Did Police Militarization Contribute to the Recent Spate of Mass Shootings?

While President Obama was in the White House crying over 20+ kids killed in a mass shooting in Connecticut, I thought about how he never cried about the 200+ kids killed in Chicago from street shootings – you know Chicago, Barack and Michelle hometown. But what I noticed is how people are quickly running to the gun debate and talking about taking away assault rifles and stuff like that. However, looking at all data points with all of the recent mass shootings, I’m seeing a different pattern here that goes beyond gun control. From what I seeing, the mass shootings are actually being contributed to the rise of tactical gear retail store popping up all over Republican-voting America. Looks like after President Obama shut down the roll your own shops, tactical gear stores started popping up and this is the contributing factor. I have a question - do anybody notice something about the police in our country nowadays? Hey, here is some pictures, let me know if you see something about our police department that sticks out like a sore thumb: Yeah, you think these cops are on some Black Ops, Modern Warfare, Battlefield type ish, huh? What happened is under George W Bush and his Department of Homeland Security, they were so afraid of terrorists with Fox News always talking about terror plots in America, the federal government began funding local police departments to be more paramilitary. So now, the local police department is spending money and training buying military equipment for their police department and learning squad tactics like they are BOPE in Brazil and have to deal with the same criminal elements BOPE does. Truth is we have a lopsided situation where the American criminals are nothing like what BOPE got to deal with in Brazil. So what we have here in the United States is some pants-sagging pothead who got a warrant for not showing up to their court date refusing to come out when the sheriff department arrive. The pothead is actually on the toilet and cannot answer the door. Then the sheriff department calls the police and they coming around in Eotech and Magpul blinged out M4s, .50 caliber sniper rifles, all dressed up in tactical gear – see, the police is making up stuff to dress up paramilitary and come out and show off their gear. A little history here – the Department of Homeland Security gives the local law enforcement funds to go buy tactical gear and dress up like Ghost and Soap from Modern Warfare 3 and that means police now got government money to spend. And just like cats opening up a Food Stamp Store or WIC store in the hood to get government money, you now have tactical gear stores opening up also to get some government money for cops to buy tactical gear. A tactical gear shop is what many of you guys probably remember back in the days as a military surplus stores. These military surplus stores were stores around military bases and bought military clothing from GIs leaving the military. Then you have paramilitary cats who are part of extremist groups or extremist ideology go and buy this stuff and run around looking like they are ready to start an internal war in America. Or old war veterans that seems to have done so much heroic shit in previous wars but they don’t have PTSD but another disorder which is always bragging and talking about what they done during the war. Fake Navy Seals cats or an 4F reject claiming they stormed the occupied beaches under heavy machine gun fire. But the tactical gear shop is no longer regulated to military bases and now thanks to Homeland Security, you can find tactical gear shops selling the new and latest tactical gear and gun bling at a Republican NRA-loving community near you! They have body armor, tactical vests, red dot scopes, extended clip magazines, AR-15 bling like front grips, crane stocks and RIS kits and all that other good ish! They even have tactical gloves, yeah – tactical gloves! Most of these shops are small businesses started by veterans or just people who like the law enforcement or tactical gear genre. Now, keep in mind that I’m play airsoft from time to time so I also buy and use tactical gear for playing airsoft but I mostly go to the airsoft store or the gun shows where they sell military surplus very cheap. The thing about these tactical gear shops is the ones I’m seeing do not sell guns or need a special license or permit to open up shop. What I am noticing is the huge increase of these types of shops popping up all around GOP voting gun-loving locales. Wait a minute - you still reading and you still trying to figure what I’m talking about here? Well, ok then let’s cut to the chase. What did you noticed about all the recent mass shootings? Mass murderers are generally well-armed. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the kids who gunned down 12 high-school students and a teacher in Columbine, Col., in 1999, had two shotguns, a semiautomatic pistol, a carbine rifle, and a bag full of bombs. Seung-Hui Cho, the guy who murdered 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007, had two semiautomatic handguns, 19 magazines, and nearly 400 rounds. Nidal Hasan, the 2009 Fort Hood shooter, used a semiautomatic pistol with a high-capacity magazine to kill 13 victims and wound 43 more. Jared Loughner, the loser who snuffed six people and shot 19 others last year in Tucson, Ariz., didn’t stop firing till the 33-round clip in his Glock ran out. What distinguished Holmes wasn’t his offense. It was his defense. At Columbine, Harris and Klebold did their damage in T-shirts and cargo pants. Cho and Loughner wore sweatshirts. Hasan was gunned down in his Army uniform. Holmes’ outfit blew these jokers away. He wore a ballistic helmet, a ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, a throat protector, a groin protector, and tactical gloves. Source: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/human_nature/2012/07/the_aurora_shooting_bulletproof_vests_swat_gear_and_body_armor_refute_the_nra_.html Do you notice they are wearing tactical vests? The guy at the Oregon mall was wearing a tactical vest and from my understanding the guy who shot up the elementary school in Connecticut was wearing tactical vest. A tactical vest and extended magazine clips – these can be bought at tactical gear stores and this is the real common element you are seeing here that causing the body count to go up significantly and will go up more in the future. A tactical vest can hold a pistol and 3 magazines (4 mags total with one in the pistol) and hold 3 AR-15 mags if they are carrying an AR-15 as a primary. These things are made in Asia somewhere and cost about $30 bucks retail. Back in the days, mass shooters just had one magazine that would jam on them like the Oregon mall shooter but if you had a tactical vest, you can carry a lot more rounds efficiently. Now, you don’t need to keep talking about the Bushmaster .223 which I think is a joke because it jams and cannot knock a person down efficiently – cute for Republicans in rural areas shooting at squirrels but that’s about it. Most hood cats prefer the AK-47 for the heavy firepower. However, when you “pimp” the Bushmaster or any AR-15 variation with tactical accessories like the pic above, then you got a weapon more dangerous and lethal than anything you can imagine. This is the stuff being sold at tactical gear shops being popped up all over the place as a quick retailing model. While working on HustleSpace, we caught this business model a while ago doing research for hood-based business models and found these tactical gear stores interesting. I’m about let out some raw thoughts - in a way, I thought it was the ATF or FBI secretly opening up these tactical gear shops to track and trap the loonies in America who are capable of doing mass shootings. You know, the same way they did that Fast and Furious where they put guns out there in Mexico to try to track the gun runners, it wouldn't surprise me they opened up these tactical shops to track lone wolves who are paramilitary in thinking. So that’s an open question right there – what if these tactical shops are ran by the government to track the domestic terrorist loonies? Another question - what if the government already had the data on these mass shooters based on their shopping at these tactical gear retailers? What if the government didn’t intervene in time when they knew these mass shooters would act? From my understanding, all of the recent mass shooters gave off enough hard external data (purchase history, cell phone tracking data) to show they were about to shoot the same way a terrorist cell would supposed to give data and our DHS didn't pick this up? Okay, I’m just messing with yall conspiracy theorists out there with speculation. Even though the government did open up other kind of fake stores in the hood to track and collect data on hoodlums: According to United States Attorney Yates, the indictment and evidence in court: The storefront operation, called Operation Trapdoor, featured an undercover business located on Metropolitan Parkway in Atlanta that operated as a cellphone and vehicle alteration business. Undercover agents, posing as store managers and employees, learned about people in the area who were trafficking in firearms and drugs, and weapons traffickers, drug traffickers and convicted felons began approaching the undercover agents to sell guns and drugs. The storefront was outfitted with audio and video recording equipment that monitored and preserved all the conversations and interactions between the agents and the defendants. All together, agents purchased 270 firearms–45 of which were stolen–as well as illegal narcotics. Nearly all of the defendants indicted on federal charge are felons, and under federal law it is a criminal offense for a felon to possess a firearm. The real bottom line story is this – me and my crew are focused on creating economic development solutions for the hood and we got the real 21st century skills to make it happen for brothas and sistas while these other cats are fronting and talking shit like they got more swagger than us. However, me and my people got real data manipulation and data intelligence skills to gather and analyze data points and we can catch stuff like this and see missing dots that could connect. This is why I keep trying to tell brothas and sistas to get on top of data technology they want to go anywhere in the 21st century. You probably would have never known about this whole subject matter in any other Black-orientated media because we are both business-grade and military-grade over here in my camp, not this cornball crap these other Black organizations are on. Let me break it down for you - we tracked business models to see what will work for the hood. We came across some business models that we found out where fake business setups by the ATF like tire shops and smoke shops to track and trap local hoodlums. We also learned about these tactical gear shops popping up in all these White suburbs and I dropped in a few to visit and felt they were just way "too clean" to be ran by the typical loonies that used to operate military surplus stores. I also know these recent mass shooters, all of these cats had on tactical gear. The guy in Norway that killed 98 people including kids also had paramilitary training and tactical gear. I own tactical gear myself and know this stuff can change any firefight into a real damn firefight if cats want to come get some. But I also know the primary driving force behind the tactical gear shop business model is the Department of Homeland security funding local law enforcement to dress up like they are on Modern Warfare 3 - cops need a place to buy this tactical gear. And the same tactical gear shop is probably visited by other paramilitary cats and lone wolf loonies. So, no – don’t try to blame the guns for the recent mass shootings because the mass shootings in the past ain’t been racking up casualty numbers like this. Tactical gear is helping these mass shooters rack up these high casualty numbers. And here is the real dirt and I will say it - no matter how much these cops dress up like they MW3, unless these bubba donut-eating paperwork-filling cops got true urban combat paramilitary warfare training – they will likely get their ass handed to them by a real ex-military or true paramilitary cat of real caliber who take advantage of these tactical shops. These recent mass shooters going after civilians in movie theaters, shopping malls and schools are lightweight motherfuckers – wait for the PTSD multiple war operations cats who fell through the cracks and highly trained to kill like the one Staff Sargent Robert Bale who left his post, went door to door started shooting up villagers in the Afghanistan village. Look, this is just something for us to brief brothas and sistas on what they seeing out there. To be honest, I'm really trying to focus on business-orientated blogging for the hustlers. But me and my crew are military-grade and ready for war with anybody who comes our way at the same damn time. So I hope from this article, you out there better read between the damn lines here – your government may have created this environment and I believe you haven’t seen the real mass shooting shit coming your way yet. And your MW3 dressing up cops may not be ready for that cat either.