Instead of Blaming Black Leaders, Are Black People the Real Culprit to Point Fingers At?

When we African-Americans look at our own growing unemployment, growing poverty, growing violence crime, declining health, decaying urban cities, growing food deserts and non-existent GDP can we really blame these fake Black leaders or President Obama? We are going to put that question to the test in this article.

This is a part 1 of 2 Thanksgiving week strategy article as various groups from Civil Rights groups, these Boule clowns, successful Black entrepreneurs and the 30 Rotten Dissidents sit around Thanksgiving break to discuss and strategize the African-American outlook during President Obama 2nd term. In part 1 we are going to discuss the question we propose here where how much of the blame goes to Black people, not leaders. In part 2, we are going to a real in-depth analysis of Cultural Revolution and how to avoid “The Trap” of taking it out on the very Black people we are trying to help.

Operation Hope

This past week, I was at Ebenezer Baptist Church here in Atlanta for the opening of their Operation Hope center. This is a community center in the back of the church that has a cyber café for people to come in and use the Internet. Also, there are classes on how to use the Internet and is designed to close the digital divide gap. On the second floor of the Operation Hope Center is a classroom where classes on personal finances, entrepreneurship and business and using the Internet will be held for adults. I also popped in over the weekend while a class was in session about buying a home and there was a lot of genuine young Black couples there listening and being attentive.

Operation Hope is not new, this is where policy makers, bankers and investors are touring the hood the same way they are touring other countries to analyze economic opportunities and identify solutions to inner city economic woes and they are also in other parts of the country. They just opened up an office in Atlanta. They also had a summit here last week with Ben Bernanke and a couple of White House staff members and head of bankers discussing topics about trading with Africa, mobile money and economic development strategies.

We Have Brothas and Sistas Willing to Do the Work

I bring this up for the following reason. I see it all the time where Black people go out and help the Black community. I can just sit down or drop in a Black community meeting around Atlanta, which is what I do and listen to the discussion about economic empowerment and know these people have the mission in their heart but don’t have the technical and business savvy to make it happen. I also see Black people volunteering to help those in need. Last year, I saw a big name supermarket which had a Black manager, allowed some young homeless people who were Black in the community sleep on the parking lot and brought them out food and help them find a more permanent shelter.

We have people outside of circus of the Al Sharptons and other loud mouth clowns and these unsung local heroes are working hard to empower and contribute to the Black community and I see it all the time because I position myself to see these things. Al Sharpton was here last week also in Atlanta and you didn’t see Rev. Al Sharpton nowhere near the Operation Hope stuff but his clown behind was at some other event here in Atlanta where they giving themselves some trophies and admiring themselves for what they think they done for Black people.

However the problem I see is the real Black heroes at the community level always go unnoticed and unrecognized. Then I have to ask for the reason why our radio stations are too busy playing strip club music and our video media is too busy showing Black people fighting each other and our Black-orientated podcast, audio broadcast is too busy talking about Black relationships and why Black women are single and Black men are down low.

Chicken or Egg Argument

Now that our publicized Black leaders are not doing much but running their mouth, always showing up after the fact and our Black media promote negativity and elitism within the Black community – who do we blame and point the fingers at? Do we blame the fake Black leaders and the negative Black media? What I hear a lot is this statement that Black people demand this negativity! Saying something like “Black people demand negativity” really sound like something that would come out the mouth of Lord Satan himself.

In part 2 we will go into this blaming topic more deeply but when you look at the history of violent Cultural Revolution, the first thing that is blamed, targeted and destroyed is the bourgeois and ruling elite. These uppity people are usually executed publicly to a mob-like audience. But do you know who the second group that Stalin, Pol Pot, religious fanatic groups begin to target? They target the people who they deem as “unbelievers” or “undesirables” among the community they trying to transform.

As you try to help and save Black people, you cannot help but notice all of the ignorant Black people on YouTube and WorldStarHipHop fighting each other, Black individuals on YouTube talking angry about their own people like they having an intelligent discussion. Also you can’t help but notice cats you trying to help, they are the ones who just want to contradict, subvert only to see if they can pull their own down. Then worse of all, you got cats with pseudo-ideology and alternative religions asking you to read a book or article like they trying to enlighten you with someone else story.

Then when you think about it, are Black people on an individual level doing the work necessary? Let’s be honest – Black people at the individual level are trying to feign ignorance and claim they don’t know.

Come on now – it ain’t a damn African-American in 2012 that do not know they should start their own business or hustle. I know it ain’t a damn African-American in 2012 that do not know they should not eat fried and/or heavily processed food like Black people in Chicago eating that fried chicken shack, fried fish, processed hot dog and hot sub sandwiches made of super-refined processed meat and animal fats. The bottom line is Black people do know what they have to do – they ain’t doing ish and then want everybody in the world to feel for their woes.

President Barack Obama is Not Impressed and Neither Am I

I give President Barack Obama all due respect for putting himself on the line to go after and fight for the position he is in. No one can attack President Obama for his ambition and going for the top position in the world and if they do, they better show us where they did even 1% of the effort the Obama family had to do to get where Obama is at today.

While President Obama will most likely not be the president of Black America in his 2nd term (currently over at the ASEAN summit) we need to understand the reason why – he is not impressed with Black people in general doing nothing but acting like broke ass celebrating fools filled with warm and fuzzy pride while a Black President is sitting in the White House.

During President Barack Obama term, a Cultural Revolution has to happen within the Black community involving political power, economic power and social improvement of quality of life. This revolution will be internal, inevitable and almost all serious Black empowerment and social responsibility group are already plotting heavily this Thanksgiving break. I’m having conversations with strange bedfellows and the fact they having conversation with me here in Atlanta makes things even more interesting. And we all seem to agree the number one barrier of Black progress in the 21st century is Black people.

The bottom line is when President Obama leaves office and if Black people don’t have their act together, then Black people are screwed, plain and simple. The 2016 focus already focused on fighting for the Latino vote and the inclusion of other immigrants and writing off yall Blacks as permanently glued to the Democrat Party behind. This is a critical historic juncture in our lives and we cannot afford one second of BS or putting up with BS within our community to impede progress for brothas and sistas to be empowered to sustain in the 21st century.

However, revolutions has to be understood and studied and the truth of the matter is that not only the elitists and status quo loses their head, but the cats in the revolution start coming hard after the general population who they deem as unbelievers and unworthy to enjoy the fruits of labor the revolutionary cats fought and saw their comrades died trying to achieve. This is part 2 where we are going to discuss “The Trap” and how brothas and sistas can avoid the tragic and painful lessons of establishing Cultural Revolution even though the intentions are good.

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