The Urban Model Guide to Extrapolating Marketing Patterns from Kyary Paymu-Paymu

Please note this article is intended and written for urban models here in America to understand how to market and promote themselves and move away from the negative and unprofitable butt modeling genre. While this article will try to cover Kyary Paymu-Paymu very in-depth in terms of her and her marketing brand, the goal and intention is to help urban modeling sistas understand how they can extrapolate successful models and apply it to their hustle. While there are Kyary fan that may come across this article, keep in mind this is not an article designed for fan play, otaku or to discuss anything about Kyary as a celebrity but to discuss the science of her success. Now with that said, urban models or what many refer to as “butt models” should realize they are losing tremendous opportunity and lost revenue potential and headed in a dead-end broke and busted situation already proven not to be profitable long term. What so-called urban models should realize is they have more opportunities marketing their brand and beauty to women instead of a bunch of horny $40K/year brothas who probably cannot get a real chick in real life. It is extremely important for African-American entrepreneurs to start looking globally and worldwide for patterns and practices we can apply to our own hoods and our own ventures. When we look around we will begin to realize a lot of patterns and practices done worldwide can actually be applied to our own personal hustles and our own communities. And one of the biggest places we can extract patterns and practices is in Asia and Japan is one of those countries we can look at. So this article written for the sistas out there is the example of the global research we need to do to learn how to build up our own branding and marketing machines the right way. Understand Otaku Culture In Japan, they have a culture called Otaku where people tend to be obsessed in a particular genre and very obsessed with one or two elements of that genre. For example, you got cats who are obsessed in Japanese trading card games and some super obsessed in Pokemon. Then you have cats who are obsessed in manga/anime but are super obsessed in Marcross universe. Then you have cats who are obsessed about young schoolgirl looking Asian girl performers and are super obsessed about AKB48: AKB48 is named after a place in Tokyo called Akihabara that is geared towards guys with all of the comic book shops, maid café, electronic stores and porn DVD collections. As a side note, this is where Dream and Hustle spent the majority of our time learning new business models we can bring back and apply to the hood and we learned a lot here. So the way they market in Japan with the Japanese sistas over there is they gear the music of AKB48 and the sexy little girl thing to the otaku guys over in Japan. Now obviously, it appears these guys are mostly salarymen and some of them can become too obsessed and give up their social lives and fantasizing over people and things they may only see once in their life for less than five minutes if at all. Now think about here in America where they market these video vixens and butt models to these brothas who are just salary cats and working broke jobs and they are on all these bulletin boards and blogs making comments and collecting pics online talking about chicks they seen on a music video, in King Magazine or whatever. The one thing that is similar and the one thing we can take away is most of these Japanese sistas that get into this male-obsessed otaku genre do not make a lot of money. They are usually out of the game when they get older and end up busted to and working at hostess clubs and other odd stuff and basically tossed out like trash. So that is our precedence to understand this is the same situation to many urban models where they end up out of the game and doing obscure stuff and not making the money based on the fame they got butt modeling when they were younger. Understanding Harajuku Photo Credit: natsukigirl ( Harajuku is a fashion part of Tokyo where people are extremely creative and eccentric with their style and dress. This part of Tokyo is where you find many clothing and fashion designers and this area is geared towards young Japanese women to hang out at. Women hang in wolfpacks and they are extremely fashion-orientated. Photo Credit: natsukigirl ( Now in Harajuku which is geared towards women, you have all kind of subcultures for Japanese sistas and they have blogs and magazines and YouTube videos all on this area with the fashion, the people and what is coming out and what’s in style. You will see a lot of small shops for sistas that sell a lot of things especially a street called Takeshita Dori which is right outside the Harajuku train station. A Little Cute Girl From Harajuku In this video below, a cute little Harajuku teenager named “Carrie” is featured for her style and dress. Notice they go into her home and speak to her mom and notice near the 2:00 mark how the mom said she hate her fake eyelashes – many of you will already know why we find that one funny. But what you will find funnier is the Black chick featured after Carrie hanging out in Harajuku, check her out: So did you notice the Black chick from New York is in Harajuku studying to be a dress maker and targeting the Japanese audience over there? You probably was laughing when you first saw this sista dressing crazy in the video, but I bet you sistas ain’t laughing now, are you? Yeah, I thought so. That sista in the video above is doing exactly what Black women should be doing worldwide and the reason why we writing this article in the first place. But let’s get back to Kyary who grew up focused on the Harajuku scene. She started blogging about Harajuku fashion geared towards women and then she started modeling in magazines geared towards women and then she launched got a deal to market her own brand of fake eye lashes geared towards women in Harajuku. The next thing you know, she gone big time and now a music recording artist and a major model and television personality in Japan. Urban models should have a full understanding of what we are presenting here. By Kyray targeting women she literally exploded in her growth up the ranks by having a loyal audience base that can buy a variety of products with her brand. She did not target dudes, she targeted her own Japanese sistas and tapped into their sense of fashion and spending power. This is what this article want urban models to realize how they need to come up, not by targeting dudes. Kyary Paymu-Paymu Branding Empire So now Kyary is an extreme marketing powerhouse and a very strong brand over in Japan. The one thing about Kyary is she is really representing the Harajuku scene and not a toy for the otaku to be obsessed about. In fact, she has grown in popularity worldwide and her brand is getting stronger and stronger. But what we want the sistas in America to do is look at the machine she has created and understand exactly why she has a very strong brand and sistas need to apply this to their urban modeling hustle strategy. You guys know I can write another 1000 words on how much I love Kyary but real talk, let’s get to the business model part: You can break Kyary Paymu Paymu empire down into these main sectors: Product Branding. This is Kyary promoting her image on products such as her own fashion line or sponsorship appearance in commercials. The goal of product branding is to have multiple streams of income through various products and deals. Media Appearance. This Kyary is appearing on TV shows, promoting concerts and actually DJing at parties. Her appearance is designed to keep everybody know she is up to something and always on the scene. Notice in the video above Kyary is able to promote local businesses and shops – this is why I love her and hope urban models realize this is one of their biggest marketing strategies they can do also. Publishing Royalties. These are her photos and modeling in magazines, look books as well as her recording deal. This is more passive but solid revenue generation for Kyary over the long term as she promotes her brand. Now here is the thing and what urban models need to understand, all of these efforts Kyary is doing works together. She is not some one-trick pony and using a strategy called multi-channel marketing. By focusing on multiple things in one blast, Kyary is able to amass not only a large following but also amass a large fortune real quick. However, this was the strategy Japan marketers have been doing with the otaku culture of marketing a product with multi-channel marketing of marketing both products, media and physical appearances in one big campaign for an obsessed fan base. Kyary is different – her multi-channel marketing went way beyond otaku, she become a worldwide branding machine that goes well outside Japan to sistas worldwide. Now when you urban models transform yourself into in multi-channel marketing machine and can get to this level of the game where little girls are dressing up like you, dancing like you and stuff, then you will understand your true earning potential and how much revenue you could be making instead of appearing in crap like King Magazine and on these butt model blogs. The 2013 Take Away for Sistas Doing Urban Modeling In 2013, we will be presenting our proposed framework and strategy for urban models to move away from butt modeling and move them into being branding machines that can drive products and services in our communities as well as become global brands and ambassadors worldwide. It is in everybody interest to move urban modeling away from an audience of cornball and broke $40K/year making brothas on these butt model blogs running their mouth and move urban modeling towards capitalization of themselves and creating long-term wealth for them and partner our entrepreneurial marketing efforts. Overall, what is needed is a management company and the creation of a real management and promotion company for urban models here in America. They will need to understand how to create the same machine such as the one made for Kyary Paymu-Paymu and apply this recipe for urban models in local markets throughout America. The concepts this management and marketing company for urban models will have to learn are the following to properly manage the sistas to promote herself and our products and make appearances. Touchpoints. This is basically every item that a customer can come in contact with. For example, a poster is a touchpoint, a photo booth is a touch point. Even products co-branded with the urban model face are a touchpoint. A management company is going to have to compile a list of all possible touchpoints and understand the value and return on investment of that touchpoint. Channels. Channels are method of distributions, especially when it comes to promotions. For example, Kyary promote herself in retail channels, in club channels and on television channels. In our case we will be looking at urban models to promote themselves in our hood retailing/e-commerce models, on IPTV channels and print and media channels. Appearances. We want urban models to do real appearances where they meet little girls and their daddys and at the same time, run events that can attract thousands. So now that we are discussing the concepts of the urban model, let’s go a list of what Kyary has done so far for urban models to realize and consider for their marketing mix. Keep in mind that what urban models should do is sit back and plot hard or get a team to plot hard on creating a strong branding campaign. This is what I think an urban model should definitely be looking at releasing for next year. Look Book. Urban models should move away from appearing in magazines and focus on publishing their own look books that have themes. These books can be print and they can also be in digital format and sold worldwide. These look books, even for urban will sell very well in worldwide urban markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell 100,000+ copies to be honest at $12.99. We will discuss look books in detail in a future article. Branded Products. Just like Kyary, these are going to be your make-up and fashion accessories that can be personalized to an urban model and sold and distributed in stores throughout the hood. The urban model can release these products at the same time of her mega-campaign and in some cases, create pop-up stores. Commercial Appearance. Our people already have studios to film commercials in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. We are expecting to use these studios to help create commercials featuring urban models to promote products and services in our community. If a t-shirt and hat store is opening up in Tampa, we can setup where an urban model can book a studio in Atlanta to do the commercial shoot. Media Appearance. Expect to see urban models perform in small IPTV skits and not as some stripper or some crap like that. Promotional Appearance. Guest judges on panels, taking pictures on a store opening, be the guest manager of a store serving ice cream and stuff like that will all be managed with urban models. Summary So I know this is a lot of information out there for urban models to read and digest but the truth of the matter is that we are going to transform that whole industry from a bunch of scummy cats running shady promotions and publications and horny audience of $40K/year brothas to a model driven by sistas doing it for themselves and for the other sistas out there. So look out for our announcement in 2013 (we will be making a lot of major announcement in 2013) about the new business model framework for urban models and at the same time, we ask urban models to start planning for and creating their mass marketing campaigns and study success models like Kyary Paymu-Paymu. By the way, congratulations to Kyary for winning the Vogue Japan 2012 Woman of the Year!!!

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  1. Pure brillance. The way you break down the particulars in her practices is something Black Enterprise would never do nor have the mind too. Elaborate please on how the model mangament company makes money? Would it take a commission on all revenue the model generates or would it charge a flat fee to join the agency? How does the mangament company generate cash flow?

  2. Hello Dreams and Hustle,

    I truly agree with your synopsis of the Urban Model, but find some of your research a little flawed. In Japan and other Asian cultures, you have a distinct difference in fads that transcend those areas. For most of those cities, the name of the game is to stand out within what’s considered the norm. The young black lady started branding herself within that market. I think your observation is great. I only think in an Asian Market it works a hell of a lot better in that area then in America, unless you’re established. (Example PSY’s Gangnum Style). That entire song is about what you’re speaking of. Here in America I guess someone like Nicki Minaj would fit what you’re saying.

    I think it’s hard for a no name model to achieve any of those attributes in an “Urban” state of mind. Whereas I agree that a change should be made, you’re talking about a complete change in a market that really doesn’t create an income for them. I’m curious to see what’s in your plans for a blueprint to changing the culture of the Urban Model philosophy. I myself have been creating a different take on model promotions. I hate the negative mindset that most “Urban Models” have about the industry. I think the problem is the mindset and lack of creativity… So I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s new for you in the new year.. Your Creativeness does impress me. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks Carlos for the insightful reply and your comments are well-received. I wish more people like you provide commentary on business topics like this to promote discussion.

      “I only think in an Asian Market it works a hell of a lot better in that area then in America, unless you’re established.”

      I think this is the part we have to disagree based on my research. If you break down the American market to a subculture such as African-American community or Hispanic community, we find it works a lot better than the Asian market in terms of quickly establishing a core base of followers before going mainstream.

      Think of rap music or house music – that started in Black communities at the neighborhood level in Black and Hispanic communities. Then it spread to our other communities and was solid before going mainstream and global. J.Lo and Kim. K started in the New York scene and the Los Angeles scene locally in the Black and Hispanic communities and were celebrated by these local cultures before going mainstream.

      The African-American and Hispanic subcultures are well-established in dozens of urban markets and we have not tapped into that resource to use to our own benefit. That is the missing link and our research on the Asian market is not their culture, but their high-density urban logistics and processes we are after to apply to our markets.

      “Whereas I agree that a change should be made, you’re talking about a complete change in a market that really doesn’t create an income for them.”

      Are you saying publishing a “look book” will not create income? Sponsorship deals with businesses and appearances in commercials will not create income? Selling women-related items to a women audience on fashion and beauty? Your argument runs contrary to how J.Lo and KimK or even someone like Kyary is succeeding and doing so well.

      I find it hard for you to justify how the current revenue model for an urban model (photo shoots/rap video appearance/club appearance/dating rappers who didn’t recoup) is more lucrative than what I just described, please explain. If I’m correct, some chick (“Super Head?”) who wrote a tell-all book on dating and screwing rappers made more money from her publishing efforts (which women bought up) than all of these urban models put together!

  3. Good analysis here. I do freelance photography work with female models and will be sharing the information in this article with them.

  4. Love the article but here’s the major problem with your mission: “The Urban Market and the Urban Model go hand in hand meaning that the urban model exists because the urban market exists. The urban market IS urban men magazines like King, Smooth and Straight Stuntin and music videos.

    Urban models gain notoriety for themselves through these mags. They can become household names in the “hood” because guys (and girls) saw them in King, Smooth or in a video on Worldstar, or their photos on a blog , instagram or twitter.

    W/o the urban market/ men magazines you have no urban model thus you have no market to market to…men or women who may become fans of these women. What do you expect…for the urban market and urban mags to disappear? Because that’s what would happen. You need an urban model who has made a name for herself through urban media to brand, promote, get on TV etc and to target to women like what Blac Chyna (a former stripper/ big butt model) is doing with her eye lash line.

    And then there’s the urban model mentality to deal with. 90% of them are not business minded and think with their assets not their brains which is why they use their behinds in the first place…to get in urban mags. They would rather host parties in strip clubs and take selfies of their backside and put it on instragram to get more guys to like their pics and follow them than to sit down and meet with you over a cup of coffee to discuss business with you concerning their modeling careers and future.

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