Our Sistas are Progressive and Beautiful – So Why Hot 107.9 and V-103 Rotating Music that Degrades Sistas?

Going to repeat something every Black woman in America need to hear – you sistas are living in a Black American culture dominated by negative reinforcing doctrine designed to keep you sistas in your place. Overall, the state of Black America is we are not progressing and got a lot of systematic self-hate going on trying to prevent us from pursuing happiness, quality of life and fulfillment of purpose. We got to take charge of our lives in Black America and stop letting this current system try to keep us down and some of our own Black people in America is heavily involved in trying to hold us as a people back. As we stated before, we have collected data that shows radio stations like Hot 107.9 and V-103 are not maximizing their profits rotating songs that focus on degrading women such as strip club music, some crooner dude like Trey Songz trying to brag on his d*ck on what he can do to a sista or relationship drama with nothing positive or not expressing simple joy of being in love. The funny part is both Hot 107.9 and V-103 biggest consumer are not broke dudes with their pants sagging, but we believe their biggest audience base is women that they are choosing to target with negative music about sistas. There is no financial reason or profit motive to even play these kinds of negative songs on their radio station in the city of Atlanta dominated by beautiful, fine sistas that we brothas find smart, funny, country and urban and like to hang out with and most of all, like to smile and talk back while chicks up North have these crappy attitudes. Then V-103 have the nerve to have this event called For Sistas Only and headlining rap artists that degrades sistas and talk about strippers and ish. The only reason we can think of why these radio stations promote this negative music is because someone want to offend women the same way these conservative radio talk shows want to offend President Obama supporters. Look at Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden who figured out they can make more money by appealing to sistas with their radio and other events they are hosting. They did their shows and saw nothing but sistas supporting them, they ain’t dumb. So you see neither of these brothas putting out strip club music on their shows and they spend more time serving their consumer base, which are women. Now, what the hell is Hot 107.9 and V-103 excuses because me and you both know these broke ass brothas ain’t running out and patronizing these stations playing music about sex and degradation towards women. Black women in America need to look around and see in the 21st century, they have more opportunities worldwide available to them than ever before. Sistas can start ventures globally, selling hair weave straight from Malaysia to markets in Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America. Sistas can start up a school or orphanage in Africa and setup micro-funding for women in Africa to make chapatis and sell on the market to sustain their living and support their children. It is also sistas who can create their own media companies that promote beautiful Black sistas from all over the world to market to other sistas all over the world. We are in a new world, Black woman and this world is just as yours to go out and get what’s yours. Black women in Africa are coming up, Black women in Brazil are coming up, we got Black women ex-pats all over this world in Asia, like the sista running the Chinese News Network over in Bejing and my soul sister in Japan that is more than willing to help you and others on this blog. You got markets to build, clothing and fashion to design, print and digital media to distribute and most of all uplift other sistas who just need a helping hand. Don’t let this negative culture in America like Hot 107.9 and V-103 keep you back playing day in and day out all that music to make you feel degraded and not worthy of anything they haven’t approved of. Both Hot 107.9 and V-103 do not need to play that negative music, especially in a city like Atlanta and they are not doing it to maximize their shareholder value either. These radio stations are rotating this hateful, sista-degrading music to promote self-hate under the old guise we Black folks need negative programming towards us to get our attention. All these “Oh No She Didn’t!” BS web sites and crap like that – that’s all shock value and that’s not where the real money is at. The real money is in global trade lines and positioning the Black woman in the global economy to be a major player worldwide. We already stated on this blog earlier about the whole butt model and video vixen crap – the real money is fine sistas selling beauty and wellness to other Black women, not horny broke dudes. We already told you about how artists like Kyary Paymu Paymu out in Japan building up her empire selling stuff like false eye lashes to the women population and promoting fashion to women instead of being some boy toy out there in Japan. Sistas have to realize they are the change they are waiting on, go make the change for their betterment and accept the fact no one in African-America is going to admit to sistas it is just as much as their world to go and get it. Don't let stations like Hot 107.9 and V-103 keep running this hate BS on you, stay beautiful and get what's your in this world as God intended all of us to do...

2 thoughts on “Our Sistas are Progressive and Beautiful – So Why Hot 107.9 and V-103 Rotating Music that Degrades Sistas?

  1. The obvious answer is that they’re playing that music because that’s what their audience likes. And based on conversations from the sistas in Atlanta that you’re referring to, they are that audience. So to me it seems like you’re greatly over estimating how progressive those sistas are. Keep in mind these are the exact same sistas that staunchly support shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. So there is no way in hell you can label people “progressive” when they support anti-intellectual, degrading to Black people in general but especially degrading to Black women garbage like that.

    1. Carl,

      After our research and the data we collected, I believe women who are these stations biggest consumer audience do not support the degrading music and calling these two stations out because I know their internal data support our findings.

      TV shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop or these other reality shows are different than stuff like the strip club music and cats bragging about women like objects. These TV shows like Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden are designed for women to be consumed by women and it works. That’s appealing to women ignorance and they making profits…

      However, the songs played on V-103 and Hot 107.9 do not appeal to women ignorance, they outright degrade and insult women from a sexist male perspective. All of our data shows these songs are not as profitable to justify the heavy rotation on these radio stations nor work in the best interest of their respective companies shareholder interest or consumer interest.

      One more thing..I deal with and maybe because I have an effective filter, but i meet some fine sistas here in Atlanta that don’t watch that stuff on cable TV or Tyler Perry (they actually hate it) or listen to the degrading songs they play on TV. Outdoor and activities like the gym type sistas who have fathers in their lives and do things off Groupon together. That’s the only reason i’m still in Atlanta. i know it’s some garbage sistas out there but as i stated before, these broke nutty sistas are not contributing much to anybody bottom line, except baby formula and condom firms..

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