The Tools for Brothas and Sistas to Dream and Hustle By

Brothas and sistas grossly underestimate the opportunities and rewards of being in the technology/digital media sector. Being able to do work from your laptop from the beach anywhere in the world or visit anywhere in the world, no one really has it like that except us tech cats. Even more sick is most of what we do is copy/paste ish after doing a Google search. It is our goal here at Dream and Hustle to developed self-empowered Black entrepreneurs towards the path of billion dollar global empires. But at the same time, we have to be realistic and there must be a balance. We know brothas and sistas are self-motivated and driven and also hungry but at the same time, we understand cats are hungry because they can’t afford to invest or have barriers to getting capital. That is why we are focusing on technology solutions because technology solutions that are designed smart and planned smart can grow like a seedling into a field of crops that keep producing year after year. So our goal is to get brothas and sistas to start small but start smart on next generation technology solutions and learn to master the foundation so they can go anywhere they want in the world and hustle hard and whip out solutions and get paid. Then these same cats we help build up will be the ones that can invest in our future and be a role model for our kids to do for self. Then we can show the young brothas and sistas we cared about them and their future, unlike our previous generations that laid out no framework or foundation for us to build upon. But to build a foundation, you are going to need tools and this is what this article is about. I said it over and over again on this blog and now I want to make sure cats fully understand what they need to go and grab. Me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents got a lot of work to do and I also got a lot of personal ventures that been on the ice I got to get going. We are not going to keep being at square one with late cats coming here asking what they need to download and get started. After I mention what cats need, we are straight moving forward and getting stuff out there for cats to start their hustles and go for theirs. Windows Computer. I cannot believe the audacity of a Black person to actually have a Mac computer like they some hippy ass consumer. Really, why the f*ck would you buy something like that other than to think you cool and ish? You think you cooler than me in this game with your mac computer? Yeah, thought so. Even worse are cats running around with tablets and ish. Look, go get a goddamn computer, even a cheap Windows computer from Wal-Mart will do the job. I’m working and typing from a $300 Windows laptop and did these hustles from that $300 laptop so don’t give me some ish why you don’t have or can’t get a Windows computer to do for self. FreeMind. You cats seen me use the Freemind open source mind mapping software everytime I talk about a hustle. This is the first software you download and make sure you get on your computer once you get it. This helps you organize your hustle and strategize your thoughts. It is also a collaboration tool where you can get into a discussion and take down well organized notes to execute the next steps against. SQL Server Express. You can go to and they have a link to the SQL Server express version. Make sure you get the one with Management Studio and load Management Studio and create a local database. You are going to practice creating local databases with SQL Server that you can deploy the script to GoDaddy. Now keep in mind, SQL Server is a lot easy to learn and install and setup than MySQL and I recommend you get SQL Server down first so you can be comfortable with MySQL later when you want to use that. Visual Web Developer. You can go to and download this. This allow you to create the web pages to host. Now, I don't advise you at this point to start pretending you know something I don’t know talking that PHP ish. My goal is to get your Black ass up and running with business models to start doing business, not some geek crap about ASP vs PHP – you ain’t rich enough or have the luxury to have that debate as far as I’m concern. If you haven’t realize, I don’t give a damn about web sites, but more concerned about creating a web service layer that can use HTML5 for mobile browsers or work with iPhones and Android clients. Download this because most of the samples will be written in ASP.Net with C# classes for you to learn. C# is a good language to learn and once you learn it, it will be easy to pick up on Java/Android and even Objective C for the iPhone. GoDaddy Windows Hosting Plan. Don’t get any other plan except the $5/month version because you don’t need it. Don’t go around spending more money than you need to and I’m telling you as a real expert that the $5/month hosting is very sufficient for you to launch and get off the ground and start making money and then you move up to a better hosting plan. This is exactly how the 30 Rotten Dissidents are mandated by our bylaws to grow our hustles. Once you setup GoDaddy, read the damn instructions on how to setup the web site as well as SQL Server and they even have YouTube videos. Now, I’m not going to waste one second of my time explaining to you how to operate GoDaddy or create a SQL Server database or download these tools when there are plenty of online resources out there for you to research. You need to learn the first thing you better figure out is to go online and do research and apply it to your hustle. I will be holding weekly conference calls that will answer questions in a few weeks and will be announcing it on this blog. In addition, if you are in Atlanta or around the Atlanta area, we will be doing trials of some of the business models for example, the geo-location treasure game is being worked on right now where cats will run around Atlanta looking for clues and there will be good prizes for the first one to reach the end destination. And the invisible pop-up store for the hood is still in effect although I learned a Chinese company is beating us to the punch by creating over 1,000 super huge invisible pop-up store thoughout China. See how we know what’s going on in the world and the American media or Black media ain’t telling yall none of this? So I guess the next step is to start downloading these tools to your Windows computer if you are going to roll with us towards creating next generation technology entrepreneurs who going to do for self, their people and their future. Now this is very important for you to understand - these solutions we will be creating are workflow automation solutions that allow you to still work your job until you get the money up to the point you can quit or work anywhere in the world and chill anywhere in the world and still stack that paper up. But you brothas and sistas have to take coding and the process to run this stuff seriously. In all honestly, I don't know who trying to resist what I'm doing with this code stuff, but they damn sure ain't got it like us if they ain't in the tech game, real talk. Okay, what yall want to do first, the geo-location stuff, the qr stuff or the mobile money stuff or IPTV digital media stuff?

14 thoughts on “The Tools for Brothas and Sistas to Dream and Hustle By

  1. The mobile phone money stuff! Followed by the IPTV digital media stuff!! A solid foundation for our communities has to begin with economic and communication platforms.

  2. Id like to get more light about how your doing the AR. Id like to use that platform (not for popup stores but for location based visual media) I have artists and promoters that like what I have so far…but it seems that more readers would like to know about the mobile payments so if you can expound on that afterwards…

  3. Ok so your saying the MySQL is a step above SQL Server whoa. I would have thought otherwise.Right now Im doing the whole mysql+php thing on godaddy, and it is very easy. I believe once I get my dough together to get another computer I should be straight. Then once I switch back over to SQL Server it would be easier. Thanks brutha ED!

  4. Now that Im playing around with it folks. Microsoft is the best when it comes to programming period. an opinion that is highly factual lol. If you want to inspect an element from your favorite website. When you mouse over the html code..such as this website. It highlights what part of the page each HTML row is effected.

  5. Mobile Money hands down…just today an article was released. Nigeria’s MobileMoney MarketWorth N1trn –Investigation

    Potential market size for mobile money services, also known as mobile payment in Nigeria, is worth $7.2bn (about N1.1trn) by 2015, National Mirror has gathered.Mobile money involves the process of two parties exchanging financial value, using mobile devices in return for goods or services.

  6. Anubis, Freemind is a software that helps you get your thoughts or ideas together. Well that’s how I use it but there is many other ways I guess.
    I am writing a novel so it helps me keep track of my characters and plots and their interrelations. Basically it helps you see the bigger picture while still keeping track of the smaller details. I have not used it for business planning yet but I intend to.
    It’s a free download,just google it.

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