Using Jesus Birthday to Discuss Gun Control and the African-American Community

In America, there are always three sides to any political hot issue – the liberal side, the conservative side and what really goes down in the hood. When it comes to guns in America, you have the liberal side wanting to ban assault rifles, the conservative side that wanting to proliferate assault rifles and the hood side where we going to deal with guns and gun violence regardless of what everybody else got to say about this issue. African-Americans are going to have to stop talking this liberal and conservative bullcrap because quite frankly, White people and their White communities don’t have the level of gun violence or violence period we brothas and sistas have to deal with on a day in and day out basis. If they did, they would realize the West Side and South Side of Chicago have plenty of child size caskets being sold to bury young victims of gun violence. Before we get started, let’s put it out there – both President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama should be ashamed of themselves and history will present their legacy ignoring the violence going on in Chicago claiming the lives of innocent children. I was just as disappointed as any real Black person from the hood looking at President Obama is up there crying about some Sandy Hook stuff – rich White kids. But President Obama don’t appear to care about kids dying on the South Side and West Side of Chicago, their hometown. President Obama does not care about Black people. Liberal Argument – Only the Police and Military Should Have Assault Weapons The liberal position is ignore the constitutional and civil right of having the right to bears arms. That right is the cornerstone of the Constitution as the 2nd Amendment and there is zero chance that right will be infringed and cannot be infringed by the Supreme Court or amended by Congress. However, the liberals want to scream about who they think should own what kind of weapons, promoting a nanny state mentality. They want to say that only the military and police should have assault weapons. I actually heard a Black politician wannabee on Facebook say that ish and I tore right into his dumb ass very hard to the point he ran with his tail between his legs. I better not ever hear a Black person say something as stupid as only the military and police should have assault weapons. Like the police and military are friends and protectors of Black people - talk to the cats during the Watts riots if there is any confusion. Even worse, the liberals don’t even know what an assault weapon is! There are real assault weapon that are mil-spec and the average cat on the street cannot buy or find mil-spec ammo nor can even afford a real assault weapon! Also, I have never heard in my life, never heard in my life a true assault weapon been used in any commission of a crime in recent times because those weapons are quite frankly bought and used primarily by middle-aged White males as an expensive hobby. The majority of mass shootings have been done with pistols and animal hunting grade rifles that may cosmetically look like an assault rifle. Liberals do not appear to even want to solve the problem of gun violence. What the liberals want is to take the AR-15 away from these White males as a form of “emasculation” and control over them and that’s really the hardcore truth. I want to take your assault rifle because it threatens me and I don’t like you – that’s what the liberals are really saying. That’s why you see liberals saying something as stupid as “you think you are a man with that gun?” or “you think you bad with that gun?” – let some liberal come in the hood and say that ish to a thug with a gun and that thug will show you how bad they are with a gun. Conservative Argument – An Armed Society is a Civilized Society The conservative position is the more good people that have guns, the more deterred the bad guys will be. That’s a nice concept but unfortunately, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Mexico pretty much proven that pipe dream wrong a long time ago. The more people have guns, the more people will clique up their guns like a small militia and this is where the NRA thinking is flawed. See, when you hear the conservatives talk their fantasy scenarios about some old woman shooting a ninja breaking into her home, a White male pull out his concealed weapon on a bunch of ninjas that was following him and turn the tables. The conservatives are always dreaming up this fantasy scenario where they have 5-15 seconds to react by getting out their gun and showing those ninjas who is boss and daring those ninjas to go ahead and make his day. The conservatives and NRA are actually correct on this subject on gun control and every African-American should have the conservative position on the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from all forms of tyranny and oppression. You are not a free African-American if you do not understand the 2nd Amendment and I do not talk, debate or chit-chat with self-oppressed Negroes who are too stupid to understand the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. The problem with the conservatives is not that they are correct; the problem is they are not realistic. Like I said before, USA ran in Iraq with superior weapons and firepower but the insurgents responded to that “bring it on” comment, didn’t they? Also, the longest war the USA been in was not against another military nation but against a bunch of goat-herding Taliban cats in Afghanistan. Those goat-herding AK-47 cats took on both the Soviet Union and the United States of America, don’t try and pretend otherwise. An armed society is not a civilized society because it makes the assumption of gunplay in an individualism context instead of collectivism context. That’s why they do not allow guns at public places because that will end up to be one nasty firefight with a lot of bystanders getting killed. Guns do not run society; it is the other way around where society runs the guns, the biggest flaw in the conservative argument. The Hood Perspective In the African-American community in the hood, we don’t have ideology about guns, we have reality about guns because guns are real in our community and guns shoot and kill people every day in our community. The reality is in the hood is guns are not the problem nor the solution and we hood cats already figured this out which is why they don’t talk to us real cats about gun control and just argue gun control among White people who are not exposed to gun violence or threat of gun violence on a daily basis. The problem is the act of violence, not guns. And President Obama and the NRA and the liberals have said absolutely nothing about preventing acts of violence or reducing the impact of acts of violence occurring. The goal isn’t to control guns or proliferation of guns – the goal should be to prevent children from being exposed to any dangerous condition, including gun violence. The goal should be to identify when attackers are plotting and detect movements when attackers are executing. See, President Obama should be ashamed of himself and President Obama is full of hypocritical shit because President Obama has taken that pre-emptive and targeted strike strategy with his drone wars and surveillance program on the war against Al-Qaida and foreign terrorism. Also, the White House is not protected by a bunch of guns, it is protected by a bunch of countermeasures and protocol to get the President and all White House occupants to safety. And Because We STEM-Focused Military-Grade Hood Cats Know What We Know.... With that said, we hood cats from the West Side of Chicago who are military grade already know the answer to prevent another Sandy Hook mass shooting and that is to establish a framework of countermeasures and protocols and that has nothing to do with gun control or the 2nd Amendment. For example, like the rich people have a “safe room” where they can hide that is bullet proof and hidden from view, all school classrooms should have a “safe room” where they can hide in a retrofitted closet or crawl space that is bullet proof. There need to be RFID enabled IDs and security gates that only allow children and staff enter or even be acknowledged in the hallways. Smart cameras that can detect object movements and weird patterns that can be sent to a central location to respond such as a car approaching and parking funny in front of the building – things like that with today technology can be picked up in a video feed and analyzed by artificial intelligence in seconds. When it comes to gun violence in the hood, me and my people already worked on a top secret project that involve the use of land-based drones (that can be controlled worldwide) that can hide under cars, on rooftops or in small spaces, RFID and video cameras with artificial intelligence that can take a whole damn block and detect the thugs with facial recognition, overlay with satellite maps and we gather intelligence on these punk ass corner thugs and detect and predict with better accuracy if a fight or shooting, a drive-by shooting or a home invasion is about to occur and be able to react almost before it happen. Jesus Not the Only One that Knows What’s Up With this Whole Gun Argument These cats can talk all day long about gun violence but we hood cats know what’s real. But here is the thing while the liberals talk about taking away guns from legal owners and conservatives talk about proliferation of guns with a flawed “Cold War” mentality of game theory mutual destruction – both President Barack Obama and Congress know the damn truth that preventive and pre-emptive countermeasures to acts of violence is the solution because they already applying it in national security strategies. Let’s sum up this article about the story in China where the guy came in and stabbed 20 or more Chinese school children versus the Sandy Hook school shooting. I actually heard some idiots and maybe an article on CNN that said the 20 or more kids in China lived versus the 20 or more kids in Sandy Hook died. That stupid idiot or that CNN article is too dumb to realize this is not about knife versus guns but about preventing acts of violence from ever occurring! An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure – we have real technology today to employ what we already using to minimize casualties in our Middle East wars and most of this technology is already available in the US technology sector. We already have protocols and countermeasures, the same ones that protect the US President and the White House that can be used to protect school children from future mass shooting. So on Jesus birthday, we hood cats are saying we know what the real issue is and the President and Congress know what the real issue is and stop distracting us with gun control and do some real things to protect our communities and schools from acts of violence instead of having CNN and other media outlets use acts of violence in their news reporting to get ratings as a profit model.

3 thoughts on “Using Jesus Birthday to Discuss Gun Control and the African-American Community

  1. Why aren’t countries you mentioned (Mexico, Pakistan, etc) using these countermeasures if they are so effective.

    -Merry Xmas!

    1. Merry Xmas Caged Lion!

      I believe the rich and elite class in these other countries are using protocols and countermeasures to prevent kidnappings and other targeted crime against them and their family. The other countries like Pakistan used to be a military dictatorship and rule by the gun while Mexico used a military response to narco-terrorism, which explains why they in the mess they are in.

  2. Life is cheap in the hood, and unless and until that simple matter of fact changes, nothing else about the level of violence present there is going to. Saw Django yesterday, and that movie was the best and most entertaining depiction of the core feudal reality that life has been – and will once again become – astonishingly cheap in America.

    Life has always been cheap throughout the Americas and nowhere is this more straight up, simple, and plain than in Mexico which is reverting to naked feudalism.

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