December 1st 2012 – Who’s going to Save the World Tonight?

So it is the end of the year and this is my last report for 2012. Overall, I will say that the year has been hindered but not helpless. I spend most of 2012 working on my goals but could not execute them. But what 2012 allowed me to was stay in the planning room a lot longer and designed better execution strategies and do practice runs. I can tell you right now on December 1st 2012 that I’m free, unrestricted and now ready to save the world starting tonight. Most of 2012, I been hampered by my divorce proceeding where I could not start a business while still technically married. Man they were in court asking about Dream and Hustle and seeing if it makes money – anybody who read this blog know there is no revenue model. That kind of cluelessness speaks to itself the kind of support and adversity I had in my marriage hampering my ability to pursue my goals. So I couldn’t start any business and they were reading/monitoring this blog more than you were. So last month in November, that was all finalized and I’m cleared for takeoff. But my peers told me to take off December and just start up in January 2013 and I agree, just enjoy the holiday season. Well, actually my response is I’m going to enjoy the holiday season by getting started tonight and do what I been waiting to do for the longest time, work to elevate brothas and sistas by helping them establish side hustles, provide information on economic empowerment and lay down a foundation for our younger brothers and sistas to inherit when they grow up. Ain’t no way I’m going to just chill, got real work to do! See, the biggest thing that ticked me off in 2012 was looking at all of these fake clowns in the African-American community doing nothing but the same tired crap and act like they fooling me and you with real work. Hustle blogging cats who delusionally believe they on par with Dream and Hustle ain’t done ish but ran their mouth and talked the same ish over and over again. Cats who I thought would blow up doing silly ish and bragging like they doing something big time. I’m sitting over here legally hindered from doing something looking at all of these fools spend the year 2012 acting like the same ol fools. 2013 Is going to be a Harsh Trial for African-Americans The landscape laid out for African-Americans is going to be really harsh and worse than 2008. Actually African-Americans been going through hell after the economic fallout from September 11th 2001 and it got even nastier in 2008 Recession. All of my indicators is 2013 is going to be worse because African-Americans are not at the table to fight for their interest in regards to what to save fighting the fiscal cliff and needed austerity cuts. All social entitlement programs are on the table to be cut and that is including unemployment. Section 8 and heating assistance has already been cut deeply and will be cut more – President Obama agreed to those cuts the first go round. What you brothas and sistas don’t understand is while you thinking you ain’t on welfare or any of those entitlement programs, someone you know or have a connection with will be dragged down by it and it will have a ripple drag effect on your life. But the big impact will be the taxes, especially on take home pay when the government takes more out of your check starting in 2013. The Republicans are saying they want the rich to keep enjoying tax cuts and won’t sign off any middle class tax cuts unless it is a packaged deal. President Obama wants the rich to have no tax cuts and only the middle class keep their tax cuts intact. So obviously the compromise will be reduced tax cut rates for both rich and middle class so the middle class will still have money taken out of their paycheck regardless beginning in 2013. That’s going to mess up a lot of families who are already walking a tightrope on their money. Food ain’t getting any cheaper and the work and job ain’t getting any easier either. Then when we talk about jobs, many of you cats who are stuck on some outdated sector are about to lose some serious jobs and Black people hold most of those jobs. In addition, Black people are not globally competitive and not trying to be globally competitive to find available work. We also have huge barriers preventing us from pursuing entrepreneurship and we haven’t even begun to address or even acknowledge these barriers in our community as talking points! It’s about to get real in 2013 and something got to be done! How We Going to Save the World Tonight There is no way we are going to sit here knowing what’s about to come down the pipeline in 2013 in terms of negative adversity against African-Americans and do something about. I’m not sitting up here watching bullsh*t on cable television, not cracking jokes or engaged in Black-orientated ignorance cats want to share with me. I’m 1000% committed to the mission and my sleeves are rolled up. And the funny part is I probably having more fun and enjoying my life with fulfillment than cats engaged in that ignorant crap. Who is going to take the weight? Who is going to save the world tonight? I’m pretty sure the rest of you took a step back and thought about the task and work such an endeavor involved. Well, I decided I’m tired of African-Americans always talking, stepping back and thinking and other coward ass shit when it comes to our people – I’m stepping forward, standing up and ready to proceed to do whatever it takes to help my people and especially for the younger generation of brothas and sistas out there who need someone to fight for the world they wish to grow up in. As much as these cowards in the Black community don’t want to hear it – me and my people are military grade, business-orientated, tech-savvy and strategists who only look to win. There is no sh*t-talking here, we put in real hours, real studies, real scenario planning and real training to get real skills to do something because we have faith that God has faith in us to at least try. I don’t care about being popular, likable, admired as our only goal is to win. There is no right or wrong, just winners and losers and we want to make sure the future generation of brothas and sistas do not come into this world losing due to our current generation not stepping up right here and right now. It Starts December 1st 2012 The first thing I’m going to do is start releasing the side hustles. The very first side hustle will be the QR Shopping application. I’m still working on polishing it up for brothas and sistas to use. I will be also releasing other software code for brothas and sistas to take advantage of to start side hustling immediately. What I expect brothas and sistas to do is not sit around asking to be hand-hold or expect Ed Dunn to do extra work for them – I don’t got time for that ish. I expect brothas and sistas to document and post up their issues on why they can’t proceed and have faith they will be helped. The second thing is online education with a focus on how-to and courseware for brothas and sistas to learn how to do things. I will show cats on video or through an online course or presentation how to accomplish things like setting up a database, setting up GoDaddy, how to create applications and also how to design business models and sales cycle. I will try my best to dump everything I know into online education for brothas and sistas to learn from and expect other brothas and sistas to join in and do this too. We got to start sharing information with each other and stop acting like we special and need to be admired by the Black community. Third thing is outreach – you will see me and my people in places like New York, Washington DC, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and of course Atlanta. We will basically be ground floor in Atlanta with a concentrated focus on the AUC and other higher educations in this town helping college level cats start running $5/month GoDaddy hustles and focus on IPTV/media ventures. You will see me more and more at the clubs setting up a table during happy hour or even main hour talking to brothas and sistas while they in and out. I will be seeking out brothas and sistas and taking it to them. And last but not least, the quest for African-American goes beyond America – we will be going worldwide and my passport is more than ready to get stamped up. We will be going worldwide with the specific mission of helping the hood and brothas and sistas, not to brag I’m a globetrotter. We will work with setting up channels with global partners that we work with directly and get everybody out of our way and out of our business. And African-Americans need to start doing for others like help out brothas and sistas in developing countries – that is not optional. Not Talk, Already in Progress I have long started executing everything we are talking about right now. 30 Rotten Dissidents already been to China and hooked up with the Nigerian cats, already been to UK and connected with our brothas in London, already got established in Brazil and of course, you know I’m very well connected in Tokyo, Japan and will have a second home there soon. And cats sitting up here thinking I’m down and out, worse than people not realizing a good mistress of nearly 7 years can keep a husband stable when the wife trying to destroy him during the divorce. We going to start with the QR Code Shoppnig Wall first, I got to code out the rest of it and as you see in the picture, I have wireframes I just need to make real. Then let’s watch it pop off from there as we focus hard on helping brothas and sistas right here and right now to establish something for the young brothas and sistas coming up.