Yes, I Do Have an Option and that Option is Don’t Vote

I will be honest, I’m an undecided voter this year where I don’t know if I even want to show up and vote at all. If President Obama is running around saying he is not the President of Black America like that some damn cliché, after all the brothas and sistas turned out for him in 2008, of course I’m genuinely not excited or motivated to spend one damn minute in line voting for someone saying that kind of crap. I’m just being honest. This ain’t about Mitt Romney or Barack Obama to me because as far as I see, both of them don’t appear to care about issues affecting African-Americans. And with that said, I don’t understand what the heck some of these pro-Obama African-American cats are talking about. Look, in 2008 that first Black president love parade was what it is. But in 2009, we supposed to put in work to progress our people and African-Americans didn’t do sh*t under a Black president except increase gun violence and Black-on-Black crime. Real talk, what we Black people as a whole got to show for from 2009 to 2012? Show me one thing we done that we haven’t done under any previous president. Second, the last I checked Black unemployment has been high, there was no economic empowerment zones put into place, Shorebank and the housing act went to cronies instead of the hood and Obama cut heating and section 8 assistance as part of the budget cuts to the most neediest and voiceless poor Black people. So go ahead and try to think hard on what Obama really done for us. Then when it comes to foreign policies, Obama actually made it worse for Black folks, not better. He never did anything about H1-B visas that was eroding the Black professional class. Those free trade agreements were nothing more than moving jobs out of the country and Black folks were getting laid off left and right. And last but not least, many of you are acting ignorant that we got a massive drug war with people getting killed on a wholesale basis in Mexico right south of our border and refugees, not illegal immigrants are running to America – what is Obama doing about that war that is on our border? I know what cats are trying to do – they trying to come at me about some “feel good we got a Black president” as if I’m supposed to share that warm and fuzzy feeling with them. But here is the thing, you cats are not even seeing on the news all the wild austerity stuff going on in the PIGS countries – Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain right now. Many of you cats don’t realize that austerity is coming to America early 2013 and they not reporting that on the news – that is an extremely serious issue. Don’t even try to question my Blackness because if I was the president, I will make damn sure I’m the president of Black America! They already tried to kill me running for president as a Black man, they ain’t going to like me when I get in office as a Black man so what I got to lose going 100% for Black America as the president?! So I don’t want to hear that “all of America – but not Black America” stuff the president was saying. I seen enough politics over and over where cats get all frenzy and ish, all hyped and geeked up about a politician like Obama and when that politician get in office, only rich cats like Will Smith and Jay-Z get attention while the rest of Black America suffers. I'm just being honest, I'm not excited at all voting this year. Hell, I might go buy a dog on Election Day.

9 thoughts on “Yes, I Do Have an Option and that Option is Don’t Vote

  1. Your sentiments are what many Blacks are feeling but are not saying. I will not vote this election. I am a registered voter that has made the conscious decision to withhold my vote because neither man is going to benefit Black people. Of course, I voted for Obama in 2008 because I had to give a brother a chance. But as we can see it is all the same game..ain’t nothing changed.

  2. I’ve already decided not to vote. Like we’re the ones really electing presidents anyway. They give black american shots of complacency. You have a dark face in the white house with no improvement in your quality of life. I told a girl today why I’m not voting for obama and when I gave her the list she was silent. She had absolutely nothing to say in Obama’s defense. What has he done for black America? We don’t get paid for all the free advertisement. lol I can’t wait for 8 years to go by and I tell Obama supporters “Well, he had more time did your life improve?” Hell no. He’s not even African-American and he does not identify with our struggle as he was raised by a white mother with a very privileged background. We can’t even get suckers like Jesse Jackson who weren’t born rich to care about our problems and you expect a white boy like oBAMA to understand our struggle? Foolishness. I’m happy I’m saving money on all the Obama t-shirts. lol I’m already going to immigrate to Africa and buy land there. This country is gone.

    1. @eastafricanamerican – if I’m correct, you don’t have to buy land in Africa. The majority of African countries let people stake their own ground like the Old West days….just got to defend it, that’s all…


    1. Jenny Jones, no one gives up their right to free speech or freedom of expression because they didn’t vote. That rhetoric sounds like some crap from the Rev. Al Sharpton radio show.

      The problem with your statement is people did voted and their voices was not heard up to the point the President blatantly says he is not the President of Black America. Has he told gay America he is not their President when the majority of America oppose gay marriage? Has he told Latinos he is not their president when the majority of America oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants?

      But he says he not the president of Black America over and over again. Whether I vote for him or not, it is evident his intention is to make sure he reminds us he is not the president of Black America…

  4. I concur. Voting is a process once denied to our people, now we are at a place where denying candidates our vote as a means of withdrawing our support for those campaigning for their own personal reasons and interest and not the interest of Black America, who did not have their own demands i.e. agenda, in place and donated their collective power, before voting the last time, We missed our opportunity and denied ourselves.

    Meanwhile, our people continue to suffer worst, all the time. Unacceptable. At this point in our history we have to step outside our uncomfortable box and away from business as usual. Our condition as a collective is not business as usual, it is an opportunity to get our like-minded selves together and move ourselves forward and away from, that which does not serve us well.

    Doing for ourselves, learning how to conduct ourselves amongst and towards one another is what must be done for healing to take place and progress to move us forward. Progress will not take place waiting on a mystical savior, be it a Black president, pastors at some of the castle in the sky churches or waiting on Jesus, himself to come and rescue us. It’s not going to happen. Only us can save us and it is our responsibility to do what we are capable of doing for ourselves, including making conscience decisions about withdrawing support or withholding our vote to effect our change. And the beauty is we get to choose how we create, change this next time around.

  5. I’m voting. I think Black folks need to grow past fight or flight responses. If we say we grown folks in this game…we must participate and be mature enough to deal with the outcome. Vote for who you think will help you in the next 4 years. Also…hold that person accountable for the sound bites you hear.
    If Obama wins..hold him accountable. If Romney wins..hold him accountable.

    Where is all the “My President is Black, my lambo is blue..” talk, the O T-shirts, “Yes We Can”, etc.? We must stand up and be counted on election day. I don’t expect perfection from Obama…but I’m telling you I’d rather vote, than not vote this election. Even if he loses. Plus…I like having a Black president. These Black kids do too. Black folks are suffering and need some light to keep going. Then it is also up to us to get involved too. My little vote may not be much, but it will be counted.

  6. You make great point because, bottom-line, it’s a “damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t” scenario. I have come to the conclusion, as a Black man, that voting is nothing more than a bunch of symbolic b.s. Even if Black America did have a detailed, outlined agenda, I feel that Obama would still give us the cold shoulder. Why? Because he’s already pre-occupied with a pre-established agenda of which he has no control or influence to change or alter the systematic exclusion of Black workers, homeowners, Black wealth, Black education, Black health and welfare, etc., regardless of whether we voted for him or not. Ditto on the gay and Latino issues; they got theirs and will be going for more. The funny part about all of this is, over the next four years, it’s going to get even uglier as the current Obama supporters’ eyes are opened. We’ve got some real nasty “wake-up call” events heading our way over the next few years. The best thing that Black America can do, starting November 6, 2012, is start strategizing for clear-cut political alternatives.

  7. It’s simply ridiculous not to vote, especially if you are in a battleground state. Republicans aren’t suppressing the black vote just for kicks; your vote really matters.

    I felt the same way in 2000, and got a president that screwed over black america (and the rest of the country for eight years). If you really think Romney is the same as Obama for black america, you need to read up on the issues more. Romney, unimpeded by a far right wing racist congress and supreme court would be devastating for black america.


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