Giving Real Gifts for the Holidays and Solving Problems for the New Year

I would like to wish everybody a happy holiday and a prosperous 2013 as I’m officially relaxing during the month of December. Unofficially, I’m behind the scenes putting in a lot of work in preparation for 2013. Also, I’m entertaining a lot of out-of-town friends and people who are visiting America and hanging out with me. So let’s talk about me and what I’m dealing with as December and all of 2012 wraps up. Real World Teaching I have been working with various groups and organizations teaching school kids on entrepreneurship and giving presentations to adults about technology the past few weeks and weekends here in Atlanta. For some reason, kids love us software programmers when we speak about who we are and what we do and the reason is they see real software programmers like me excited about what I do and they realize I have fun with what I do when I talk to them. Adults are different because kids will ask a million questions but adults will sit there and be quiet and not ask a question. What adults want to do is wait until the presentation is over, line up and try to talk to me one-on-one and I don’t like that ish. The reason why I don’t like that ish is because we are supposed to share knowledge in a collective fashion, not some brotha or sista trying to “hit me on the side for questions” or whatever. Look, I’m tired of all of the “I got this secret squirrel hustle” nonsense or patent-pending, copyright/proprietary BS I keep hearing from cats while the rest of the emerging economies are actively working together to build up entrepreneurs and global enterprises leaving us African-Americans in the dust in terms of competitiveness. It’s no different than this blog, I’m tired of cats and in a way, I refused to work with cats talking about emailing me privately and ish. Real talk, I sit here and open up all of the hustles here on Dream and Hustle and show how to do it, sit up here and do research and share it on this blog for brothas and sista to take away from. But cats don’t want to share their questions among each other? Come on, we need to be a better people than that in 2013. Don’t Let Problems Swirl Around In Your Head Do you want to know why executives and leaders act like they don’t skip a beat when they have nothing but backstabbers around them, lawsuits being filed against their entities, the media badmouthing their hustle and they got some loser in their inner circle or family keep asking for favors? The reason is executives and leaders learned to document and externalize all of their problems for analysis and evaluation. I was dealing with an ignorant divorce filled with small-minded and bitterness and also had a lot of other personal, financial and business issues going on. But you know what – all of that went into a weekly report that I maintained about my life and also in a Freemind mind mapping program I discussed in a previous blog earlier. Let me tell you how I learned about this. At one of my previous employers at a top Fortune 50 firm, there was an incident among the executives and one of my favorite executives was caught up in it. So one day, I walk into their office and notice their computer screen – this executive had every f*cking thing documented on their computer in nice computer folders by date and month. They were pulling up all of the data – all of the data from the date of the incident and I was blown away at this executive smart ability to not only have facts available to bring up, but also had a disaster recovery plan to deal with any crisis. From that point on, I learned my lesson where instead of thinking about problems and things that can go wrong, I learned to document and track problems and issues. Learn to create a weekly report of your goals, your problems and just other things in general. Then create a to-do list and strategy list based on those reports and act upon them. Then what you will develop is the mindset of a CEO, a leader or a boss and be in control and handling your business or anything that comes your way. Giving to Those that Matter The past week, I also have been doing a lot of toy runs and food bank and spending my personal money so people here going through things in Atlanta can have toys for their children and food for the holidays. I grew up on the West Side of Chicago and for a time, most of the toys I received where donated and we also stood in line at churches to get a bag of canned goods to take home to eat. So in addition to teaching others, I’ve been doing a lot of giving in the month of December with my official time off. I really ask of people to think about what they want to give this holiday and not just some trinkets. I’m happy to be giving cats some knowledge to take away and empower themselves. I’m happy to be giving away knowledge on this blog for cats to plot out their hustles. I’m also happy to be giving away toys and food for those who are need like I was in need back in the day. Right now, I’m working on the QR Shopping Wall and it will be the first thing rolling out of Swagg-Scientific. I will be sharing this with you guys in terms of development work, marketing world and release work and you guys are going to see how we take a project from scratch and release it to the marketplace and get ours. That the kind of stuff I love forward to giving this holiday season as well as in 2013…

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  1. Normally Christmas is my favorite time of the year. But this year I am beat already. I do find that I am more giving this year and most likely because of the lack of stress on my finances. To externalize issues is a great idea and I will definitely use that. Folks really need to find people who are without and help them. Most of the time I see these people every single day and they are not some two bit hustlers trying to scam me. They are folks with real need. I told a few people to stop giving to their inner circles and people who don’t need it. I think they took offense. I told my church members this as well. I appreciate the gesture to give kids a gift but my son will be donating his gift because I believe it’s the right thing to do.

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