African-American Guide to Executing a Revolution Without The Bloody Atrocities

Let’s be clear in the 21st century – screw an antiquated Civil Rights movement, we need a revolution to progress our people into true positive territory. A revolution is a clear and concise statement that this status quo nonsense ain’t working out, we ain’t going to put up with it and we are going to fight to the death if that what it takes to make sure it does not stay “status quo” in our lifetime. But if brothas and sistas were to extrapolate worldwide history of revolutions and political/cultural change in societies, we can learn how to apply best patterns and practices to ensure the African-American revolution is both positive and progressive. A revolution has to happen and is mandated by the re-election of President Barack Obama that we must change the course of African-Americans from demanding representation at the table to building our own table and bringing our own table to the global landscape. In part one of this upcoming African-American revolution series, we asked is the real culprit stopping progress the so-called Black leaders or Black people themselves? In part one, we discussed how there are Black people in the community doing real work to make a change but they are not noticed or recognized in mass by the Black community. We also addressed the fact the Black community is engaged in sellout and token activities such as seeking validation and acceptance from others, engaged in self-destructive and community destructive activities, and talking too damn much instead of being about it. However, there was a series called “The Trap” on BBC by Adam Curtis who did “Century of Self” that covers how revolutions or forced “regime changes” end up pitting the leaders against their own people because the new leaders of the revolution want to maintain their status quo. The whole “I brought you into the world, I will take you out” line of logic among the new leadership is what always cause revolutions to end up in failure. So from an African-American perspective, let discuss revolutions and regime changes and see what we can learn from them. Hebrew God and Moses Helping the Children of Israel The earliest reference we can think of in terms of revolution and regime change was Moses and the Hebrew God helping the Hebrew people currently enslaved by the Egyptians and their animal-head gods. Moses who became the messenger of the Hebrew God went to Pharaoh and told the Egyptian ruler to let his people go. The Egyptians had doubts about Moses and his Hebrew God but thought wrong as the Hebrew God start putting ten plagues on Egypt, turn water into blood and transform rods into snakes and then start killing off first-born Egyptian sons – Pharaoh got a clue after that. So Moses helped secure the freedom of the children of Israel from slavery and they went on to move to another land. The Hebrew God even parted the Red Sea for these freed slaves to help cross over to new land. So now after Moses and the Hebrew God done all of that to free their people, it was time to establish a framework for the new culture and Moses said he need to go have a conversation with God up on Mount Sinai. Now, after Moses and the Hebrew God did all of that to set these people free, part the Red Sea and all this other miracle stuff, some of these fools start building a golden calf and started worshipping it?! See, the moral of the story is if a Hebrew God and Moses can’t get these people to appreciate the freedom and foundation the Hebrew God and Moses was setting up, you are a damn fool to believe you got a better plan or mousetrap to think Black folks will go along with your economic empowerment and freedom plan. Understanding “The Trap” In Revolutions Adam Curtis created a series for the BBC called the “The Trap” that discussed how our leaders in the quest to give the people “freedom” turns around and tries to “force us to be free” through military occupation and oppression. This is a good series you can find on YouTube and if the video link above is no longer available, just do a search on the Internet and and you’ll find it. But let’s talk about the takeaway of The Trap and what the series was trying to convey to us. Basically, when revolutionaries and regime change begins, the first thing they go after is the ruling class and the elite class. Then once the ruling class and elitists are thrown from power and killed violently in a public display, the second step is the new leader try to establish a new order but realize the people they fought and risk their life trying to free are a bunch of ignorant f*cks who are self-serving and destructive on the local level. Then the leaders begin executing these “undesirables” publicly and the people are scared. Then the new leadership engage in new rules to enforce the order and the people are oppressed all over again with a new face claiming to be the leader. This is why African-Americans must understand revolutions because what we want to avoid is taking out cats we called ineffective and corrupt and destructive and then we mistakenly blinded by our own desire for change become the same cats we replaced by “forcing the people to be free” turning into the new ruling power and the new Boule and doing the same oppressive shit to our own people. Looking at History If we were to look at history, we will see the same pattern over and over again. The people start a revolution or uprising and topple the leaders and bourgeois, the new leaders create a “new order” and start killing their own people who disagree with the “new order” and they spend the next 40-50 years killing off their own people and become oppressive regimes. Cuban revolution led by the Castro brothers was the result of the previous regime that was accommodating foreigners like Americans, lynching Blacks and keeping the locals perpetually poor and oppressed. To people who recognize the face in the picture, that is Raul Castro putting on the blindfold for someone to face the firing squad. So as you see, they went to violent guerilla warfare to establish a “new order” and the Castro brothers have ruled over Cuba to this date. Look at Mugabe who fought against the White apartheid bigots and eventually become the leader of Zimbabwe. A freedom fighter now turned into a very ruthless oppressor of his own people who refuse to step down or cede power to any new generation. One of the most interesting things Mugabe has done was something called “Operation Drive out the Rubbish” where they went after the poor people in Zimbabwe and destroyed the shanty towns, making them all homeless and worse off. This is what happens when leaders of revolution are allowed to rule the people they supposed to liberate. But then there is another concept that is known as “market-based freedom” that is based on the concept that the people have a self-interest drive to be better off and will innovate and work hard to create the best products. This is really how America operates after removing the gold standard from the US dollar. But no bigger and in-your-face example of how this went wrong than in Russia when they began to privatize large businesses and establish free markets. What happened is the super-rich began to think only about themselves and amass wealth and middle class and poor class suffered and was marginalized. Sounds a lot like what slowly and surely happening in America, ain’t it? However, market-based freedom appear to have done well in places like Japan where the leadership and the people actually have a since of honor and loyalty to the greater good of their country. The Japanese focused early on life-long career, innovation in engineering and process management and serious in education to create the foundation for a market-based freedom. But more recently, China has used market-based freedom as a weapon for an economic Cold War to invest in places like Africa to gain an advantage in those regions that have rich minerals and other natural resources. The African-American Cultural Revolution So we know the revolution in the African-American community is inevitable. The Boule will try to hold on to whatever perceived power they have and believe their handlers will keep sponsoring them when there are more attractive tokens to chase after in Africa and India and Southeast Asia in the 21st century. These fake activists, these fried chicken eating Black preachers, these corrupt local Black politicians will try to hold on to their position at all cost even if they have to do dirty tricks or commit violence against others they see as a threat. They all know they have to go but they will try to hold on their position and we got to take them down and take them hard, just the nature of revolutions. But then we have to look at the second phase of dealing with self-destructive and self-hate among the people who are also the culprits. How do they get dealt with? Remember even Moses and the Hebrew God did all that stuff for the children of Israel and those end up making a golden calf to worship – I still can’t get over that story. So then you got to look at the people and start targeting them. Then we begin to look like the same cats targeting the people and attacking the very same people we want to help. Learning from the Hebrew God Here is the question that me and my people asked among ourselves – why Moses and the Hebrew God didn’t take out Pharaoh first? Then we realize that the Hebrew God was telling us something about strategy. See, the Pharaoh was going to destroy himself chasing after his slaves into the Red Sea because he wanted control and power which must have kept him alive. See, we don’t need to go after the Boule and the rest of these elitist and corrupt scumbags – they will fall themselves trying to chase after the power they lust and addicted to once they see it taken away. Then when it came to the people and the golden calf, Aaron had good intentions of using the golden calf as a form of outdated worship while Moses and the Hebrew God was busy writing up the Ten Commandments. But did Moses take out Aaron? No, Moses took out the golden calf itself and shamed the people engaged in the worship. Again, the lesson here is to attack the object of contention, not the people and realize people no matter how Boule, how politically corrupt they are, may had good intentions and the goal is to destroy the objects and machines they created that manifest the negative elements of our community. The Missing Chapter of the Trap – the Arab Spring and Occupy Movement One of the revolutionary tactics “The Trap” did not discuss because it is recent history is the Arab Spring and Occupy Movement that is based on a new phenomenon called “Flash Mobs” that been only discussed in science fiction. This is where information is introduced manifest itself among the people through social networks who then form clusters that become macro-clusters into a “flash mob” event for a specific cause. In the case for the Arab Spring, the information came from WikiLeaks and caused the first revolution in Tunisia to occur. Then it quickly spread to other countries like Egypt and is currently still intact creating a civil war in Syria, intervention in Libya, succession of South Sudan and also escalation in Yemen and Jordan. Then we have the Occupy Movement here in America where people began to establish “clusters” and begin to stand up against basically the system of rich and privilege. Some would argue that the re-election of Obama was due to the success of the Occupy Movement as Mitt Romney clearly defined himself as the 5%, especially with that 47% speech that united all of the voters in the same cluster format to take out the status quo white male privilege framework in the USA and possibly, the world. The reason why both of these “flash mobs” should be discussed is the people themselves, not a “leader” was in control. You saw the desperate attempt of mainstream media trying to find a leader in these movements but they were afraid to death that these movements were leaderless and driven by the people common goal. Remember that Bill O’Reilly as an establishment bigot knew what he was saying because he had that fear all along – people want things and access and they are winning against the elite that used propaganda to keep the people divided and ignorant. How to Execute the African-American Revolution In order to start a revolution in the African-American community, we need to create checks and balances to prevent the endless cycle of post-revolution tyranny. What we learned so far is you do not have to take out the ruling party and elitist using physical violence. What you can do to marginalize the elitist structures in the Black community is simply take out their machine that keeps them going. What we do and plan to do is simply free their slaves and sabotage their machines. Sabotaging their machines is the easy part, freeing their slaves is a whole story in itself. We have to accept and realize the people are the real culprit that prevents the benefits of a successful revolution. But we cannot force freedom upon them - the people has to want freedom. Because everybody has their own self-interest and appears to be divided, we have to accept that fact we are not monolithic. So what we do instead is design the revolution to operate in the best interest of the self-interest of individuals. Let’s look at the street violence in Chicago – sure, the FBI took out the gang leadership in Chicago but now the followers are killing each other on the streets of Chicago. So how do you address this situation? The way you can use revolutionary tactics to address the violence in Chicago is you create macro-clusters of smaller clusters to come together for a self-interest they would all be interested in. Cats in Chicago want paper, then find plans to help the young brothas and sistas get money and stack money and they will put aside their differences because they all have a self-interest in chasing paper. Provide information they can use for themselves trust me, the cats in Chicago will put that information before any loyalty to external factors because it addresses their true self-interests. What we realize is you create information channels and foundations that cater to the self-interest and ego of individuals to create a base-superstructure framework. You create guiding principles that are driven by self-interest such as our Bill of Rights that guides us to fight for our liberties and freedoms. You construct these foundations of liberty and empowerment spread it among the people. For example, I believe all African-Americans should have equal rights to start their own business and be successful which is contrary to Black Enterprise magazine of promoting top 100 lists. When I launch HustleSpace in 2013, it will be designed on those principles with the end goal of marginalizing Black Enterprise magazine and we will go head-to-head after everything Black Enterprise pride itself on with pure guerilla and counter-insurgence to ensure our mission that all African-Americans are brought to the table of entrepreneurship instead of promoting elitist top 100 lists. When you operate a revolution on guiding principles that guarantees the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of all African-Americans and show no bias, then you will easily unsurp power from the scumbag elitists and Boule that are in the African-American community. All these cornball Boule and elitist are setting up propaganda – that’s their only weapon thinking they can create the illusion of popularity and they spend a lot of money to do so. All you have to do is take the very thing these clowns are spending all their money to obtain – power and influence over the people. Look at the money the Republicans spent on trying to unseat President Obama, look at all of the antics and tactics like voter suppression but all of that failed because the Republicans did not care what the people thought, they cared only about having Americans respect the system of White Privilege and they failed. Focusing directly on everyday people and their self-interest is the revolution strategy we will and shall take to take on and take out the Boule elitist clowns we have in the African-American community. But most important we will work on the guiding principles of economic empowerment, acknowledgement with dignity and respect of betterment of all our brothas and sistas to deliver them to the promise land like Moses.

3 thoughts on “African-American Guide to Executing a Revolution Without The Bloody Atrocities

  1. I love how you frame our long term goals here. Fascinating.

    Real tactics on how to approach our brothers and sisters when we come at them with this. it’ll be a lot to take in, and i’am concerned about their reaction to change. But this post gives me strength.

    Let’s keep going.

    Can’t wait to devour HustleSpace btw.

  2. This is just what we need: BUSINESS REVOLUTIONARIES!!!. In fact, this is our salvation and only option as a people. The politicians, preachers, contemporary leaders are not going to save us. The root of what is going to save us is the creation and development of a real Black economy.

    It was said many years ago that the 3 things whites did not want us to learn: the science of mating, science of warfare, and the science of business. No contemporary org with significant membership has taught us the science of business. However, Dream and Hustle goes along way and doing just that. Your work is appreciated brother.

  3. I just like the idea that there is a PLAN and a FRAME OF MIND to counter the resistance we’ll face in the community. they say the best defense is a good offense. Knowing our plan now ahead of time allows to plan and predict… and anticipate.

    Wonderful. I really want to share this article NOW, but I’ll wait for another year or so after the cogs are moving in our favor.

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