Transform Sistas from Broke Butt Models into a Billion Dollar Branding Industry

In our strategy to build economic empowerment in the hood, our base foundation is building out the communication framework. The communication framework consist of media and marketing business models and workflows such as IPTV, digital signage, magazines, display advertising and lights and effects. Creating a communication framework is critical for Black business as the biggest problem for Black business is not having a way to get the word out about their business to consumers. In our research studying other cultures one of the things that sticks out like a sore thumb, well let me give some examples. When I was traveling in Latin America, I went to this club and the sistas were dressing like J.Lo and trying to look like J.Lo. Jennifer Lopez is making some crazy money, more money than Jamie Foxx who was calling her “J-Ho” back in the days. A few weeks ago, I was at Lenox mall and ran into this Eastern European chick who looked exactly like Kim Kardashian with the Armenian face and thickness and long hair. There are plenty of sistas out there trying to look like her and buying her products and she is making money too. Now, let’s look at these butt models that appeared in King Magazine – what the heck are they doing special and what kind of money they ain’t making? Showing up at a party for an appearance fee? But here is the funny part – these butt models show up at a party and you see women coming out supporting them and these butt models still haven't got the clue! The moral of the story here and what I’m trying to drive home is sistas need to stop the butt modeling game and start targeting women as their market demographic. J.Lo and Kim Kardashian supposed to be the it girl with a booty, right? But these two ladies ain’t making money off broke ass brothas who like looking at ass – they making their millions targeting women as their customer base. So sistas better get a damn clue that this butt modeling and video vixen and dudes making horny comments in the comment section ain’t the business or where the money is at. The money is creating a brand image and promoting it to women who got money and will spend a lot of money on that brand. All a broke dude is going to do is buy King Magazine which probably paid a butt model only $5,000 for the photo shoot and broke dude send it to his boy in prison to jerk off on. A sista will buy branded lipstick, eyeliner, jeans, shirt, blush, perfume, music, clutch bag, several fashion magazines, hair pins, falsies, show up to take pictures at an paid appearance, buy the book and all that other ish from a sista promoting her body and physique as a marketing tool. And because of that fact alone, that is why me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents is hell-bent on destroying this broke ass butt modeling game and moving the sistas towards self-branding towards their own gender. The question cats are probably asking right now is what is our stake in these butt models and why are we even interested in this? The reason is because we see plenty of opportunities and potential in the branding industry for these models to thrive in hood-based retailing and marketing. We realize these sistas should stop being butt models and start being branded and have products to sell in the hood among all of the large metropolitan areas and in cities. They can appear in advertising on digital signage promoting products and get paid for it. They can open a pop-up store featuring their own branded items or make an appearance at a store carrying their branded items in a hood somewhere. They can run their own fashion and beauty mini-shows for IPTV while promoting their products. These sistas got a lot of real money and opportunities in front of them instead of some $5,000 butt modeling crap. But most important, we need to realize in the Black community we can be more profitable if we become positive. That negative stuff is bigots throwing money at negative people to show a negative image of us. You explain to me how the hell Jennifer Lopez got a music video with 600 million views – she didn't make that kind of numbers being ratchet and negative - she got there creating a song that has global reach and promoting her own global brand. We going to get the message out to Black people all this self-hate negative crap going in Boule Black media ain’t the business and ain’t the real money. The real money is when Black people start promoting positive and uplifting things. Show me the person who says negative sells and I will show you someone who don’t know what the fuck they talking about. Good looking sistas do not need to be self-degrading butt models and will make more money, a hell of a lot more money being positive and targeting sistas by branding. We already know that and our goal is to get as many butt model sistas out of that game and move them into being brands that can help other businesses as well as create their own ventures to stack paper. We already identified business models and opportunities for sistas and the next article on this topic will break those business models down.

13 thoughts on “Transform Sistas from Broke Butt Models into a Billion Dollar Branding Industry

  1. I totally agree! I’m squeezing my way into the entertainment world & using my looks as my platform. BUT I refuse doing so my taking off my clothes. I have too much self respect for that! Thanx for this! 🙂

  2. Well I’m certianly no butt model so I have to use my brain. Lol. Anyway I was watching basketball wives and the girls were arguing over who got the King Magazine cover. But one has a lingerie line and the other has a swimwear line. If they were smart they would f the King Magazine because it will not give them global exposure to get these lines sold. Women across the globe need swimwear and want to look sexy. I loves me some lingerie and I don’t even have a man to flaunt it for so these people need to cut it out with the bickering over nonsense and put their head in the game for something bigger.

  3. @MissLooney – you are right, there is no need to disrespect yourself as the facts are plain and simple – those who respect themselves earn way more money and have more opportunities.

    @Tiara – good comments. The one void we is seeing is there are no good women-orientated magazines for this content and most women look at King. If I was a sista, I would be working hard to create a Queen magazine for the women…

  4. Ed,
    I’m in LA where every sista claims to be a model/actor/singer and 80% of those same sista’s are broke. The money is creating a brand image and promoting it to women who got money to spend. i.e. Jessica Simpson, Kathy Ireland, Tyra Banks. Its the holiday season for spending, can you expand on breaking the business model down. In previous articles you dropped good hustle with Virtual retailing. You mentioned recruiting college butt models to promote shoes or clothing on Facebook with affiliate links to order. Putting up flyers around college campus cork boards and craigslist bluntly saying “Hey Girl, Got a Round Butt? Make Money Off Facebook!” to sell your t-shirts, heels, purses or customized kicks on Facebook. Can you expand?

  5. Ed
    I have been on the movement for our success in our communities. I have developed more avenues of ideas with just the QR code technology. I am putting together my holiday hustle right now using the idea to create QR shopping posters for the holidays. Then as I build my own database I am going to create a independent delivery service out of the in-store posters. I am also creating some Advertising mail fliers that offer exclusive scan now deals in my local African American newspaper that will be a front to back product page of items or service to sell. I am going to get into the hair venture and branding products me and my homegurl already in talks about it. OMG!! soooo much more to get into. This is truly a door open. I wanted to get more assistance on how to connect my database, Go Daddy account and paypal. Also how would you suggest I begin marketing my mail fliers and posters? I have used facebook, craigslist, linked In. But I want to get more local merchants attracted to get my workflow going. Thats what I want to accomplish and master and would like some more input on it.

    ahhh anyways keep posting I’m listening and on the team.

  6. That is exactly what needs to take place in our HOODS. We have to take control of our own destiny. What you are giving us is GREATLY needed. Keep giving us the REAL REALITY.

  7. Ed,

    Check out and the article “Women Must Advertise Their Unique Feminine Features.” This is a place for everything that inspires Black women to be elegant, feminine, lovely, and beautiful. She wrote a great article similar to your topic.

    Can you expand on creating a Billion Dollar Branding Industry for our Black Women?

  8. I like big butts and I can not lie… (Sir Mix-Alot voice), but it seems as if you’re blaming the butt models for using their “ass”sets to support themselves. Not everyone has the business acumen to move on to bigger and better things. I would hope that some of the smart women commenting on this blog would reach out to them and offer some support and direction.

  9. I was just having this talk with my daughter, she’s 15 and I put in her first hair extensions this holiday weekend. She wants to know how the hell black women spend so much loot on on hair but we don’t own a piece of this pie. I to am working on a hustle and its big (I want big things for the westside of Chicago, at least thats were I want to start). This is certainly something that is doable for us females in the black community. We should be the Boss in this game. I don’t wear hair extensions, but as a creative person I respect your right to do so. I think of the hair game the same way I think of the clothing and accessories game, there is not just one style. Thank you for putting it out there. I too am on the team!

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