Finally Free to Do Me

My divorce is final and official and I'm finally got rid of the biggest legal barrier stopping me from making the kinds of moves I needed to make. Now, it's time for a brotha to move forward and do what he got to do for himself. So overall, this is the news I've been waiting for so long and glad it finally arrive. Woo hoo! I will talk about everything in detail but to be honest, who cares? Here is the funny part - a lot of cats and a lot of yall were saying divorces are nasty and stuff like that. Let me be honest with you, it really didn't phase me that much because I knew what I had in store for me once all is said and done. And I will share this with you - it wasn't the other party in the divorce that was the biggest adversary, it was all of the people around you trying to take advantage of the situation thinking you down that you need to look out for. The biggest win was obviously me - I was able to remove myself from a negative situation and rebuild and realign my goals instead of fight over small stuff. I also had plenty of uninterrupted free time, the biggest valuable asset you can have as an entrepreneur. But most important, cats tried to come at me hard from all directions and they all failed - I was still hustling hard and got this blog going and moving forward towards my destination. So now, I can move this blog in the direction I want, Swagg-Scientific, the replacement to Fooky, Inc. is now official and you are about to see the ramp up of HustleSpace as well as the projects and activities to help brothas and sistas learn to do for self, even while working. In addition, get ready for Dream and Hustle International to ramp back up and be the real global guide for brothas and sistas to see what's up in the world. And the 30 Rotten Dissidents who been at work worldwide can now take me off the injury list to get on the court and straight ball on these cats. So much to look forward too! Let's go!

8 thoughts on “Finally Free to Do Me

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Check my Facebook page for a couple of events on 11/30 and 12/1 if you want to have some fun with quality sistas and take a look at my pictures for a point of reference.

  2. Congrats my brother. Been there and its a great feeling when that part of your life is in the past. True soldiers keep swinging even when they are on the injury list, lol. Keep Progressing!

  3. So Ed, when are you adding a forum to your site!? I think it’s becoming necessary so that we can all communicate in one place and share ideas,progress, meet-up’s, business opportunities…

  4. Hello Ed , Just I found this site through the Rise and Grind. I’ve been reading the geolocation articles and I’m actually as of now thinking about executing this hustle in a few days. Just one question. I want to add an intl airport to my database near where I live and its not in the top 30 busiest airports list. I’ve got all of the info so far needed but do you think adding this would be a good idea or not?
    Oh also how do I email you? I’ve got some questions on this geolocation hustle. I think this hustle would best fit well since I’m still in high school.

    1. pc,

      You can add any airport to use as a pilot test (no pun intended) of your implementation. The key is not the airport, the key is the vendors and partners around the airport or city you are going to make deals with to reach those people.

      I will be revisiting the geolocation hustle on this blog as i rewritten the code as part of a bigger library that can be reused like a framework. Also, glad to hear you are still in high school and learned how to operate a simple $5/month GoDaddy account with ASP.NET and SQL Server..

  5. One more thing, I dont think men disagree about women – we brothas know what we want and don’t want out of a women. What I found is some brothas want to believe something other than reality or what the last guys been through and they learn the hard way.

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