The Real Black in America: Rise of the Global Go-Getters

While many sheepish African-Americans will tune into CNN to watch Black in America series, I think it is fair rebuttal a brotha from the West Side of Chicago give you the real perspective on the current state of Black in America. I’m hearing the Black in America series in question is an attempt to attack the Black identity question and some light-skinned versus dark-skinned stuff. This is not Black in America right here and right now and let me give you the real deal in this article. The Message Reached the Destination Our kids understand the message - we are there for them and on the journey for them. They have my personal promise I will be there for the young brothas and sistas and my generation will do our job to shape the world to be better for them when they grow up. All in all, I see nothing but good opportunities and good things ahead for brothas and sistas and I already see the work in progress. I think we are doing a damn good job as Black people realizing and agreeing that we have to become entrepreneurs and do for self. That realization and mindset alone is a step in the right direction and completed half the battle. You talk to the young brothas and sistas today and as young as 18, they want to start their own business first and do not see the “get a good education and good job” as a viable option. I actually credit bloggers like myself pushing out information on doing for self specifically to the Black community and rappers out there hustling and rapping about getting paper and running their own operations for changing this mindset for the young cats out there. And I’m going to tell you cats right now – I’m life committed to helping brothas and sistas, especially from the hood and the West Side of Chicago come up and do for self, their people and their community. The Older Generation Realize Their Mistakes and Stepping Up I’m not going to say names but I want you guys to know I’ve been talking to the same cats some of you cornballs admire who ain’t been doing right by our people when it comes to cultivating young entrepreneurs and laying down the framework for brothas and sistas to build business upon. The message was clear and frank by Ed Dunn and the 30 Rotten Dissidents – we are disappointed in the previous Black generation spending too much time bragging about themselves instead of investing in the future generation of brothas and sistas to be better than us. You know we were going hard on these old school self-important Black notables and we showed our cards that we are going to win this poker game if it comes to it. But I think what happened is the older generation of notable and successful Blacks, it’s hitting them that they missed the boat altogether trying to create Black role models we supposed to admire instead of creating sustainable business models for brothas and sistas to grow and expand upon. Now I’m seeing more and more old school Blacks coming out, speaking up, providing social responsibility and funding for young brothas and sistas to start businesses. Today, I’m proud to say that they got the message and I think you are going to see these old names start coming out and do what they should have been doing the for the past 20 damn years instead of brag about themselves to the Black community. With that said, let me make it very clear to anybody who thinking left field – we are no longer celebrating self-important Negroes and colored people and propping them up as role models. Cats better do something for these kids and the brothas and sistas out there and help them do for self. The cats who ain’t helping anybody or our communities do for self should not expect an ounce of respect or admiration from the Black community. If anything, cats better expect to get their pompous ass kicked and get a beat down if they want to try that shameful self-bragging angle with our community in the 21st century. Rise of the Global Black Hustlers The first credit and all respects and props due is our Nigerian brothas and sistas – none of yall can’t take anything from them and they got nothing but love and thanks and appreciate from me and my crew for laying down the framework for the African Diaspora. African-Americans talk a bunch of ish and name-dropping Marcus Garvey from the sidelines while the Nigerian community went out there and put their ass on the line setting up global networks, not only for themselves but other Africans and Diaspora members. Again, thanks and I mean that. With that said, we are really in a new era that most African-Americans have not taken seriously yet. We are in the era now where African-Americans can now and should now and better now start bypassing this bigoted American system and Boule gatekeeping system and start going after a global consumer base of 2 billion or more. Brothas and sistas are already on it and doing it outside of Black Enterprise magazine permission and acknowledgement. The global Black hustlers are creating shoe and clothing manufacturing companies and selling in Latin America and Caribbean markets. Sistas are putting their money together at the job and micro-fund sistas in Africa to start a school to do hair or other trade. And I have a number of brothas and sistas right now already packing up and moving permanently to China and Singapore to setup financial/trade lines and bring Black Americans over there to conduct Black-orientated tours and setup trade lines directly to hoods in the major cities. This global grind ish is about to be on and popping! The rest of yall can keep standing in job lines begging some Mitt Romney voting employer for a job – cats are realizing it is EASIER and let me say it capitalized again EASIER to setup and do business worldwide with millions of customers that like Black people than deal with all the traps here in America trying to setup a business with a consumer base that act like they hate Black people. It ain’t hard to tell, homey – get a damn clue. What I see going on right now is more of the African Diaspora investing their hard-earned money into creating their own global hustles while I see African-Americans in general on some dumb ish that ain’t worked for our grandparents, ain’t worked for our parents, ain’t worked for our older siblings, ain’t worked for us and damn sure ain’t going to work for our children. It ain’t hard to tell, homey – get a damn clue. Africa is coming up, African Diaspora communities in Southeast Asia, in Latin America and Europe are coming up. We got Black regions popping up all over the world right now at incredible rates creating new markets and channels with explosive GDP and remittance economic growth and that is nothing more than opportunities for global Black entrepreneurs to build entertainment and trade markets and get their money up. Curtains Falling on the Clowns As the global Black hustlers rise and getting theirs, we are seeing also the fall of the irrelevant clowns, especially here in African-American community. A lot of these losers in our Black in America communities had center stage for decades and their main method of operation was basically move their mouth talking a lot of ish and attracting a lot of Black fools to follow them. But the curtains are falling down on the clowns and there are plenty of factors contributing to their marginalization. The main factor is Black people have access to information thanks to the Internet. We can now talk directly to each other about issues, we can setup our own blog talk radio or twitter feed or facebook group and address real talk and real issues affecting us and not listen to some bought and paid for house Negro to tell us how to think and what to say to please massa anymore. So now that we Blacks in America have access to information, we are entrepreneurial minded to do for self then that means we can’t be manipulated with the BS anymore, can we? So now the curtains are lowering on the clowns who for too long thought they can race-pimp the Black community and stand on a soapbox forever preaching negativity and fear. Let’s go through these types of clowns: The Sellout Token Chasing White Privilege. These are the ones still seeking validation and acceptance by a bigoted system so they can feel flattered that they are the Black ones being liked while the rest of us is being hated on. These twisted morons have a level of self-hatred beyond belief as no living person should ever seek validation and acceptance from other people when God gives us validation and acceptance every day we get to wake up and enjoy another day to live. By us brothas and sistas becoming global hustlers, the sellout looking to be liked is looking more stupid by the day and the even the bigots respect brothas and sistas out there hustling than some sellout on any given day. The Independent Black Women with a Corporate Job. This is the neck rolling, loud-mouth, demanding, finger wagging, man-hating, baggage carrying, drama infested bane and disaster of the Black community. These ignorant strong-headed type of Black women will sit there and say they don’t need a man but will date a younger thug that will turn on her stupid old behind and she will be too embarrassed to reveal she wrong. She is also the main one talking about how she independent and arrived working a coporate job but she is getting laid off and replaced by the Indian sistas - the other brown meat. You know the funny part? She get mad when she finds out that these Indian sistas got booty too and secretly like brothas and introducing us brothas to the world of kama sutra. The Pan-Afrocentric Kinte Cloth Psuedo-Religion Whacko. Let me be real honest about how I feel about these cats upfront before I go any further. I honestly believe in my heart these characters are some straight p*ssy cowards and sissy b*tch motherf*ckers when you lift the hood to see what they really about. I mean, who goes around talking and making YouTube slideshow videos talking about COINTEL, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Boule and talking up other people and organizations out of fear of them? Anybody coming after me and my people, the sword coming out the sheath homey and I’m ready to do battle with my life on the line – screw all that p*ssy ass conspiracy theory crap. These cats spent years talking about they read libraries full of books when the Amazon Kindle came out years ago. They like to take on pseudo-religious belief and act like they on some spiritual ish then when they die, get buried in a Christian cemetery like the rest of the Black folks out here. I really don’t want to talk or waste writing words about these worthless Pan-Afro nutjobs that’s an embarrassment to African-Americans. I don’t even want to see the curtains just fall on these clowns, I want to cut the rope and have the whole stage fall on their behinds - lights, speakers and all that ish fall right on top of their worthless ass. I Can Wrap Up Black in America With One Photo This photo comes from BBC and this one photo says a million things. This is a photo showing the rise of boutique hotel industry in Africa. This photo says everything about our future, brothas and sistas. Do you see the portraits behind on the wall of this boutique hotel in South Africa? Do you still think this is about some silly Pan-Afro crap or some sellout ish or some independent but working corporate nonsense? We are in a new world and era of the African Diaspora and I have never been so optimistic in my life right here and right now, there is no other place I rather be. We got President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in the White House, we got Africa, Latin America and Asia rising as the new economies, we got new business models we can start right now as side hustles and grow into global hustles, we got our major cities and communities to build manufacturing and service jobs using 100-year old business models that can be done more efficiently with technology. But most important, we got the message through to the young brothas and sistas that they need to do for self and become entrepreneurs and realize the world and everything in it is theirs. I got the last piece of negative sh*t out of my life and I’m ready to make moves, the 30 Rotten Dissidents is ready, the older generation is stepping up and ready, my people in New York, my people in Baltimore, my people in LA, my people in Chicago, my people in Atlanta, my people in Miami, my people in Houston, my people in Detroit, my people in DC and all of my people ready to do this shit. And the people over in London, over in Brussels, over in Seoul, Tokyo and Bejing are more than ready. And our family over in Africa and all down in Latin America are ready. That’s the current Black in America – we ready and it’s time to go and get it.

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  1. I see what you were saying. This is the true black in can’t be anything other then this. I too for years was caught up in the whole black consciousness movement and thought about Illuminati and how getting money is evil. Being gullible I actually took head to this advice and have been at my lowest moment financially while reading up on the occult or the medu netur. Nothing is wrong with the information but it means nothing if I’m a poor righteous teacher. Then I just said fucked it, found your blog and other website resources. Been set up shop ever since while I got my PT job.

  2. Right on time. I just met this Nigerian sister talking about going to Malaysia to the textile plants. She is a fashion designer and working on her own line. They just have a different mindset and energy on the global game. She said that the reason why most Nigerians are like that is cause they have to hustle. The brother in that pic look like he happy to be getting that global bread. That pic with the South African hotel is nice…that’s what I like to see and visit.

    Black America..the clowns sound like crackheads now. The guy with the bag on his head is funny..but true. Cats is lost.
    Don’t be a baghead in 2013.

  3. Just to say Glad to see some African American are getting it. African Americans hate all other blacks. Jamaican, Haitian, African. Saying we came to still their jobs, if that’s the mentality they have they will always be at the end of the stick. but instead of getting with other nationality so they can teach them how not to depend on the government how to have that entrepreneur mind set instead they chose to hate. here in Fl they hate Haitians. Why? have no clue. but instead they came with that sorry excuse Haitians think they rich. this is just plan stupid, Haitian believes once you start depending on government or some other non profit organization receiving grants from big brother that’s an other recipe for disaster. And African American don’t like school you can’t be nobody if you can’t add the accountant and the lawyer will still your money. and please stop with that getho crap young people don’t know how to behave young man pants all the way to their knees. I think African American has an identity crisis until you people figured out who you really are and start behaving with one another, and invest in one another open good school where price is affordable and housing the price is affordable and stop selling your ideas to the white man cause you want to be rich fast, blacks will never go anywhere.Yes be prejudice for once in your life you’ll find out prejudice can be a good thing. I’m black and Haitian got my education in Haiti proud of it.

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