Thankful to Know Education is the Greatest Love of All

Thanksgiving is an annual time of the year people sit down and reflect on giving thanks. People sit around and say what they are thankful for, reflecting on all the positive things in their life that keeps them happy and alive right now. With that said, I’m thankful for a lot of things but the biggest thanks I have this Thanksgiving is the Internet coming full circle back to what it was meant for – distributed information to provide communication and education. Here are the things I’m thankful for and I’m going to be honest. Me Looking Out for My Best Interest. First thing I’m thankful for is having the ability for me to keep good people in my life and fight and kick out the ignorant negative people in my life and keep progressing at the same damn time. I learned to invest and take control of everything around me to push forward my positive abilities and take control of the negative elements by being prepared to the point they can't do unexpected harm. People Supporting My Skills, Not Hating Me Because of My Skills. When you pursue entrepreneurship or pursue the path of expertise, you going to learn who is on your team and who is not on your team. Learning to listen to those who say something like “well homey all I got to say is chip game and partna” versus “this is good stuff and I’m thankful of what you doing here” and understand who is really about progress and who is on some other stuff that has nothing to do with progress of you or your mission. Those Who Helped Me, Not Those Who Exploited Me. When I needed help, those real in my life helped me without question. Then I had cats trying to tear me down and make fun of my situation and I just observe them. But then I had cats who offered help but I knew they were trying to exploit me with bait and switch. But cats were ignorant to the fact I’m a military-grade lone wolf survivalist and will exploit those who trying to exploit me first before asking my real friends for help. Cats trying to play me need to learn Nash equilibrium game theory – I will always choose to f*ck over a buddy trying to f*ck me over instead of burdening someone offering me real help if I had to make the decision between the two. Now instead of my internal thankfulness, I’m thankful for a lot of external factors out there. I actually see a lot of hope and opportunity on the landscape for me and my people and others who want to break from the corporate rat race and pursue their dreams and do what they love. But what I’m really seeing is the transformation of people and the growth of people. Here are my biggest things I’m thankful for. President Obama Global Economic Expansion. The reason why I voted for President Obama is because not what he is going to do for me which is next to nothing, but what President Obama is going to do for Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia which will be tremendous. President Obama will work on continued free trade agreements creating new channels for African-American entrepreneurs to pursue alternative markets with new products and services and consumer base. Also, the JOBs Act that allows SEC regulated crowdfunding versus dealing with bigoted investors is a game changer that will kick in early 2013. Potential of Mayor Kasim Reed, Mayor David Bing and Mayor Corey Booker. These three mayors have unchecked opportunity available to them right now to create economic infrastructure changes. But the challenge is that these three mayors need to understand the current and future landscape of urban development and realize that things can be cheaper and more streamlined and should be more liberal. I would try my best to help them develop major-hubs like hyper-clusters zoned for a particular industry like call centers and micro-hubs zoned for smaller entrepreneurs like food truck parks. Come to Jesus Moment of Older Black Generation. In Chicago, when I saw John Rogers and Ed Gardner elitist behinds come out and support providing local jobs in the local community, I was happy for that “come to Jesus moment” of the older generation of Blacks who didn’t do nothing but brag about themselves for the past 40 years. Characters like Earl Graves Sr running Black Enterprise magazine is having their come to Jesus moment, realizing to focus on development of Black entrepreneurs not trying to celebrate and “role model” a few cornballs who were likely more connected than organic to get where they at today. In addition, I spoke to certain Boule clowns who are also having their come to Jesus moment and realize, we need to create frameworks and foundations for the Black community and stop bragging about one or two people. Yes, I’m very thankful for that. Biggest Thing I’m Thankful for is The Internet I’m very thankful in 2012 and approach 2013 that the Internet is coming full circle. When I started in college on the Internet, it was 1994 and used as a way to inform and connect with others and share information and meetup. Then there was this nutty craze period of cats trying to monetize the Internet, talk about “10,000 server hits a day” in SEC filings and dotcom boom and dotcom burst. But today, I’m beginning to see the real Internet what Tim Berners –Lee probably envision from day one is the ability for distributed information to provide education and enlighten others seeking information globally. Social networks where we can connect with people we knew all of our lives, read information and view media that was previously censored or not distributed to us by bigoted mainstream media and learn how to do things using online video and collaborative media. While I appreciate local community education like the HOPE Center at Ebenezer here in Atlanta that just opened up, I love online education. The biggest thing I’m going to reflect on and be thankful for this 2012 Thanksgiving is the ability to provide online education to others half a world away. After I taken several free online courses from MIT and Harvard, I’m convinced of the benefit of creating online education and is working on creating my own courses to share with others worldwide. Several months ago, I gave an online presentation on micro-retailing and mobile commerce to an audience in India among software developers, the same content I share on Dream and Hustle. But when it came to asking questions, I was online for another hour answering all kind of questions from QR code applications to download, what is the resolution size of the mobile phone to how did I learn this information and I showed them how to use Baidu and translate the content. These young people in India were very interested and I taught them how to pursue entrance into other easier global markets before tackling India heavily regulated markets. I felt good and happy when I got off that online meeting sharing this knowledge on the other side of the world to a young audience. For a man, the great love of all that we can give is education by our primal nature. By nature, females usually provide and care for the village with validation but the role of the male is to fight anybody who attack the village and also provide leadership and guidance for the young. Ask any male the joy they get of coaching a youth football team, being part of JET teaching a class full of young children in Japan who are willing to learn and they will tell you they get a level of satisfaction and fulfillment bigger than marriage or the companionship of a woman. By nature, men biggest satisfaction is teaching others and there is no greater love a man can give in this world, selfish relationship seeking women better figure this one out. I’m super thankful that I live in a world today where I can be from the West Side of Chicago, look at my bank account and see my balance is -37.50 from a $2.50 overdraft but still have the capability of creating an online course or an online presentation and about to teach some young brothas and sistas who just graduated from high school in a fishing village in the Philippines about low cost sales and marketing techniques. They are so excited and emailing me to make sure everything is setup right. So if you want to know what I’m really thankful for, I’m thankful to grow wise and mature enough in my life to realize education and a distributed information framework is the greatest love of all.