Top Five Foreign Films to Watch on Netflix during the Holiday Break

The Thanksgiving holiday in the USA is a time to be able to sit back and chill out with those you care about. It is also the time for brothas and sistas to be plotting on their holiday hustle as well as their 2013 hustle. But while you brothas and sistas are plotting to make this world a better place for you and yours through global entrepreneurship, here are our top five foreign films I love to watch on Netflix. A little disclaimer – I do not watch lightweight pansy movies. Most of the movies I watch are gritty, violent, sexually explicit and the reason why is because I’m a real man that deal only with real chicks when it time to chill and enjoy a nice movie. So this is a warning, some of these trailers have sexually explicit scenes and acts of violence because that’s how they do it over in their country. But then again, you ain’t all that innocent reading a blog like Dream and Hustle in the first place. #5 Dog Eat Dog I believe I blogged about this movie before but I enjoy this movie enough to watch it again. This movie is based in Columbia but has a great story line that brothas and sistas will enjoy and can relate to. Basically, some drug money went missing and the drug boss want to know where the money went. # 4 Jan Dara Now all I can say is wow! I have never seen so much erotic tantric sex scenes all packed in a storyline like this Indonesian film and they were not letting up on all that sexing one bit either! This movie is so raw with it, the director put a disclaimer at the beginning saying he didn’t wish to offend anyone for all the sex scenes - then they went straight to doing it and doing it all throughout the movie. But the whole front to end of this movie actually have a storyline and will leave you saying “damn! What the hell I just watched!” and that’s why I added this movie on the list because it was a good movie. #3 Elite Squad The Enemy Within If you enjoy the Brazilian movie “City of God” – if you never saw “City of God”, then you ain’t seen a real Black movie as “City of God” is one of the best Black movies ever made in the whole world. Back to what I was saying, the same cat behind “City of God” made this movie and this movie was just as good in terms of storyline and scenes about a detective dealing with corruption and rouge cops. This movie also have a great storyline with depth and one of the best parts is how they explain how the favelas were taken over and how cats got rich in the hood. #2 Sin Nombre This movie was extremely good and well-made and every depth because they placed characters in the world of MS-13 and illegal immigration and wrote a very good storyline around it. If you brothas watch this movie with a chick, don’t let her know you are enjoying looking at those two curvy thick, fine Latina sistas in the movie. I don’t want to give too much away but to be honest, simply one of the best movies that brothas and sistas can actually enjoy and appreciate viewing it. I probably saw this movie 3x already just because the storyline was that good. #1 My Scary Girl The Korean film industry is just doing a great job with their movies and they are putting out some extremely good movies that are viewed and appreciated worldwide. And I have no shame in saying this – I absolutely love this movie and enjoyed watching it with my date and that’s the kind of movies I like to go see. Many of you cats are extremely sleep on Korean dramas but they are simply the best films right now in terms of substance, storyline and production. I found this movie funny and to be honest, this is the kind of movie I wished Black film producers actually had the knack to make for our community. It’s one of those “super girlfriend” movies with the awkward guy and the chick who is just, I guess just her. Brothas and sistas really do not see a lot of good date movies and I actually thought this was very clever and most of all, funny.

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  1. Nice list………..I’m going to check these out for sure. I’m always on the hunt for great films.


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