Using Erotic House Music Videos to Trick Brothas and Sistas into Understanding Code Snippets to Build Their Side Hustles Up

Whenever I try to provide technical information on this blog, brothas and sistas want to go silent and act like I posted up boring information. I sit up here as an expert and provide copy/paste code that will get a cat at least $85k as a career or more than double that as a freelance hustler on eLance yet brothas and sistas act like they ain’t trying to read that ish. Well, I’m going to try something different because I’m out of options and have to do something to get brothas and sistas to start doing for self in a big way at a low cost. The best way for brothas and sistas to come up is to create next generation mobile and m-commerce solutions and this can be done on $5/month GoDaddy Windows hosting accounts. I spoke on many solutions over and over again on this blog from QR wall shopping posters to geo-location services to m-commerce operations, all done from a $5/month GoDaddy web site. And if the business grow too big, I can move off the $5/month site to bigger servers with the same code. This article will show you how to create the database code as well as the business logic code that I want you cats to just copy and paste and get something going and start testing! The minute you start testing and practicing, then you will see you can start building out real hustles that you can run as a side hustle or a full-blown service. On this blog in previous articles, I already showed cats from raw scratch and freestyled how to create a QR poster wall site and showed how to get money from it, all done on a $5/month web site. But again, cats act like when I post these technical codes that they don’t want to comment or say anything or even do anything like they want to be entertained. So if cats want to be entertained and ish, then I’m going to basically throw in the towel and agree that I need to throw sex in the mix because sex sells. So what I’m going to do is play some of my favorite house music videos that are pretty erotic and provide code examples code at the same damn time. Let's start off with one of my favorite house music videos of all time, Eric Prydz, Call on Me: Let me explain why I love this video and it is a classic. The whole scene is set in the 1980s aerobics class with the boom box radio and it has the cornball looking dude in a room full of women. You know the dude is there for the other women and yall brothas know you always wanted to go to an aerobics class full of sistas, so don’t lie either. That is freaking epic creativity for this video to capture that snapshot and make a music video around it. This is the kind of music video I wish more Black music producers create, especially Black house music cats. BTW, there is a big market for house music in South Africa and West Africa right now, didn’t know if yall knew that. Database Layer To best work with SQL Server databases on Godaddy, download the SQL Server Express with Management Studio to be able to build your databases. Now, I want you to notice how I created the tables and structure them in the database above. This is actually how I can manage so many hustles on one shared hosting plan with one SQL Server. What I do is make sure I name each of the tables into it’s own grouping. You should notice the database table for the upcoming DBEXX with the binary options tables, you should also see Contact information tables to record customer data where I can create mailing lists and membership applications. And you should also see the geolocation tables to run geo-location based hustles such as the geo-airport or the treasure hunt game using geo-location. In addition, you should also see gamification tables so I can reward cats with awards and badges. Now, by creating my tables this way, I can create all kind of crazy ass side hustles like create a geo-location treasure hunt every Saturday morning that requires membership and provide awards and badges and post results to Facebook. Or I can create the DBEXX binary trading platform and use the money transfer table to manage accounts and sale of options from one party to another. Or I can use the geo-location to determine where to put QR code posters and read scans in real-time. This is the powerful type of stuff I want you brothas and sistas to think smart like I’m doing. No one at Black Enterprise, Black Web 2.0 and the rest of that BS is telling you brothas and sistas on how to stack paper hard in the 21st century off a simple $5/month GoDaddy account but Dream and Hustle just showed you right now. So study the model above and don’t worry, we will be breaking off this SQL code to you cats down the road to start hustling against. But you ain’t ready yet. Here is the thing I want you to learn in this article. I want you to learn how to create a database table in SQL Server. On the tables folder on the left side in SQL Server Management Studio, right-click the folder and select the New Table option. Now look at the next screen because this is important. The example I’m showing you is the database table that can run an IPTV service or a Digital Signage service to play videos, music and pictures. This is why I’m trying to explain to you the type of powerful hustles you can run off simple database and why I want you to learn database. Now if you look at the fields I created, notice the top one is an id field and it is a type of unique identifier. This is how you assign a key value and make sure in every table you create, you have an id field. Now, you see other fields with unique identifiers and these point to keys in other database tables. Learn this aspect of the game. Now, what I don’t want you to do and don’t need to do is look at the lower right corner of the pic where I wrote in newsequentialid() – you don’t need to do that. The reason why is the C# code will create the id and populate your table. In addition, I do not want you learning store procedures at this time or using them. The reason why is I want you to just focus on creating the database tables and we going to use them as nothing more than containers to hold the data. This also is good design because having the database just be a generic container allow me to use not only SQL Server, but also MySQL if I want to make that switch. Now, you should pretty much figure out how important it is to learn the database part. See, I created a library of code and you should have peeped that in the pictures to run a lot of hustles. I can easily make a hustle that is a Black hair care salon/barber finder that plays videos, show nearest location on a person mobile phone and even allow them to make an appointment. I can put all of this on that one $5/month GoDaddy site and run any kind of hustle I want. That’s how flexible I want you cats to be. This allow us to do things like build up DBEXX which is the Detroit Binary Exchange we will be creating with the goal of getting it established in the city of Detroit to build out a next generation financial sector. And speaking of Detroit, here is my next favorite erotic house music video about Detroit so go ahead and put your hands up for Detroit! C# Business Objects Now, once you get the database tables, you are going to use code to add data and we are going to use Microsoft C#. You can download the Visual Web Developer Express from Microsoft web site and all of the express tools are located at and don’t worry about the version, it still works with this code. Now the most important you should understand is the use of business objects which are also known as classes. Business objects or classes are not hard, in fact they make sense and should be easy if you organized your code right. See, if you created your database tables right, then in reality your business objects or classes should look like your database tables. For example, let’s do a generic example of a mobile payment solution, this is what a class look like and even though this is C#, it is pretty much the same syntax in stuff like ActionScript or Android or Java (Android and Java is the same) or even Objective-C for iPhone or iOS stuff. public class MobileTransaction { Public Guid transactionid {get;set;} Public guid senderid {get;set;} Public guid receiverid {get;set;} Public guid stationid {get;set;} Public DateTime transactiondate{get;set;} Public Decimal transactionamount{get;set;} Public Decimal servicefee{get;set;} Public string confirmationcode{get;set;} } All I created above is a class that contains the actual transaction for a mobile money account. The senderid and the receiverid are account ids of the account holder. The station id is the location that receives the order and can pay out cash if this is a cash transfer. The transaction date, transaction amount is how much was sent and when and the service fee is our calculated rate that we get off the transaction. So when someone initiate a mobile money transfer, make a payment with their mobile phone at the Laundromat, this code of class above contain the actual transaction and is filled with data. I can add more data such as pickup date or secret password. Now, you have created a class, you have to create routines to do something with the class like create a new MobileTransaction or update a MobileTransaction. With that said, you will need code that connect to the database and create the data or update the data. The basic routines you will create are Add, Update, SelectOne, SelectMany and these are known as functions that you create for the objects. So here is how the code will look. public class MobileTransaction { Public Guid transactionid {get;set;} Public guid senderid {get;set;} Public guid receiverid {get;set;} Public guid stationid {get;set;} Public DateTime transactiondate{get;set;} Public Decimal transactionamount{get;set;} Public Decimal servicefee{get;set;} Public string confirmationcode{get;set;} Public void Add(MobileTransaction o){} Public void Update(MobileTransaction o){} Public void SelectOne(confirmationcode o){} Public void SelectMany(){} } So you see we added the functions to the same class and this is how you prototype your code by building it out like this. What you do is create the functions, leave the brackets {} blanks then you fill in the complex code later. Now when you put it together. MobileTransaction mt = new MobileTransaction(); mt.senderid = “123”; mt.receiverid = “321”; mt.transactionamount = 25.00; mt.Add(mt); Those simple line of code creates the transaction record for sending and receiving money through a mobile phone. So as you see, by creating the class and functions that interact with the database, we created 2/3 of the application and that allow you to build up from scratch. Now I’m satisfied that you got the basics of how both database and code works to create next generation web applications using these simple techniques. So satisfied, that Benny Benassi was one of the first to create these slutty Eurotrash house music videos with the track “Satisfaction” featuring chicks working with heavy tools: Summary The goal of this article is to get you cats to understand the code that we are going to start pushing out and how it works inside out. Look, we are going to be creating next generation hustle for brothas and sistas that even these tech bigots ain’t even got a grasp of yet. And you cannot white-label that or expect a shrink-wrap or a canned package that can be downloaded somewhere. We are going to have to create this stuff from a base foundation. Me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents already created groundfloor hustles for all of the stuff we been talking about on this blog to start pushing out for brothas and sistas to get started on $5/month GoDaddy hustles. I’ve tried to show this kind of stuff over and over but the problem is brothas and sistas don’t want to receive this information. By showing erotic and slutty eurotrash house music videos, we hope we tricked brothas and sistas to start downloading Microsoft Express, get their $5/month GoDaddy site and be ready to start creating next generation hustles so we can start doing for self.

11 thoughts on “Using Erotic House Music Videos to Trick Brothas and Sistas into Understanding Code Snippets to Build Their Side Hustles Up

  1. Thanks Ed for this break down of information. The truth is and maybe you realize this, I and most of us who come to D & H appreciate and throughly take to mind the information you provide on this blog, the truth is that why I may be silent, don’t comment or post response is because if one is not sure what in the heck they are doing, then this kind of person observes, read and repeat this process again, so that I, we can act upon it. That’s where meet ups and tutorials will help a lot of us to move forward faster.

    I was not a tech person and still not an expert and won’t pretend I understand everything about what’s presented on the blog. However, I recognize the benefits and seriousness of the info. provided here and therefore, I am in a self learning mode. Recently, was able to connect with someone else who is a regular on this blog, we plan to communicate, share info & ideas and learn from each other, while learning from D & H.

    In the meantime, keep doing what you do and moving forward, Our better is already written. One Love.

  2. You got me with the Eeuro trash vids Ed .I’m going to finish reading *Learning SQL* by Alan Beaulieu and start doing this SQL stuff cause you are not lying about how everything is going mobile and how it is wide open for Brothers and Sistas

  3. I agree with Sunrise, I would love to get involved with this Ed…..but tutorials and things like that would be the push we need. Of course we can learn from your blog and then go out and do our own research, then again learning this for the first time makes everything sound so foreign. I’m personally a visual learner, I HAVE to use diagrams and things before it all comes together in my mind. lol.

    With this code, once everything is all setup, how would I (we) make a profit? How will we charge?

  4. Ed, great post. I’m appreciative of the tutorials. I was on the project. I’m working for self. Can you update the code for the airport geolocation solution please. All the best, Rick.

  5. Rickey, I would like to point you in the right direction cause I’m using that one too. That code is ready to rock and roll as is. But you gotta host in just as written in the downloaded folder, no wordpress, joomla,or drupal. Download the visual basic software editor. It will allow you to make changes to aspx files like you workin on microsoft word. When it comes time to put the database together in your godaddy hosting, go to your sql editing feature and cuy and paste the connection strings (yeah its that simple) into your web.config file(in the zip folder) then run the sql scripts. On the real though you can run the sql scripts before but you gotta get that config file connected. And its gotta be hosted as written. Keep moving forward cousin.

    1. Ninja,
      Can we do a net meeting so that i can talk over a couple of issues with databases etc..


  6. Ed,

    I also understand the urgency of your words. i REALLY do man, but I’m on the ground floor. I have no idea where to start. From your words the answer are right in front of my face, but… what classes should i take. How do i teach myself tech from the starting point of sheer ignorance.


  7. Hello Ed,

    I have to mirror what others have said…I am totally “wet behind the ears” when it comes to database…i know how can someone like me get in on the ground floor and hit it running. I too see to potential here and would like to get in on it before they find a way to exclude “us”… 😀

  8. Im totally green on this topic but im willing to learn it. Can someone please tell me where to get started?

    1. Check out the Projects section on the blog, we will covering how to create code in detail for the virtual event project.

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