Understanding Why Dream and Hustle Share Information with Brothas and Sistas

Many people wonder why this blog give away so much business ideas and code to execute hustles. I get email all the time about how I should do these great ideas myself and don’t share with people who may get rich off what I’m presenting. The truth of the matter is, brothas and sistas have been conditioned to think primal about not sharing valuable information among each other. You see these Black media like Black Enterprise magazine spend more time “profiling” or bragging about someone but not giving you real information to execute against. You hear cats, especially some of these hustle bloggers talk that “do you, I do me” bullshit. This article will help you understand why Dream and Hustle share information on the hustle and be transparent about how we execute our hustle to get ours in this world with the hopes you get yours also. Basic Instinct Humans by their primal nature have an interesting behavior similar to animals where they will keep something they deem valuable to themselves but only share straight the dumb f*ckery with others. Dirty cops keep the drug money to themselves, cats buy one of a kind collectible to keep to themselves, someone find money on the ground and keep it to themselves and don’t tell anybody. This is all primal instinct of human thinking and owning something for themselves. But on the other hand, we as humans tend to share only the stupid worthless crap among others. Animals do this same thing too! A monkey will keep an interesting looking stick but fling their own feces to their own fellow monkey. And among us humans, we share worthless crap like our own opinion, jokes we heard that demean others and we celebrate socially degrading songs like strip club music. Self-Hate Black Media Like Promoting Negative, Trifling Ish To a Black Audience So if you wondering why Black media is so negative, it is because they know this is the stuff primal thinking Black folks share with each other. That’s why WorldStarHipHop is popular among Blacks, we sharing negative ish among our own people. That’s why we in the club dancing to negative ish, we like expressing that negative crap to each other. Then you got sistas who want to take the brothas to see an ignorant and closet-suspect Tyler Perry production and brothas want to play 2Chainz while his girl in the car – yeah, I hope you guys are getting the picture. Now we got foul-mouth comedians, see the trend among Black folks? See, all of Black entertainment and Black media figured out this is how we Black people communicate and that’s through negativity. So stop wondering why BET is negative and other Black reality show dramas, I just told you why. Noticed Something Strange Worldwide One of the things I began to notice when I started working and doing business and expanding my hustles worldwide was the culture of collaborative learning and knowledge sharing. I explained on this blog plenty of times when I work with Indian cats, they have dozens of people in the room providing input, not one “guru” that knows every damn thing. Even if there is one smart Indian cat, they bring in others to listen to their wisdom and explain how it works. Then as I research patterns and practices in Japan and Korea, I could not help but notice how they explain everything about their hustles to their audience! They explain in detail exactly how the business model works, how they succeeded and ain’t afraid to reveal the numbers and show you on video exactly what they did and described step-by-step. When I work with cats in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa – I was shocked at the eyes staring at me with undivided attention, the questions trying to learn and the willingness to learn right there on the spot! But there is something else – I began to notice online participating on blogs in other countries, when someone post up a bit of knowledge, they receive acknowledge and support from their peers. You see statements like “good job!” and “this is great stuff!” as a form of encouragement. See, I realize these other cultures are sharing valuable information that Black people would keep to themselves and not share among other Black people. And every last culture I’m speaking of that share information – their economic GDP has exploded and they are becoming the new global middle class to be reckon with. That’s when I realize the problems we have in the Black community with brothas and sistas with their lips twisted up acting like they know something special and not willing to share with others and want me and you to admire them. Black People Need to Start Sharing Valuable Information Among Each Other We as a people need to step our damn game up and stop this bullshit about holding on to valuable information and not sharing like we some lower form of humans – that’s exactly how we Black folks act and why our people ain’t progressing and you know it’s the truth. Cats be making me laugh talking about they got some business model that ain’t patented or copyrighted and ish – these people can go somewhere with that bullshit! Black people have to realize the only way we all going to come up in this world is when we learn to let go what we think is valuable and release it to our people to run with and understand this is what’s best for all of us, not just an individual. Every other culture I spoke of that share information – they love their people more than they love themselves and because of that, they get to enjoy the progress of their people and they progress too. We Black folks are stuck on stupid petty “I got mines” shit and our communities - yeah look at Detroit and ish. Between the 30 Rotten Dissidents and Swagg-Scientific and me, we are going to do what we going to do regardless if you know our code, know our method or anything. The bottom line is we want the betterment of our people, not having our own Black people admiring us. I’m not trying to go back to the basketball court with the kids playing and show them I can dunk, I’m going back to show the kids how to follow up on a missed shot and walk them through it so they can have that skill for the rest of their life. That’s how real ballers get down in this world. I want you cats to succeed and if I have a good idea or come across something, I want you to have that information also. I really want you to take what I get and do for yourself and your people because your people is my people, whether you realize it or not and it will pay itself forward. So I want to make sure brothas and sistas fully understand why Dream and Hustle ain’t nothing like these other bitch-ass Black characters who act like they found a nice looking stick in the jungle and want to keep it for themselves. No, we here at Dream and Hustle realize and understand why God gave his only son, gave his rib to make man and woman and that same kind of unselfish love is the reason why Dream and Hustle is not going to stop giving to brothas and sistas until we all reach to the top.

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