve seen it at the workplace, in relationships and even in the hustle. But what I’ve seen over and over again is not only these same cats fail to go anywhere, they usually stay stagnant or fall off because they spend too much time on the destruction of others instead of the development of self. You should learn to recognize these kinds of characters and effectively deal with them. Keep in mind that we discussed the stalking horse strategy on this blog a while ago and these cats are not the person hiding behind the stalking horse. Usually, these cats trying to tear you down are people who are driven by an irrational false belief that if you go down, that makes room for them to come up and the world don’t work that way. Think about negative campaign ads – will saying something bad about Barack Obama going to make 99% of African-Americans or progressive women or Asian immigrants (who really love Obama) change their vote? How about the Chicago Sun-Times or New York Times trying to go after Chief Keef – is that going to stop the rest of us from letting cats know that’s that ish we don’t like? Or a these ugly Black women in our community trying to take down a Black man and/or Black fathers like that supposed to make them a better parent in the eyes of the kids, or respected by the community at large. Your customers and cats who look up to you are looking up to you because of what you do, not how other cats are coming after you. When you start a business or your hustle, that is why I tell you to focus on building relationships with customers, not this NewMe/Black Web 2.0 Wayne Sutton Angela Benton crap of trying to get people to like them and fund them and they bragging about getting validation and acceptance instead of having a customer base. If you rely on others for validation and acceptance, those other people can and will pull that validation and acceptance from you and hold that threat over your head. That’s what I noticed the most about cats trying to tear others down is they tend to believe they are impressing or influencing someone higher up. It’s like these Boule cats when they see West Side Chicago cats from the projects go for theirs – they want to try to write up negative articles acting like we need their permission to come up and get ours. They want to believe mainstream people respect the Boule opinion more than they respect the street cat opinion and nothing is further from the truth. Because if I go to a tech conference, I will suck all of the cats away from any of these phony Black tech cornballs because cats in this industry know me and my people and know we real about it and can show and tell. The same in the hood because cats respect Dream and Hustle when it comes to Blacks and technology because I focus on solutions for the hood, not trying to look like some model minority token in Silicon Valley. I had co-workers tried to tear me down for no reason, trying to doubt my work on the job, look for mistakes and want to play “ah ha, gotcha!” and basically what the upper manager saw was me hustling and putting in real work while these other cats are distracted trying to focus on coming after me. And I seen it over and over, cats packing up their ish in boxes and leaving because they got fired and I’m leaning back just smiling at their ass because you know I’m going to talk about them as they leave out and make sure they know that too. I seen bloggers trying to be like Dream and Hustle and Tariq Nasheed spend years talking the same old ish and talking negative about other cats blogging but they themselves ain’t got too much to show for blogging all these years. You go to their blog and see the same ass people talking up a “hustle/make moves” conversation day in and day out but nobody progressing, just agreeing on talking points. This is another example and yall know the cornball blog of all these damn years, nearly 6 or 7 years I believe and ain’t nothing to show for but some negativity and crappy implementation like some e-book I saw where I started laughing and moved on to another web site to not waste anymore of my time. The best thing to do is just do you and let the other cats play themselves. The real cats out there will see for themselves who is putting in work. But I want you to remember something – you have to put in real work for those that matter. This is not some rap battle where you rap battling another cat and you trying to impress the audience – that’s stupid. No, you focus on creating and pushing a product and work directly with your paying customers who put food on your table and your employees table. The same way Barack Obama is working with influencers who can get others to donate money and volunteer on the phone banks, the President ain’t thinking about some “Black conservative” clown trying to tear Obama down in the press. Remember, always focus on your hustle and make sure you focus very hard on defining your customer, establishing a relationship with your customer and serving your customer well to build your business up. At work, focus on the mission, show your contribution and value and keep improving your skills and the upper management will appreciate a true hustler than someone who dress like a cornball every day and talk like they smart all the time trying to downplay you. In relationships, play close attention to your partner and see if they spend more time estranging themselves from other people or talking bad about other people instead of focusing on building up a strong relationship between you two. I don’t know where these side show bobs come from or their motivation but it is obvious that mommy and daddy didn’t teach them how to hustle hard and go and get it. You on the other hand, focus on stacking paper, getting power and earning the respect of your people you are serving.

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  1. Thanks for the real talk Ed. don’t know how I came across your site but I can’t get enough of your insight!

  2. I don’t know how I came across D&H either, but I have been a loyal reader ever since I found this blog. It’s the realest blog with great info that applies to people who look like me. Go Ed!

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