Obama Re-Elected : Winners and Losers

Well that was easy, wasn’t it? I was telling cats day in and day out Obama was going to do at least 300 and win. NBC/WSJ polls at 48/49 percent my butt, I knew that was fake numbers. So now, let’s talk about the real winners and losers as a result of President Obama getting a 2nd term in office. Biggest Winners Non-European Immigrants. American immigrant families from India, Korea, Latin America, Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East were feverishly rallying for Obama in their communities. I was a bit taken back talking to Korean sistas and Indian sistas and brothas as their passion for Obama and I was like, damn they love some Black people and started trying to talk to these sistas myself. Expect to see their children extremely inspired by Obama just as much as African-American kids, if not more. Africa and Asia. In Africa, those military installations for drones also mean American economic development as appeasement. Expect to see more investment in Africa and more modernization of African nations. In terms of investment, Africa is a 0% to 1000% spread meaning you can get a lot in return from little investment as the area is still wide open. Asia will see more trade between each other in Southeast Asia due to ASEAN and countries will start to modernize greatly over there. Global Hustling Entrepreneurs. Cats that read Dream and Hustle and take it serious will realize a whole new slew of opportunities from the crowdsourcing bill that is going to take effect in the next few months, free trade agreements with Africa, Korea and Latin America and the ability to be liked as a brotha or sistas by cats overseas who love Stevie Wonder, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X and President Barack Obama. The Biggest Losers African Warlords. They already know how it’s about to go down – they going to be driving in their convoy through some open road and they going to hear and then see a Reaper flying over their Black dictator ass with a Hellfire missile locked on them too. USA will start building propaganda cases against Ghaddafi friends and start taking them all out one by one, and they need to be taken out too. Africa needs to come up and these stank ass African warlords are in the way of progress. Jewish Media Framework. The Jewish media is now realizing the White narrative they been running on their media channels are basically marginalized and that pig don’t fly anymore. All this “The Bachelor” crap and other stuff promoting all white culture as well as the technology industry promoting only white people is about to come to a straight end. The Jewish Media framework will realize they need to start promoting diversity and already I heard people in the media this morning saying this and when I see them, I will start laughing at them in their face. Middle Class Conservatives. No offense, but so-called working class conservatives were going to lose either way and they were smart to stay at home or cross over and vote for Obama to delay the inevitable. No one is going to trickle a damn thing down to someone underwater in their mortgage when there is economic opportunity in Chile right now to invest in their people and infrastructure down there. They better learn how to be micro-entrepreneurs or side hustle real fast – that suburbia lifestyle, well that’s a boring trap. Entitlement Seeking African-Americans. The same African-Americans whooping and hollering about Obama being re-elected are going to get it hard and no Vaseline. Remember, Black people just going to celebrate by showing up at parties in Washington DC on inauguration day acting like they special and crying about Obama – I’m going to be in Alexandia, Va hollering at those fine sistas over there. But the reality is, we are in global economic competition and African-Americans ain’t doing nothing to change their situation for the better. Notice Marc Morial and Al Sharpton saying President Obama don’t need to have a Black agenda but in the White House asking for funding be proposed for their organizations. Expect to see more cuts when the fiscal cliff take effect. The Reality Is, We are Winners If We Want to Be You should already know we at this blog were prepared to win regardless of who wins the election. But those that are willing to invest in themselves, believe in themselves, look at the big picture, realize the world is theirs are the ones that going to be winning, real talk. So you need to realize, this next four years you and yours better have a plan to get better. The next step is obviously acceleration of marginalization of those who don’t like us. A lot of cats are running around like cowards and I’m going to call them and their blog out, talking about cats are going to attack Black folks. Well that’s why your Black ass should not be talking that gun control ish and better learn instead to control your guns. Gotta learn to defend you and yours and sometimes the best defense is an aggressive offense. But President Obama set a mandate and that mandate is in effect. Brothas and sistas cannot be sitting around eating buckets of fried chicken licking their greasy lips, going to these Black churches tithing to pay for the pastor Cadillac lease and his mistress, trying to get opportunities through affirmative action, waiting in line at the welfare office to spend the money on gym shoes and weed anymore. It’s time for us to build up our infrastructures and our GDP and start doing business with global partners to build up global empires we own and control to sustain our people. We got work to do to become a winner and stay winners.

One thought on “Obama Re-Elected : Winners and Losers

  1. “A lot of cats are running around like cowards and I’m going to call them and their blog out, talking about cats are going to attack Black folks.”

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen lately! Especially when it comes from those fake ass “conscious” types. They clearly don’t even realize the fact that mess is based on the old self hating “great white man” assumption. There is no way in hell that white folks are just going to come at us like this is 1912 or something. They sure ain’t that brave or that crazy that they ignore the fact that too many of us are well armed. But if you listen to all those scared negroes, then the scary white man is just out there planning a race war.

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