African-American Guide to Creating Conceptual and Execution Mind Maps using FreeMind

Now I’m free to go and get it, the first thing I will do is release the QR shopping code to Dream and Hustle readers to download and side hustle with on a $5/month GoDaddy account. However, I still got some work to wrap up on it and will finish up the code before releasing it. But what I want to share with you in this article is how to use FreeMind to create conceptual and execution mind maps to make your hustle a reality. Quick Re-Introduction of the QR Shopping Code I had written an article series on how to create a QR Shopping Code from scratch and you can find those articles in the Business category of the Dream and Hustle blog. Basically, a QR code shopping wall allow people to scan QR codes off an printed or digital display and make a m-commerce transaction using their mobile phone. QR code shopping has taken off worldwide and is extremely successful with retailers and operators claiming their operation paid for itself quickly and they received a high response rate from QR code scanners, way more than simple advertising. Brothas and sistas can take advantage as a side hustle to provide QR code shopping for a variety of hustles here in the USA or anywhere else they live at and it is a great first mover opportunity. Because building the communication framework is the first step to establish Black economic empowerment in the hood, I just decided to give this code away to cats that read this blog to run with and start up their own QR code shopping hustles for the upcoming holiday season and can even charge other cats to run QR code-based hustles for them. But because I’m not finish, let me show you cats how I use Freemind to create the concepts of this QR code shopping application to the execution mind map to put in work to get it done. As you know, I no longer use task lists or scribble tasks down on a notebook paper – I’m 100% converted over to FreeMind to manage my tasks and thoughts. It helps me in every aspect of the hustle from fighting divorce lawyers, writing the upcoming Dream and Hustle stories e-book, creating side hustle projects and breaking out what’s going on in the day of the life of Ed Dunn. I hope as a result of this article, you learn how powerful FreeMind is. In fact, I use FreeMind to write some of Dream and Hustle articles, the well-written ones. Conceptual Mind Map The conceptual mind map is how I organize all of the important nouns and their attributes or actions in regards to the hustle. Notice I have the customer and how the customer interacts with the QR shopping wall. Notice I have the web site and how the web site display a photo and price and stuff like that. Notice I have details on the printed poster. This is how you organize around your hustle and put everything in perspective as the concept. The conceptual mind map allows you to look at everything from a big picture angle. Then as days past by, you can add new stuff and put the new thoughts in the right spot on the conceptual map and as you spend time working on your hustle, you begin to see it all shape up into something you can work against. And when you ready to work against what you thought about, that’s your execution mind map. Execution Mind Map Now with execution, I have created a new mind map that focus on the things I got to do. And what I do is work the high level objective like the stuff on the web site I have to complete like the login section. The login section is for you to give out username/passwords for people and businesses you charging to create and manage their own QR code shopping campaign. For example, you sign up some chick selling hair weave and she create posters on your site and manager her QR code campaign and she get texted by Paypal when an order come in and she can track where the QR code scans are coming from. Notice in the mind map above, I have check marks – that allows me to work on tasks to complete the bigger goal. So to complete the login section, I had to work on the remind password task and the login page and that means I knocked the whole login section how. This helps you stay focus on your execution mission and keep you in one area and not jumping all over the place. Also, it helps you understand to focus on the small stuff to knock out the big stuff in your hustle. Straight Teasing Yall With Screen Shots, LOL! So this is the actual code I’m working on, then you see the actual page your customers will create their own QR code shopping wall poster and then you see the actual product page the end customer will see on their mobile phone to make a purchase. You can sell stuff yourself with this code or you can charge cats to sell their stuff off your web site as a host provider and they pay you a fee and they manage their own code. Yeah, I know yall can’t wait to get this code and do your thing with it using a $5/month GoDaddy account and charging cats $25/month and charging businesses $200 during the holiday season. Also, if you learned ASP.NET and SQL, you should find this code easy to modify – it’s really simple code. For example, you can set this code up to allow cats to order drinks at a club and create a web page that the cocktail hostess can see a new drink order pop-up on her tablet, know what table to bring the drink too. Also you are not realizing it – but I’m giving you code to create QR codes. Now, I already showed you how to create an account provider to manage mobile money and now I’m giving you a QR code generator – you can remix the code I gave you so far to create a mobile money service that uses QR codes and track balances and create a whole new slew of next generation m-commerce applications. Yeah, now I know you can’t wait for me to put this code out.

6 thoughts on “African-American Guide to Creating Conceptual and Execution Mind Maps using FreeMind

  1. Hello, good to see coding done. But, for people who will never get the coding part they can also use Magento to setup a website and use the QR Mage – Product QR Codes plugin to do the same thing. Magento is free with hosting sites. I use Hostgear.

    1. Just want to make it clear – QR Mage does not do the same thing. QR Mage is nothing more than a QR code of a URL that redirect users to product page.

      The point here is for people to do learn code and to also understand we have to build solutions and establish a framework and platform to build our hustles from. So if they will never get the coding part, they will never get anywhere special in this game, plain and simple talk.

      By learning the coding part, it makes it possible for someone to expand the business model and workflow to whatever they want to apply it – something Magento or QR Mage can never accomplish…

  2. I stated that it was good to know coding. But Magento is open source and be coded anyway you like also. My site is setup for web and iphonesandroid. I can setup the very same Attributes that you have in the picture by changing my code. You still have to know some code. I was just stating that some people will waste all their time trying to code and never get a website up, to open a business and still will not be able to code. Not trying to steal your thunder or anything, just putting a very good alternate out there. Hell, they can apply your code into magento to just get the qr part.

  3. @Mike,

    No one will waste their time owning the framework or foundation to build their hustle upon. I would like to call it investing in the hustle upfront to scale the overall hustle. Ownership means everything, even if it isn’t perfect because you can perfect what you own.

    I just want to drive home the point I think you missed from the previous articles – this is a m-commerce workflow solution modeled after QR code shopping wall – not an e-commerce web application that scaled their site down to present on a mobile device. In fact, for what we talking about, Magento or QR Mag is not a good solution for what we are doing here. Maybe for another hustle, but not for this article…

  4. I appreciate at sharing the wealth Ed. It looks like that Im having installation issues with the current computer that Im using, so ill try to reinstall it. However, since Im have been using mysql for my godaddy account Ill just try to emulate what you’ve put here as the code it should work one in the same until I can get a new computer.

    Another thing I remember you mentioning php as I am learning that now. I have to learn more about

    Thank You

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