You Should Have Seen This Coming a Long Time Ago

The upcoming 500 million views of Korean rapper PSY “Gangnam Style” video on YouTube has bigger freakanomics than just being very popular. This is beyond a cornball video ripping off everything from Benny Benassi to the Macarena to the Six Flags dancing old man. This is a how South Korea exploded their stunning economic growth by blatantly taking and copying patterns and practices that works worldwide and applying hustles around it. The list goes on and one on things that Korea has adopted to grow their economy. They took a music form known as J-pop in Japanese and created their own called K-pop. They began creating small cars and now have Kia and Hyundai being successful in the small car market. They took American movies and rehash a lot of them to make Korean dramas. In addition, Korea is moving hard in the STEM fields adopting next generation technology such as robotics and mobile payments and technology manufacturing such as LG and Samsung, taking on NEC and Sony in Japan. Now, you tell African-Americans to start looking worldwide for patterns and practices that work and apply hustles around it, brothas and sistas want to twist their lips up and start tripping. African-Americans want to pretend we already arrived not realizing our people as a whole do not have a sustainable economic foundation. All cats have to do is blatantly stop hiring Black folks (which they are already doing) and the majority of us are done. Look at the lost manufacturing jobs in the Midwest and the lost telecom jobs that were in Atlanta and now we got Black teaching profession jobs on the cutting block. Our people were too job-dependent and based our economic foundations on jobs other people gave us. What you should notice about South Korea is they are not perfect or even best in class but good enough. See, one of the things about our people is we always trying to focus too hard on being Optimus Prime in the game when we should focus at our level on being good enough to serve our customers to a good enough level of satisfaction. 99% of the success comes from just being there to get stuff done and our people haven’t even tried to show up on the global economic level to create import/export strategies to develop a GDP among our communities and people. This video, this PSY “Gangnam Style” is more than just a song, it’s South Korea showing the world they are on the global stage. And South Korea don’t need your permission as the song is being consumed and liked all over the world, including Africa and Latin America. This is a wake-up call for you young brothas and sistas that are going to have to grow up in this world. You better step your game up to the global level and realize the older generation of African-Americans can’t help you or do a damn thing for you because they don’t know much to help you deal with today and tomorrow challenges. You are going to have to learn how to create products and export products. Korean dramas are extremely popular in Mexico and throughout Latin America – they don’t need your American approval to be popular worldwide. You need to adopt that same kind of thinking as a brotha or sista. You don’t need America approval to be popular worldwide either and can careless about being acknowledge by some crap like Time magazine or whatever. Brothas and sistas got a whole world of opportunity from entering markets in Africa, Latin America and Asia with a base of billions to serve. You cannot think for one second cats here in America can help you step up to that level of hustle the overseas cats your same age are doing. You got to step out of the box and out of all that self-reinforcing ignorant bullcrap like Radio One and BET and start looking at the world like it’s yours to take. South Korea is on a trajectory and it’s been that way for the past decade or so, pay attention.

2 thoughts on “You Should Have Seen This Coming a Long Time Ago

  1. Just getting back and right to this blog. Ed, tell us from your professional and personal opinions. What are some of the best products and commodities, Brothas & Sistas here can manufacture and/or are already possessed that can be sold in the global marketplace?

    Products that we can export to countries listed above as well as others. I’m thinking tangible things that are already uniquely us but not limited. It seems every time I look around “swagger jacking” is everywhere, okay now that we clearly see this. How can we use it to our advantage and make it profitable from our side and then the other?

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