The Good Things Brothas and Sistas Did in 2012 and What Need to be Done in 2013

A lot of people are doing year-end wraps up and looking back at 2012, I would be like to focus on the positive things and the opportunities we have in store for us. Of course, I can be fair and balanced about 2012 but the reality is the truth hurts and if I said the truth, a lot of people will have their feelings hurt. The reality is you are still standing here today and that is enough to be thankful for and appreciate, 2012 is in the rear-view mirror. Let me tell you my personal experience in 2012 as I look back. The first thing people want to come to mind is the divorce I was dealing with that was at best, pathetic. I always hear cats talking about people having bitter divorces and horror stories but the truth is how positive it worked out for me (she fought for and got all liabilities, baggage and burden; I got the clean slate). When you got goals and a positive track, you do not focus or even remember the sideline and spectators who making comments because you are focus on the game and about winning. The real battle at the end of the day is you versus yourself towards your goals and the hustle it takes to make things happen. I say that to say whatever negative happened in 2012, the only true negative thing that happened is you did not take care of yourself right and did not do what you know in your heart you should have done to make yourself and your situation better. You know you didn’t put in work to better yourself, you know you kept making excuses and putting up with someone else BS and real talk – you know you doubted yourself while God still believe in you. The Biggest Negative of 2012 The biggest negative thing Black people overall did in 2012 was fan worshipping and d*ck riding Obama 2012. That is going to hurt us as a people badly and make us look like the worst Black generation ever losing the opportunity to fight for ours with a Black president in the White House. We are the only ignorant race of humans that ever existed on Planet Earth that would say “he is not the president of Black America, but all of America” and people who said that ish are a bunch of coward punks who wouldn’t say that ish in a room full of real Black people. The Biggest Positives of 2012 But other than that, a lot of positive things had been done. The biggest thing positive that was done was President Obama took the initiative to pass the crowdfunding clause of his JOBS Act proposal and get it signed into law. This law when enacted will allow brothas and sistas to get funding from everyday people up to $1 million to start businesses. President Obama did this and his biggest accomplishment in my book for getting it signed into law. The other positive thing is this – the sista in the photo above with no belly, no fat, and natural hair – she is Brazilian and part of the new money and new emerging economy chicks. From what I’m experiencing, a lot of Black American sistas are finally seeing what they have to compete with globally and making adjustments. Most American sistas seriously thought in their own narrow mind they were the only women of color on this planet with a nice body. The first thing sistas are realizing is they should embrace their own natural curly hair. Sorry but that straight hair stuff and chemicals stinks and once you get with a natural hair sista, it’s hard to go back dating someone still stuck on that chemical processed ish. So I’m happy to see more and more sista embracing their natural curly hair, even if they doing wet setting techniques. In addition, more and more sistas are working out and eating better and avoiding the deadly quick diet pills that been killing Black women via heart attacks, which been suppressed by Black women media. On my dates now, me and the sista is going to the gym and when we eat, we eat good and healthy and have an active lifestyle. Besides, I’m trying to look at her booty in those Nike Squad leggings while we both go walking in Piedmont Park and all these different parks and trails together, you know what I’m saying? In terms of brothas, the biggest positive is I think we brothas are beginning to learn the important of doing for self and economic empowerment. The point is we were all focused years back on getting that good job and driving a nice car to impress these hoes. A lot of us brothas were caught up in that broke and ignorant pseudo Black identity and pan-African nonsense while not visiting and making child support payments and dying of prostate cancer and ish at the age of 57. But more and more regular brothas I know of realize they want to have money and cash to do what they want to do. That tired routine of playing the bigots game of trying to look and act like a cornball to get trickledown economics, playing these hoes game of trying to buy expensive ish to impress them like we got money – man, f*ck all of that. The truth of the matter is the one Brazilian chick in the picture above doesn’t require any of that from us brotha. She and chicks like her all throughout Central America are a 3-hour flight trip on Delta and American Airlines and will come up once a month and do whatever a brotha like and fly back down to her country talking about her Black man in America. You probably can run that same game on 19-22 year old super thick redbone chicks from these country areas like Louisiana. Then we got these chicks from the Middle East and India coming around and they look good as hell too. Brothas are finally realizing we need to get our money up, screw these hoes and do for self. So with that that said, I believe despite the negativity that went on in 2012, from what I saw, brothas and sistas got their act together on an individual level. Sistas realize they need to start eating right, take better care of their bodies and brothas realize they truly need to do for self and do things on their own terms and conditions and bow down to no one. To be honest, our generation did not have this level of self-realization in a long time. Problems and Opportunities Looking at 2013, there are some things that we cannot control. The first and biggest thing will be the auto-austerity known as the fiscal cliff. That is going to be devastating, especially towards job-working Black middle class families and small businesses. They over in Europe fighting their ass off and getting their ass beat down by police in Europe over austerity cuts. They over there hurting and homeless and 25% unemployment among the majority population. Because the government cut entitlement programs and raised taxes, the same thing that is going to happen here in the USA come January 1st, 2013. But there are things we can control and what we should focus on. First thing is focus on creating our own media and marketing frameworks which are known as our communication framework. This allows us to create independent media distribution channels to sell positive and profitable Black media. We will focus on standing up existing businesses while creating an avenue for new business to get the word out directly to consumers. The next step will be to focus on low-hanging business models for brothas and sistas to start and we need to be 1000% on being transparent and open source. No more ignorant brothas smiling acting like they got secrets – we need to be real open about how to do it and detail every little fact and go real in-depth on how to start and run our own hustles and deal with the everyday issues with running a hustle. No more one cat bragging like they got something special – at HustleSpace, we will break down in detail the business model of every smiling Negro that appears in Black Enterprise magazine to make they know we ain’t about that ish anymore from 2013 to infinity. Then we have to own our transactions and commerce – that involves mobile money and digital transactions and working with customers. There is no plan, absolutely no plan by anybody living and Black that involves spending money and keeping money in the Black community if they do not have a digital transaction framework in place. We can create mobile apps that show brothas and sistas whether they get money or send money how to keep that money flowing in the Black community and among brothas and sistas – that is 100% possible to do. Wishing Everybody a Happy New Year! I look forward to 2013 despite the challenges ahead. I hope many of you cats out there realize and act upon the realization no one cares about you more than you and you got to do for self because no one else will do for yourself. We can build up ourselves, our community and our future generation at the same damn time and it’s not optional, it’s the only way where we are standing at right here and right now.

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  1. Hey happy New Years to you Ed and everyone that reads the blog. I appreciate your info over the years as i was able to build a hustle from a mldel you posted on your website.

  2. Happy new year to you Ed and the 30 rotten dissendents. Thanks for bringing us this great wealth of information via Dream and Hustle. 2013…Hustle hard and smart!

  3. Happy New Year Ed,you make more sense than the greedy pastors buying private jets and living it up on poverty stricken congregation tithes in Nigeria.I wish i could get you to deliver a lecture on business enterprise.2013 is our year,wish it and go get it.

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