Inappropriate to Question RGIII Blackness, Appropriate to Question Black Web 2.0 / NewMe Blackness.

When I heard about some Rob Parker (never heard of him) making a statement on ESPN calling some NFL player a cornball brotha and questioning his blackness, I was wondering what the heck a sports channel doing making this kind of commentary. I found the commentary by Rob Parker questioning RGIII blackness very inappropriate. However, there is a context where you do question someone “blackness” and that’s when they are leaning on their race to try to get somewhere. I will be honest, I don’t even watch sports but do know RGIII as well as Cam Newton are doing their thing and representing hard. Just like President Obama, you cannot be just Black to get to certain positions, you have to be good and above and beyond at what you do. I do not watch football or go to a football game for a cat Blackness, I watch football to watch the game being played. So I don’t even understand this whole conversation. I understand some African-Americans want to take pride in RGIII being the quarterback for the Redskins, which some feel is a racist team not only for their insulting racist slur “Redskins” name and their logo but towards African-Americans in general. But like these bigots always do, they do go and find out that guy who hates himself and his people and prop him up as the Black face, like Clarence Thomas. I understand that part. What I don’t understand is this is football – who gives a ish!!! Go ride with another team if you got that big problem with it. That’s why I’m confused about this whole RGII and Rob Parker thing because this is a game with team members playing and most of you cats are sitting on the sidelines. RGIII is not the quarterback of Black Redskins fan but the quarterback of all Redskins fans! The part I’m tripping on is how cornball and out of touch Rob Parker is to even bring this nonsense up into the sporting leagues – that’s stupid. However, it is extremely and very well appropriate for us to question the blackness of stuff like Black Web 2.0 and NewMe. The reason why is Black Web 2.0 and NewMe are using their blackness as their agenda and they are definitely fair play. When you are using your blackness as the agenda like Black Web 2.0 and NewMe, then yes, we should ask questions about who are they representing and what part of blackness are they discussing in regards to Blacks in technology? Overall, Black people been getting Venture Capital funding back in the 1990s during the dotcom boom, upwards of $40 million in VC funding so I don’t know what the f*ck NewMe even exist for. It sounds like they made up some BS that Black people need to go to some “training/school” to get funding – did Blacks had to go to “training/school” when they were getting $40 million in the 1990s? And is White people going to “training/school” to get VC funding? So what the f*ck is this whole NewMe bullsh*t is about in the first place? Then second, the stuff they putting out and trying to brag about is a damn joke. All they going to do is come over to Dream and Hustle, message me on Facebook but that don’t change the fact what they putting out is some whack ass grade-school level bullsh*t. Adding salt to the wound, the stuff they putting out don’t even have social responsibility to the Black community but caters to their personal ego! So yes, I do question why some Techcrunch booty-licking Black people show up out of nowhere, claiming they doing some lightweight ish and acting like it supposed to be impressive and market themselves under the banner of Blackness. If I claim to be Black in technology then I will be doing stuff like creating economic frameworks in the hood, talk primarily about business models brothas and sistas can side hustle using technology and also talk about patterns and practices African-Americans can apply to get their money up. Oh, wait a minute – I’m already doing that except I’m not running around trying to promote my blackness to some Techcrunch bigots that think they can define Blacks in technology. Now here what I have to say about Angela Benton and Wayne Sutton - are they a brotha or sista or are they a cornball brotha or cornball sista? They ain’t real. Ok, they Black, they kind of does the thing, but they ain’t really down with the cause. They not one of us. They kind of Black, but they not really, like, the kind of people you want to hang out with because they off on something else. See it’s a reason why Angela Benton and Wayne Sutton act like they mad at me and I will just leave it at that.