They Realized They Lost, But Do You Realize You Won?

The re-election of President Barack Obama set a clear mandate against the white privilege and entitlement seeking population in the United States of America – their time is up. Of course they are going to be bitter and mad and even try to lash out, that’s what happens when you knock cats off their pedestal. However, brothas and sistas need to stop talking about the losers and focus on where we need to go from here and not run from the fact we got work to put in. There is no need to create a whole blog on how the Republican Party and the Tea Party and Karl Rove machine lost real big – they betted $800 million on the angry white male mantra with cats talking to empty chairs and ish and they lost that bet. Also, these GOP clowns are the main one sitting on their ass doing nothing to get out the vote during the election except getting Donald Trump airtime to challenge Barack Obama birth certificate. They should have known weeks ago they lost and the white male privilege system lost a long time ago so I don’t know what the hell they so mad about today. African-Americans clearly came out winning on a symbolic level and that is a serious symbolic level to re-elect a Black man for president in this country, especially when the majority of votes came from non-Blacks. However, African-Americans must also realize being a winner means the losers ain’t going to be too happy. In addition, African-Americans need to realize that the women and Latino vote also carried Obama and they will be competing and asking Obama to be the president of Latinos and women while the President says he is not the president of Black America. So with all of that said, expect Obama to cut social entitlement programs that affect African-Americans the most to deal with the fiscal cliff. Also expect these bigot corporations to stop hiring African-Americans altogether or try their best to create an environment of attrition for brothas and sistas. Expect Jewish-owned media to fight tooth and nail with propaganda to maintain the status quo pandering to a fictional white persona demographic in their media programming until they are challenged. All of this will go on and African-Americans need to realize we cannot control or even stop these actions being done outside of our domain against us. What brothas and sistas got to realize and got to take action on is we need to start building up ourselves and start doing for ourselves. If we do not do that within the next four years, then we deserve whatever we get come 2016 when Obama leaves the White House. At this point, it is unacceptable for African-Americans stay dependent on others who don’t like us talking about going to their lame education system and working dead-end unfulfilling jobs looking for a raise, bonus and stay fearful of layoffs. We got to change because the parameters change. African-Americans cannot run around screaming “Obama won” or acting victorious when we have nothing to claim or stake our ground in. When you win, you conquer and take from the loser, not dancing around like a bunch of plundering Nordic Vikings and ish. That means we got to roll up our sleeves and put in real work and stop talking and start doing and realize with victory comes responsibility and if we do not seize upon our victory, we will suffer a bigger defeat worse than losing the battle. So what do African-Americans need to do from this point? Let’s go through the key points that every African-American need to get a grasp of and realize what we have to do the next four years: Rebuild the Black Community. Traditional Black communities in New York, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and so on cannot be seen as “ghettos” anymore and we cannot tolerate anybody in our communities viewing them that way. All of these metropolitan areas like Detroit need to be economically and socially revitalized to build strong communities where people can sustain themselves. Good schools, good places to work and a great place to live and hang out at. Throw Out Pathetic Black Politicians. Right now, there is too many ineffectual, corrupt and scummy local Black politicians who do not have long term plans for economic empowerment in their community. We are going to hold any Black politician accountable with having an economic empowerment plan and if they do not produce one, throw them out and get someone who will run for election with an economic plan as their platform. We can’t celebrate US President Obama when our local Black politician is a piece of shit. Develop Economic Clusters. In almost the same way these suburbs have that cookie cutter economic model of a Wal-Mart anchor with Smart Cuts and Radio Shack and Payless shoes nearby and a Lowes hardware down the street, Black communities will need a cookie cutter model to help create economic clusters in communities. This is developing business models in the Black community that can be done anywhere such as manufacturing, retailing, and professional services and so on. This allow job stability for experience workers and growing industries in our communities. Revolutionize Education. Public education is not good enough and considered a failure and a disaster. Both public schools and charter schools are failures and children as well as Black adults must realize education is what you take ownership of, not something given to you by sitting in a classroom. That’s the damn problem here in Dream and Hustle, cats think I should give them education instead of them taking the ownership to educate oneself. We are going to have to create online and virtual training and education content, online courses to augment relevant education for African-Americans on real topics from setting up businesses in the hood to maintaining a positive and healthy relationship. Own Our Media Networks. Now that we know the Jewish media framework has been shocked by the election results that clearly show women, Latinos, and Blacks unifying for President Obama and their polling system was flawed, they are not likely to comprise but act bitter and vindictive. We need a real national and local media framework established. This will need to be done with digital out of home IPTV networks, ramping up of production studios and creating a cluster for bloggers to run real media operations such as magazines with subscription models to own our voice and be profitable at the same damn time. Build Global Products and Services. Look, we got to write the bigots off in America and look to others as our customers and trade partners. If it is after November 6, 2012 and you still looking for validation and acceptance from a bunch of bigots who never liked you and never will, then you a straight delusional fool. There are places all over the world looking for their economic ramp-up and love to hire brothas and sistas with talent and pay them well to get it done. And we can go to new markets to sell goods and procure goods on our terms without having any bigots involved and do for self. We Going to Need Winners the Next Four Years. To do what African-Americans need to accomplish is going to take brothas and sistas who is willing to put in work. It’s a lot of cats out there talking too damn much and thinking the next four years, they still going to write up commentary blogs filled with discourse and want to argue or disagree with others in the Black community. Well, I’m confident brothas and sistas at large will ignore these fools because we know what is at stake and not only that, know the opportunities we have before us to seize upon. And we are focusing on winning, not the losers who still talking. Self-empowerment through education, entrepreneurship and enlightenment is the responsibility of all African-Americans at this point. Take the free online courses, learn to manage data and workflows, realize that what matters is having a product and service to sell to a consumer base. Start traveling not to party and have fun but to understand how economic activity works and look at business models that we can apply in our communities. Learn what African-Americans want and give it to them and create true marketplaces and at the same time, focus on global trade opportunities. This blog is going to go through a major transformation to make sure we cater to, support and be available to the winners in our community who will put in the work necessary to build the future out. Somebody in the African-American community has to give a damn about building something for the young brothas and sistas and that somebody got to be me and you, right here and right now.

3 thoughts on “They Realized They Lost, But Do You Realize You Won?

  1. I just read this one and the post election winners blog today. Black America won, but folks happy just to vote. Its childish now. You spoke on some real points….everyone expects some payback for voting for President Obama. I think Black America expects some savior, but he’s a politician. Black people must organize politically and present Obama with effective ways to improve our community as well. We can’t waste another 4 years. Post Civil Rights era is dead now.

    ” Traditional Black communities in New York, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and so on cannot be seen as “ghettos” anymore and we cannot tolerate anybody in our communities viewing them that way.”

    “Somebody in the African-American community has to give a damn about building something for the young brothas and sistas and that somebody got to be me and you, right here and right now.”

    Brother..thanks for having the courage to keep shining the light. Time to get our hands dirty again.

    As for the losers and haters…it feels great to wake up with a Black President in the White House until 2017!
    I can’t stop laughing at these folks losing their jobs dissing Obama. Funny as hell.
    Now I got “We’re a Winner” by the Impressions stuck in my head. lol.

    1. Yes. Thanks for the article. This is exactly the principle we practice here and love to get the African Diaspora to develop this approach versus assimilating into declining Western World entrepreneurial/innovation practices.

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