The #1 Black Agenda is to Become Owners with Skills

The only agenda African-Americans better have during President Obama 2nd term is to become owners and get our skills up. The era of entitlement and bubble economies are over and we going to have operate on solid foundation to build our hustles up into real sustainable empires not built out of hype and short-term thinking. Dream and Hustle cannot stress enough that cats need to get off this “quick hustles” crap and start focusing on being owner-orientated in everything we do from this point on. Look, You Know my Steez Everything we do on this blog is about STEM and when you master STEM, you become an owner of knowledge, the first thing every African-American must own. You must own your education and master the art of learning for self. Not learning to impress your teacher at school or cats around you but to use education as the ingredients of your hustle that you will apply. In my seven years of operating this blog, I cannot count the number of half-ass brothas and sistas coming to this blog acting like they smarter than me in tech. Never mind that I’m actually certified in my industry, worked at Fortune 100 firms and highly sought after by head-hunters and work international projects in every major business sector. But again, some half-ass brotha or sista love to come to this blog and pretend they know some sh*t I don’t know or they know better than the professional. The reason I’m still here and still strong is because I educate myself and you know my steez. I invest in myself when I educate myself. There is no bigger reward to have the knowledge you acquired on your own to help you handles yours when it comes to doing it. I don’t even need to read a tech book, a tech blog or even a business magazine as I already understand the foundation principles. In fact, in case these same half-ass clowns didn’t do their homework, I’m actually a subject matter expert and contribute to a lot of media who write articles because they see I know what I’m talking about on this blog. Own your education and go out and learn this stuff and don’t expect others to teach you. It's going to take you investing time to sit there and study. Also, the understanding you going to do things in iterations to fail, get it right, fail some more, get it right some more until you got it. And once you got, you own that knowledge forever and be proud that you learned something. Not Going to Seek Mass Appeal You see it’s a lot of clowns especially in this technology space desperately seeking mass appeal. They are trying to get famous before they get rich and think flash matter more than substance. They talking up a lot but when you look at the numbers they posting, those numbers are straight comical and yeah, I’m talking about NewMe and Black Web 2.0 so let’s not be confused. You see cats out there doing this attention whore nonsense just to get a rep, but they have no foundation and think a hype machine will get them somewhere. We need to stop that and I’m going to tell you right now – watch how fast, how very fast we push these simple ass booty-licking bitches to the game off to the side of the road. They going to be sitting around wondering what happened when the answer is obvious, they trying to catch a ride while we are the owners of our own ride on our destination to getting it. If you are an African-American tech entrepreneur, there is no need to seek mass appeal – the hood got your back, the 30 Rotten Dissidents got your back and we got more customers, more connected cats and more global opportunities for you than any of that bullsh*t NewMe and Black Web 2.0 is yapping about. The hood respect cats that own their sh*t and make moves for brothas and sistas without seeking permission from bigots. Owners don’t seek mass appeal and that’s how you can recognize who real in this ish. To Be An Owner, It’s Going to Take Skills Time is money and BS talks, remember that. Brothas and sistas need to realize we got to put in work to make real stuff happen. President Obama did not win his re-election smiling and making speeches – they had boots on the ground going door to door and they had database skills to identify opportunities and optimization to guarantee votes in their corner to win. And you got to be the same way – f*ck the world, don’t ask them for sh*t cause everything you get, you have to work hard for it. When you put in work, you get experience and exposure and that’s how your skills are developed. So you have to put in work, you can’t just read about something. The 30 Rotten Dissidents is best in class because our crew got real skills that impress and we can smug about it and talk about it. It’s a lot of cornball talking that “do it on the low” or “under the radar” or act like they move in silence when the reality is, they don’t have skills and want to hide the fact they mediocre. No, you will always see Dream and Hustle and the 30 Rotten Dissidents present to you as a work in progress because that’s how we get the motivation to get the skills and show and tell that we can do anything we put our minds to. So real talk, I can talk that sh*t and put it in cats face and let them know I’m about it. Screw all these other cats acting like they got secrets, I can hustle in front of a crowd of 40,000 fans in an arena like a damn rock star because we got skills. Who Going to Take the Weight? The only true definition of freedom is when we decide to become owners. It is now time for African-Americans to put in the work to become owners to assure we are a free people. The time for talking about it is long past and the time right now is to focus 100% of becoming owners. We are going to focus on owning our income and how we make money, own the type of business or service we like to operate, own our communities and cater our communities to serve us and own our destiny. Let me make this a clear warning – don’t ever come to my blog talking about some non-ownership crap and want to have a discussion with me about someone else story and you not even an owner but just a consumer. Because real talk, you sound like a simp in a room full of owners who understand and been told by our ancestors, told by our older generation who learned the hard way and come to realize ourselves that the Black man and the Black woman need to become 100% owners to be truly free. So let’s cut to the chase. We going to own up to the problems of our past and we going to own every breath we take right now and going to own our future by preparing for it. I, Ed Dunn is personally going to own the responsibility and obligation to use my skills to contribute for the betterment of my community, my people and the future generation. The next four years is not only critical for us, it is critical for our children. And we are going to need to be the sole controller of our fate and we have to take the weight.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this one, Ed. The mindset of Black people today, right now, should be to focus on what you know, learn new foundation building skills and apply the knowledge. Nothing else. No status-building trinket purchases to show your wealth or class; get your money up, get your guns up, get your family up. Nothing else matters.

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