2013 Extrapolation Techniques for the Sistas to Start Ballin Like a Boss

This year, sistas are going to have to take a deep reflective moment and accept they live in a current environment hostile to the identity of a free Black woman. But sistas also have to realize they have to seize control of their fate and establish true financial and growth independence and free themselves from living a life seeking validation and acceptance from others. As we do our research and document next generation business models for brothas and sistas to get their money and power up, we cannot help but notice all of the opportunities that got sistas name all over it. But here is the thing – sistas have to do it, we brothas cannot do it and do it the way it should be done. All I can do is take you to the Stairmaster machine and tell you sistas to step your game up but it’s so much out there in 2013 for sistas who want to go and get it. Let me start off saying the most important thing – it is in the best economic and financial interest of Black women to elevate the mentality of Black women from this trivial reality TV show and other ratchet ass consumerism. Do not let Oprah Winfrey be the only smart sista to realize out how much money and unlimited opportunity is there to spiritually uplift sistas in a positive who will in turn fund and continue to support her empire. When Dream and Hustle and upcoming Hustle Space talk about business models such as IPTV, retailing and media content in the digital connected age, sistas are the one that stands to gain the most if they apply themselves. In this article, we want sistas to learn how to perform extrapolation to start forming business models and ideals they can apply here. Extrapolation 101 for the Sistas According to the dictionary, the definition of extrapolate is to project, extend, or expand (known data or experience) into an area not known or experienced so as to arrive at a usually conjectural knowledge of the unknown area. When we say extrapolate, we are stating do research worldwide in known markets looking for trends and patterns and expand on those trends and patterns towards how it can apply to your personal hustle as a sista. For example, Dream and Hustle years ago ran across an interesting business model called micro-mall or cube shops. These are consignment shops that rent out small cubes that allow side hustlers and part-time entrepreneurs sell their goods. Check out the video below of a cube shop in Hong Kong and notice the traffic and browsing and the arrangement setup in the mall: Now, we also talk about QR code shopping on this blog and that is picking up very fast. QR Shopping is very powerful and lucrative and people want to play with their mobile phones in hub crowded areas and transactions start happening almost immediately. Now, check out this QR Shopping case study in Stockholm and notice the print design and wall-like setup: Question for the sistas - how do you extrapolate from the two videos you just saw? In the Hong Kong video, you saw a window display that engaged customers but didn’t see QR codes to conduct transactions. In the Stockholm video, you saw people conducting transactions with their mobile phone but there was no physical items, just photos. You sistas should extrapolate or project or extend from these two videos the unique business model of a QR code driven cube shop that can display products for sale almost anywhere. See, you sistas just invented a new business model by extrapolating from the two videos above and you can create unattended displays that can sell make-up kits and heels and purses in “cube stores” that can be placed in hair salons for the ladies to browse, or setup at the Black Expo or For Sistas Only here in Atlanta this coming fall. Or setup at a hotel chain nationwide with one of those supplier diversity contract. See, you sistas just created a whole new hustle business model for yourself that no dude like me can ever create or suggest because we dude can’t think like that. That is the art of extrapolation and what I want you sistas to start researching to start coming up with business models by looking all over the world at trends and patterns and learn to apply all of their good qualities into unique business models you can apply as a Black women to the Black women market. Again, I’m a damn dude – I cannot tell you sistas how to hustle to your own. Ain’t no Black woman magazine or blog trying to tell you sistas how to hustle or get your paper up either. You have to learn this skill in 2013 to start creating some serious unique business models to establish and start ballin hard on these cats. Now with that said, let’s go through three examples with you sistas to help you learn how to observe practices and patterns worldwide and apply them to hustles meant for sistas. Extrapolation of IPTV Content Studying Kyary PaymuPaymu I love Kyary PaymuPaymu – she is like so amazing and more sistas need to be watching this Harajuku sista do her thing in action. What you are looking at is a 10-minute video that airs in Japan that Kyary does to promote the Harajuku scene and fashion. Now, look at the video as a sista and just observe. Okay, here are what I want to point out – this is exactly the kind of videos I want Black people to produce for our upcoming IPTV framework. This is exactly what I been talking to Black independent filmmakers on and telling them this is what I demand from them and what we really need – I don’t need another cheap ass production Black movie, these type of short videos is what we need. Notice the video feature young ladies who are doing everything things and acting like what? They are acting like young ladies!!!! That’s right – Kyary had created a video showcasing young ladies who do girl things and in 10-minutes pack content to create fashion and apply makeup and other techniques. This is the type of positive media programming we should be doing for our Black sistas here in America. Are these sistas fighting each other or are they in the video helping each other? Black women in media production should definitely study the essence of this kind of video and package it up for young sistas here in America. It is just a 10-minute video and some cat in college can do all the slick Japanese style editing in the same fashion. I hate to break the bad news but I already know for a fact Black women love Tokyo fashion and travel there and live there and read those Japanese comic novels. Who wears $1,000 Japanese jeans – oh, now you sistas are getting the picture, huh? Start studying what Black women like, understand the Harajuku scene and how they promote the image of free women and extrapolate that science to build up sistas to have that same free image so they can have consumer confidence to buy products and services among themselves. Pop-Up Retailing Experience From the Sephora Store The Sephora pop-up store using a converted container is definitely a case study for sistas. In the video above, there are so many things a sista can observe to apply to their own hustle. Can a sista scale this business model down and create a mobile solution that can visit college campuses filled with young ladies? Is this really a store or a wonderful experience of looking good and learning how to apply makeup techniques? Also, did you notice the Twitter photo booth at 1:01 in the video? Couldn’t they also use a Facebook photo booth that allows sistas to post pictures of themselves? Can’t this create viral marketing and potentially more customers? Isn’t this the kind of social media, real social media campaigns that sistas can start leveraging in their own hustles catering to sistas? Setup this pop-up store at jazz festivals and soul festivals, at colleges and universities? Go on the road, get away from that crappy corporate job and meet sistas all over and build up a brand or a pop-up store that can go everywhere. I also could not help but notice all of the beautiful New York sistas, man I love some New York sistas but let me get back on topic. I think a business model like this is definitely doable and can be done by a team of sistas. In some way, I see this business model really working internationally where sistas can be in Atlanta, go to London, go to Toronto and go to South Africa. They can setup mobile pop-up units and have a nice theme and probably grow to create their own cosmetic brand. Again, beauty and fashion – you sistas have to remember that only you know about this stuff and know what sistas want and sistas will hang out together to visit this spot and spend their money at. Tryvertising Model Out in Shibuya, Japan This business model was the decision that made Dream and Hustle decide to go to Japan. We heard about a place called LCafe in Shibuya, Tokyo that was a café designed for Japanese women to hang out at after hours to wait for a taxi and hang out with girlfriends. But the LCafe had a section for women to pick out free sample items to try out if they had a token after purchase. I was extremely interested in this business model. Obviously the goal in tryvertising stores is catered to women and women that blog about products to other sistas to promote sample products that are new and not yet released to market to promote feedback or spread virally among the inner circle of sistas. I want you sistas to fully understand why this business model is not really in America – because the only demographic this tryvertising business model would really work is on the inner city Black/Latino diva. The reason why I say that is because the hood chicks live in high density urban cities and it is not unusual for these sistas to have 4,000 Facebook friends easily. You as a sista entrepreneur need to look very carefully and understand why these tryvertising stores are choosing the markets they are choosing. They are choosing high-density inner city markets filled with women who can talk and chat it up with each other. Now you as a sista should automatically see the opportunity and look at the business model again. Look at how you sistas spread word of mouth to support movies and TV series like Scandal. I know marketers are fully aware of Black and Hispanic women as a consumer demographic they would like to market too effectively and a sista can provide the tryvertising model that does deal with major companies to promote products and get feedback. I really want a sista to think about the power of having a list of sistas who are influencers who come to their tryvertising store and try out products – that is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to drive products and services among local Black entrepreneurs as well. This kind of store now allow a new sista who just release her own vodka brand called Trinzkia to have sample bottles for sistas in your tryvertising store, the influential sistas with 4,000 Facebook fans spread word about the new Vodka and Trinzkia is the new ish all the sistas are now drinking at the club. That’s how a sista can empower local entrepreneurs with the tryvertising model mixing both local entrepreneurs and name brands. Summary Sistas should realize at this point they have so many sista-related opportunities to start balling on these cats out there and get her money up and doing it her way. However, sistas have to learn how to research and discover trends and patterns worldwide and learn to extrapolate business models that are custom designed for do business with sistas by sistas. Remember, a brotha like me cannot relate to what sistas like in terms of fashion and beauty and that is for sista entrepreneurs to research and understand themselves. In order for sistas to start creating forward-looking business models, they should learn how to effectively extrapolate from trends and patterns they are seeing worldwide in other markets where women are a strong consumer base. Tokyo and Harajuku is one of those markets. Some good suggestions are sistas start sharing web sites and data among each other and meetup once every two weeks or even to a conference call to discuss business models. Use resources like PInterest to post photos and create a Facebook groups dedicated to sistas to clip articles on trends and patterns to establish new business models for sistas. I hope as a result of this article, sistas realize it is so much opportunity they can create for themselves and target their own sistas in a positive, uplifting matter that is also very profitable.

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