Learn to Counter Their First Amendment with Your First Amendment..

Do you remember the lawsuit against ABC reality television show called "The Bachelor" claiming they were discriminating against Black contestants? Well, it appears the lawsuit was dismissed due to ABC and the producers First Amendment rights. What African-Americans keep failing to realize is the reason venture capital don't invest in Blacks, the tech journalists don't talk about Blacks in technology, why news focus only on crime committed by Blacks is because they hide behind the First Amendment right to discriminate against people of color. However, people of color need to learn how to use their own First Amendment to counter institutional bigotry and it's easier than you think. NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A federal judge on Monday dismissed a case filed by two black men who claimed ABC's "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" discriminated against casting participants of color. U.S. District Court Judge Aleta Trauger's ruling states that casting decisions by the network and the series' producers are protected by the First Amendment and the case should not continue. ... ABC lauded the ruling, saying, "We felt from the onset this case was completely without merit and we are pleased the Court has found in our favor." This is why people like Wayne Sutton and Angela Benton and that NewMe nonsense are all wasting their time. These bigots are not going to invest in Blacks and they will claim First Amendment rights when push come to shove. They will even claim their business as a corporation has First Amendment rights in terms of not investing in Blacks. So in a nutshell, these bigots are doing what they doing in terms of discrimination because that is who they are. You got to recognize it is what it is and stop trying to play around with these cats. These cats been doing this crap for how many decades? I'm not going to mince words - the number one group discriminating against Blacks are people who claim to be Jews! Not WASP bigots but these are people who claim the Jewish faith doing this level of discrimination against Blacks. I don't acknowledge any bigot as a Jew, they are a bigot plain and simple. There are good Jews out there doing for the Black community and done more than most Black leaders can talk about and it would be an insult to equate the good Jews to the bigots that work in the mainstream media discriminating and showing degenerate shows about Blacks. There is a way you brothas and sistas can deal with these bigots and I explained it over and over again. You brothas and sistas can game theory zero-sum these bigots and because you have nothing to lose, you can go closer to zero than these bigots. Call them out, f*ck them and their mother and straight go in on these bigots and get their names, get their pictures, get pictures of their mom and photoshop that ish on a gay porn pic and post your commentary on their bigotry and go hard - f*ck them! Get some cat who keep going in and out of jail, that cat ain't got a problem stepping up to these smirking bigot as long as you top off the cat commissary account every other week while they inside. You are the one with hard-core options and nothing to lose against these bigots. These bigots ain't going to do ish, they will get their bigoted ass lit the f*ck up in the 21st century. I know it's some coward brothas and coward sistas out there but me and my people know our enemy and know how to handle ours. Please, it ain't going to be some video posted on WorldStarHipHop, it's going to be war video footage for the History Channel and that's our level and we don't play and don't miss either. Nobody has a right to be a bigot around our people and expect their life to be the same. I'm not trying to talk hard, I'm just talking real and I'm way too old to be fronting. Real talk, brothas and sistas don't have to put up with these bigots and the only reason a bigoted show like "The Bachelor" on ABC, a bigoted media network get away with what they do because yall putting up with it, plain and simple. Don't blame nobody and that's why I'm not interested when these cornball The Root, the Grio or Black Voices (owned by these same bigoted media outlets) want to talk about how others are treating us when we sit there and just type ish on a comment board instead of stand up for ourselves. You cats can take these clowns down if you want to. I haven't even told you how we planning to go after these Venture Capital firms and technology media outlets that are discriminating against Blacks. We got something real special planned for them and all I'm telling you brothas and sistas is you don't have to take that ish either.

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  1. And the beauty is we get to choose. Call a spade a spade and be done with it. Stop giving other’s a pass to insult and disrespect our culture, our people, our money, our strength, our pride and our significance in and out of this country and around the globe,. We cannot continue to be the economic ass that everyone gets a piece of. This is unaccept-able. When we make the necessary shrift everything will become stable like a earthquake.

    Standing our ground? Well we tend to do that well most of the time amongst our own. Unconsciously, that’s a little easier, we are comfortable enough with each other, I guess. However, this particular kind of weakness amongst our culture when it comes to standing up to others who perpetuate their hatred and mental illnesses onto us, now here is a big part of the problem. And this particular problem has developed is a cancer that spread. We must also remember lack of good leadership. Still, unacceptable and there are no check and balance in place for punishment or penalty, except in the “streets.”

    However, we all know this and recognize it when we see it. And we also recognize, you can’t save everyone. Some don’t want to be saved. I think more about our children, today and future generations, tomarrow. There are a lot of games being ran on our community and the future for our children is devastating to think about in terms of present realty, what is going on now and will until our community says enough is enough. We have leave some folks on the side of the road and be willing to pull off. Life has to go on and so does the business of supporting those who have the proper vision and the testicular fortitude to say the truth, create the blue print, lay the foundation work, and execute the plan using the like minded.

    Letting go of the tug of war within ourselves and others is freedom and is so energizing. Our focus is on what we are doing and how bridging our gaps and relations, makes better use of our time, our own resources, which creates the right psychological moments for how to think properly and how to use D & H to move forward and not looking back.

    There are more of us collectively who know and are very serious about getting things done than one may think. Bigots are who they are, not going to change no time soon if ever, born into their parents bigotry and will teach to their children their bigotry. Their quest for control, is based on ignorance, greed, lust for power, an obsession with domination and an unwillingness to be civilized and respectful of others. Call it what it really is and be done with it.
    Call a spade a spade .

    As a culture we’re not secondary nothing anyone or anything. Out of darkness comes light. Therefore, everything comes from and exist because of the original, positive & negative. Letting no one be responsible for our happiness & well-being, by any means necessary, starting with and most importantly take control of ourselves and be responsible for and respectful of, our own resources (us) and economics (us). Here’s were, ” I can show you better than I can tell you.” comes in.

    On our watch, in spite of no matter what or who, we can and must do better. Life is still good. Now get associated.

  2. Sean,

    What part about what I said didn’t you understand? A website, facebook page, huh. Are you serious?

    My walk in everyday life speaks for itself, my love for my people speaks for itself, my love & appreciation for brothers like Ed Dunn speaks for itself, my love and concern for children & younger generations speak for itself. Now what is it that you want to know? I do not need a face book page, a website to tell you or anyone else who I am and what my beliefs are. Let’s get that straight first. And based upon how you have come off to me. Well maybe you need to call me and talk with me so that you will understand, why you think I need to show you a FB page or website. And the next time you think about calling a Sister out. Think for a moment and make sure you have a clear understanding of why you feel you must.

    My post recognized the titled post, touched on some of the problems within our community and stated that I, along with like-minded people will be focusing in on solutions, based on my personal opinion and my commenting on this blog.

    “Call a spade a spade, refers to the brother, who commended Ed for speaking the truth and calling something what it really is instead going around it and scared to say what it really means “calling a spade a spade.”

    I can show you better than I can tell you, refers to us doing what we need to do for us, and not depending upon others to do for us what we are capable of doing for ourselves. Additionally, withdrawing our economics (money) from sources, who attempt to maintain propaganda against us.

    And since these “smucks” as you say gave a “smuck” like P. Diddy his own show.” So what that’s nothing new, to reward certain ones and deny certain others, that’s the history of this country. The beauty is we get to choose whether or not we support it, because if you don’t like something you don’t support it. Right?

    I ( you) can show them better than I (you) can tell them, just how much we disapprove of something by the way we respond, how we spend or withdraw our money, the stores we shop, the kind of things we spend our money on and where. These are some of your examples of what I am talking about right here. And yes I said I because at the moment I was making the statement.

    Hope this clarifies my post for you, Sean.
    Regards, Sunrise

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