You Got Six Million Hustles to Chase, How to Choose One

So you been reading Dream and Hustle for a while now and see there are a bunch of hustles and business models you can look into to create secondary income that may turn into primary income. You don’t know if you want to create QR code shopping posters for businesses, run a self-checkout marketplace operation or establish a food truck park in the hood. You got all these hustles inside of your head and need to choose one and we are going to help you decide. I’m going to be straight up with you, the best way to get started hustling is to start on the simple stuff to build up your confidence that you can run your own business. However, you should not start too small or try to take on a hustle too big. Focus on a hustle that will be below your means to get running and focus more on the business process of presentation, transactions and delivery. Let’s talk about the type of hustles out there and we going to put them in three categories, the low-hanging fruit, the middle class hustles and the world is yours global empire hustles. Depending on you and your swagger, keep each of these type of hustles in mind in terms of which hustle you want to choose first. Low Hanging Fruit The low hanging fruit hustles are those that take little materials and little work to get up and running. However, these low hanging fruit hustles also are short lived and very risky where there is a possibly you will not break even. For example, selling t-shirts around a concert where you printed a run of 100 and selling them for $15 hoping to make $1500. But the reality, you may only sell 30 shirts and you made $450, which is your investment cost. See, the hustle sound good and easy but the reality is you are taking physical inventory and you are hoping cats buy into your quick hustle. The best low hanging fruit will be throwing parties for cats and their friends around you. Even charging $10 to mingle and drink Moscato at the condo clubhouse and playing music from the iPod, that’s a way to make money from just gathering people. But keep in mind that $10 times 15 people is $150. That’s not a lot of money but maybe you need new friends and new cuties to be introduced to. However, the best low hanging fruit will be offering next generation web services where the opportunity is wide open. That is your QR code posters and GoDaddy web site hybrid packages you can build for businesses. A business model like this requires you to start trying to learn technology and get ahead of other cats and stop thinking I’m blogging about these topics for fun. Other services can be creating a web scraping service that aggregate urban headlines and photos of celebrities and sell the access to these entertainment bloggers out there. These are the type of cheap web services with a $5/month GoDaddy web site and database skills you can hustle using low-hanging fruit. Middle Class Hustles Now, middle class hustles are cats who want to create a side hustle in addition to their job. These are hustles that are going to require some capital to get started and require marketing. For example, let’s go with the food truck park in the hood. You get a spot somewhere in an inner city hood and build a garden, fountain, sitting area and floral arrangement and benches and spots for people to rent vending carts and food trucks. You think this is expensive but it is not that expensive for a middle class cat and probably require more elbow grease to setup. But hustles like this require a marketing budget such as using social media like Facebook and spreading word of mouth intelligently. Also, keep in mind that you have to offer services that bring them out with their money in their hands to spend. You can’t be running hustles that you think are cute or fit your personality; you need to be running hustles that fulfill a need or make wise use of your invested money. For example, you can create a hustle that allow sistas to sell purses, fashion accessories and false eyelashes from their trunk in the corporate parking lot at work. You buy all the fashion stuff in bulk from a hookup in New York, send the sista samples to put in their trunk and lay it out. The sista has a tablet that she can take orders while sistas crowd around her trunk in the corporate parking lot and take orders and you pay the sista commission and get your cut with a sales force nationwide – that’s the type of middle class hustling you need to be thinking about, stuff other cats haven’t figured out yet. World is Yours Global Hustle This is the big leagues that does not necessary requires a lot of money, but require skills. For example, to create a self-checkout market, you need to create contracts, vending machines, mobile technology and supply logistics. It’s not hard because it requires a trip to the library and research on the Internet. To do a cloud-based mobile money service, you can just go to Microsoft web sites and do a search on SQL Server transactions examples and they specifically give you code showing you how to do a debit and credit, the core functionality of mobile payments. Global hustles also require serious marketing but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money. Some marketing can be organic for example, you create a mobile money service, then you already know when a barber has a mobile payment, he will tell his customers to use mobile payments and those customers will tell other businesses to use mobile payments and you in the middle of that hustle and now seeing the money being moved through your global empire hustle running the money in the hood. I cannot stress more than enough that global hustles just require smart planning. The problem is cats don’t want to plan and think, they want some canned white label hustle they think they can slap their own logo on it and they running a global empire. It takes planning to create online courseware that can teach cats overseas in Vietnam how to hustle hard in America and you charging them $50 a course targeting millions of Vietnam cats while your Black ass in Raleigh just collecting dough. Cats ain’t thinking worldwide customer base, targeting new money on the other side of the world, think parallelism and new technology and processes and until they start thinking that way, then they can get on this global empire hustle. Try to Remain Realistic Choosing Your First Hustle You don’t want to choose a low-hanging fruit hustle where you only end up with $200-$300 in your pocket, go somewhere with that. You also don’t want to be stuck for the next six months trying to build out a global hustle that is over your head because you really ain’t there in terms of skills. What you want to do is stick with a hustle that is going to require a moderate level of marketing and investment and will start paying for itself and can easily be replicated. QR code shopping walls are hustles that the average cat out here ain’t figure out yet but you know about it. Creating a micro-mall and pop-up stores around a theme ain’t something other cats don’t understand but you understand and hear of it before. Create a pay-per-view IPTV that show Nigerian and Korean movies in other counties – that ish is real money! This is the type of mentality you have to be on to think smart and think big picture but at the same time, make yourself different and do it efficiently.

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  1. we invest in containers from across the country like across the world like at Africa China and send it to the United States in a huge container and set and sell it in small quantities and make a profit containers full of toys or what have you anything anymore chandise.

    1. I am very interested in trying this container investing but what kind of numbers am I looking at to get started. And where can I get this information.

  2. Hi. I read your article.I’m a sista interested in selling ladies’ accessories and lashes. Then I read the part about hookup in New York. Please tell me what names of these ‘hookups’. Much appreciated. Thank you for your time

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