My Tears Will Not Be As Salty As the African-American Reaction to 21st Century Globalization

I decided I will try to make a best effort to go vote in the upcoming election. The issue I’m having this election is not with President Obama but the message I’m hearing from African-Americans that turned me off. Brothas and sistas are acting funky and feel-goody about the election but doing nothing to implement change while politicians are in office. However, change is coming and nothing anybody can do about it, including African-Americans sitting on their behind. As I vote, I’m going to think on the current change we are going through in this world and how it affects us brothas and sistas and you will see why I’m not happy about brothas and sistas all whipped up about the election and clueless about the issues that do matter. Europe and America Economic Recession Deepens Europe and America will continue to slide into a deeper economic recession that is really a well-managed Depression. Right now there is around 25% unemployment in places like Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain also known as the PIGS nations. Austerity measures are being forced upon these nations and they are rioting really hard over there and people over there in the PIGS nations are suffering. Here in the USA, we got the same problem but it’s being deferred to 2013 when people get sworn in for a new term in Washington. Now, the latest job figures show that African-American unemployment increased dramatically, the worse ever for October. What the data shows is Black women unemployment increased by 2% while Black men unemployment stabilized. The latest unemployment numbers can be interpreted that Black men are already completely marginalized and the next to hit the jobless are Black women who were still left to get laid off. Black women in corporate America are very risk exposed to outsourcing and automation and that “independent” sista game working in corporate America is going to end completely very soon. What this means is the Western world is going into global austerity mode cutting off social services and laying off employees and this already been going on for a few years. Here in America, you may have kindly forgot but President Obama has cut funding for Section 8 and heating assistance. There are going to more serious cuts in 2013 to avoid the “fiscal cliff” and I think many of these same African-Americans screaming vote Obama, I can’t wait to see the look on their face when deeper cuts will start going into effect. It’s about to get real ugly for cats who are depending on the US Government to do something for them, trust me on that. And we got a lot of African-Americans depending on the US Government and depending on Obama re-election like that’s going to do something for them. What I’m not hearing or seeing from the African-American community and so called leadership is any effort to create economic development and that’s going to be very scary when brothas and sistas realize they haven’t built a safety net when the austerity hits, the same lesson they learning over in the PIGS country right now. Emerging Economic Growth Continues Despite the recession in the West, economic growth will continue at a very healthy paste in Asia, Africa and Latin America due to modern market and manufacturing with no limits. So it is like the Wild West in some of these area and business models that are not working here in the America are being transplanted in these emerging nations and doing quite well. For African-Americans , global positioning and first mover advantage will count and will matter to get a piece of the pie or they will be priced out of competing in new markets. So there is a very limited window of opportunity for African-Americans and why it is being stressed on this blog to move forward like right now, especially with low-hanging fruit hustles like media and mobile technology. China is playing their cards right by investing in Africa and taking heed to the advice that the meek may inherit the earth but not the mineral rights. Now China is the majority operator of minerals in this world and has commanded great leverage. What’s interesting is how Africa is going to play out which I find interesting promising. We believe Africa already figured out the West was exploiting their countries and will adopt more of the socialist aspect of China and African principles of community, family and tending your land and crop for the future. We also believe African nations working with both Brazil and China will turn into a force to be reckoned with. Right now, cats from Europe are flocking to Africa in droves like illegal immigrants – but again, African Americans are sitting pretty in the USA watching reality television shows and eating microwave popcorn. African-Americans Stay Resistant to Change In the early 2000s when I worked at Sprint, the company flew us from the Atlanta office to the Overland Park HQ outside of Kansas City for a presentation. The presentation was about the book called “Who Moved My Cheese” which is a very good and essential reading for anybody working a corporate job. So basically, I got hip to the message and Sprint didn’t have to tell me twice. They were explaining that during the 2000 era, long distance service which was Sprint main staple service was approaching commodity status and they have to focus on mobile and data business. If you look at the early 2000, the jobs Black people were moving to Atlanta to get was those telecommunication jobs. Atlanta companies like WorldCom, BellSouth, Sprint, AT&T and other shops all focused on telecommunications like 10 cents a minute long distance calling over optical cables for that clear crisp sound hearing someone across the country, like that was a real selling point. Long story short – do you know how many Black people stayed in their jobs working home telephone long distance all over Atlanta until the long distance game ran out? All of them thought we were going to be in 2012 still using long distance calling cards to dial long distance from airport pay phones and hotel rooms and ish. These cats working the telecommunication industry let the cheese dry up and they eventually got put out of a job and I’m telling you the truth right now – I personally know the majority of those Black people never recovered, lost their home and GMC Yukon and never saw that same salary again and will never see it in their lifetime. Most of them are on some multi-level marketing ish right now and can’t even do that right. The moral of this story is Black people of all people who know they are the last hired and first fired, the one that is always targeted negatively in this country and plotted on very hard is just sitting there thinking everything going to be alright like a Bob Marley song. Black people scream Obama who screams “Change” and Black people in America are the most resistant to change than any group in this world, with the exception of those lost tribes in Brazilian jungles who are already extinct and marginalized due to forest cutting. The Outlook When I try to go to the polls and vote, I will be crying and it won’t be to celebrate a 2nd term for a Chicago family in the White House. My tears will be the same salty taste that brothas and sistas will have in their mouth once everything comes to a head. I have become increasing frustrated and my peers I’m working with see my frustration and anger. Because I’m making positive, affirmative progress with young cats in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe we working with genuinely interested in entrepreneurship while my own African-American people think it is all fun and jokes. On top of that, the bigger picture of brothas and sistas talking some they feel blessed and highly favored. Like there are not 3.775 billion people that are not just as blessed and highly favored by God. President Obama is going to spend more energy on emerging markets like Africa, Latin America and Asia and its funny how Dream and Hustle is more aligned with the White House future outlook and paint a more realistic picture than other Black media out there putting out garbage. President Obama will also quietly cut social entitlement to African-Americans and basically tell them to get off their ass and start competing in the global economy, the same message I’m trying to get through you guys head. So okay, we saw what African-Americans did when Obama was elected in 2008 until today which was not much to talk about. So now when I go vote for Obama, I know what I’m voting for while the majority of African-Americans on some feel-good crap about this election don’t know what the hell in store for them being in a culture of economic declination.

2 thoughts on “My Tears Will Not Be As Salty As the African-American Reaction to 21st Century Globalization

  1. The Eclipse on the Quad (U of I inside joke) is coming tomorrow. Romney might win, but Obama beats the spread. At least you have a realistic assessment of the future, regardless of who wins.

  2. Ed,
    This is right on point. I try not to talk politics with anyone because people are to wrapped up in the foolishness and really do not understand what’s going on.

    I was talking to an Asian woman in her 60’s, who came to America a long time ago and she said she was torn about who to vote for (although she early voted for Obama) because she was scared of what Obamacare would do to someone her age or older. If she said her pain was a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, she’s afraid they would deny her medication because “she’s lived long enough.”

    She was also stated that she worked hard for her money and her being a nurse, sees her money being taken from her and given to people who won’t work, and are in and out of the hospital on the taxpayer’s dime because drug addicts can get their fix there and others use it as a hotel.

    And all my immediate family cared about was food stamps going away if Romney is elected. All I kept seeing on my Facebook feed was how it’ll be the Hunger Games in America. They don’t know anything about the fiscal cliff. I think they’re resistant to change because they don’t see it coming. Why prepare for what you don’t see?

    I see it coming. I’ve been working overtime all year so I can pay my car off early and devote that money to growing my side hustle.

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