2013 – The Year of Black Creative Construction and Black Creative Destruction

Welcome to 2013 and I want to wish everybody a prosperous and joyful New Year. I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is going to be both a challenging and rewarding year for all of us. The world around us will not be kind in 2013. And for cats trying to maintain their current situation, 2013 will be devastating to them. For those sistas and brothas who finally realized they need to think different, hustle or die trying are going to find 2013 an exciting year. Over here with me and my crew, we are engaged in both creative construction and creative destruction of ourselves, our people, out community and culture and our future outlook. In order words, we will be building up and helping our brothas and sistas but at the same time, actively working to tear down through creative destruction the Black status quo that is holding our people back. That’s right – for the first time in history, we have decided it is the best interest of Black America to conduct Black-on-Black operations against the propped-up Black status quo in order to progress our people. But we won’t be going after them personally, we are going directly after their machines and marginalize and terminate if necessary. This is known as creative destruction and in 2013 and a necessary step we have to take. One of the biggest lies perpetuated by the Black status quo over the years is them trying to tell me and you that all we have to do is come up with a better plan than the BS they currently putting out. Then you got cornballs quietly supporting the status quo trying to tell us to just focus on doing better and leave them alone. There is also some Nation of Islam saying about holding a dirty glass next to a clean glass and people will know which one to choose. Sorry, but me and my people decided it would be a lot easier to just pick up the dirty glass and throw it against the fucking wall. So with that said, let’s talk about 2013 and what’s in store for brothas and sistas from our camp. Hope you are as excited as I am – I been waiting a long time for this moment. Creative Destruction Creative destruction is the process of bringing out new innovation and processes that will intentionally or unintentionally take out current processes or status quo. For example, 24/7 global availability of digital download media taking out 10-6 retail operations of physical media that has to rent physical space, hire sales staff and store inventory of unsold physical items. If you want to take out these Black status quo cornballs who are in our way and keep trying to make themselves seem special or important to us, you employ creative destruction against everything they claim to their fame with the goal of shutting that shit down. Boule Black Media. These are the Black media that been around for decades promoting who’s who uppity lists like Top 100 Negroes and ish like that. They do not have the 18-35 market and we take that market from them to creatively destroy them. We will also target their advertisers and make sure either their advertisers get a clue or we target the advertisers that are propping up these Boule Black media outlets. Negative Black Radio. The way Black radio work is they try to embed themselves in the community. What we learned is most Black consumers has streaming devices from Apple devices to Android devices on them personally. Also we studies who advertise on Black radio stations and realize what kind of audience they are really after. We will go directly after their audience and advertisers and provide a lower zero sum alternative than what Black radio can offer. Negative Black TV Programming. This is going to be hard and costly but not impossible. I have been working with Black film and Hollywood talent in 2012 and we will build out a framework of IPTV markets in local high density zones to build new Black media programming outside of cable and network programming. When Black people see casting calls, see someone from their community in an movie on-demand, they will chase the local money faster than patronizing negative Black TV programming and we betting on that strategy. While we were talking about creative destruction Black media above, the overall goal is to establish an effective communication framework for the Black community and ship these self-hating Boule Black media off somewhere. Most of them are already failing and on the way down anyway because their business model cannot sustain the changing “urban demographic” that was once thought of as Black. What we cannot creatively destroy is loudmouth pundits and do-nothing politicians and preachers in our communities. We cannot creatively destroy teachers who ain’t teaching our kids anything in public or charter schools. The only thing we can do is win the hearts and minds of the people who have to deal with or choosing to deal with these morons in our community. However, let me make something clear – I only care about the kids who are not being taught while everybody else who is following others and being fans worshippers can eat ish and die for all I care. Creative Construction Creative Construction is creating new and innovating ways to solve our problems and act upon opportunities and take positive advantage of them. Creative construction involves thinking outside the limited box Black people are conditioned to and start looking globally all over the world for patterns and practices we can apply to our hustles. In addition, creative construction involves the use of STEM, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Be about STEM and not these fools pretending they are smart but real cats like me who know this STEM shit and eat and breathe this STEM shit like we trying to get 4.0 GPAs and shit. So that means yall Black people better understand when you see us as a Black-orientated media start talking about Japanese business models, see us talk about engineering and technical codes to get things done. This ain’t about some worthless sense of Black pride and we ain’t trying to hate on our own race. Get that limited ass thinking out of your head and realize we as a people don’t have all the damn answers encapsulated within our own community and it don’t work like that. Instead, come to realize that Black people should have been doing this global learning and knowledge gathering from the beginning instead of trying to make ourselves feel Black and proud or whatever. Next Generation Side Hustles. The goal is to get brothas and sistas who are currently working jobs into side hustles that involve technology using their computer. In fact, we are looking to creatively destroy stuff like multi-level marketing and that crap and replace with real hustles that self-empower and really create multiple revenue streams without BS hype stories and fronting. Stuff like tablet powered catalogs to sell and get commissions among peers, QR codes to help creating marketing and providing web services as an information broker to get paid. New Retailing Models. These are everything from creating pop-up store software and blueprints to help everybody create a “retail store for the hood out the box” to creating micro-malls that use QR codes and also using QR shopping walls to allow people to use mobile phones to interact with smart posters. Also, we are seeing an increase in the Samsung Galaxy SIII by hood cats that offer NFC and we will be using that feature as well as QR codes. Geospatial-Orientated Models. These are going to be the augmented reality applications, virtual pop-up stores, geo-fencing in major hubs to sell items in a time/place context and business finders and treasure hunt style games to search for clues around Black businesses and receive prizes to a lucky winner. Besides, I really need to meet some more cute girls here in Atlanta so you definitely will see me running these treasure hunt games on the weekends. New Media. This involves the creation of new media models to help everybody from “urban models” to film producers and independent music artists distribute their music and sell directly to customers. We will be working with bloggers from hip-hop bloggers to celebrity bloggers and provide them with frameworks to distribute their media to their audience and in some ways, see paid content models as a result. Digital Money. I really would like to call this digital transaction because this will involve more than currency. We will be doing stuff like DBEXX that is binary option trading as well as daily deals and local deals to help promote local businesses to build up economies. The goal we need to do more than anything is create transactions. In 2013 Nothing Stopping Us But Us As you read, 2013 is going to be a very promising and active year, especially for our camp. I hope many of you brothas and sistas are just as exciting as I am. I have a long list of things to accomplish and I'm planning to invite you guys to hang out in London and Tokyo with me this year. The number one thing on my list is to get the Securities and Exchange Commission to implement the crowdfunding law that President Obama signed into law last year – they haven’t done this yet and we need to be on top of that. There is no reason why the SEC hasn’t put this in place. One behalf of my company Swagg-Scientific and my crew the 30 Rotten Dissidents and my personal blog Dream and Hustle, I would like to wish every last one of you a prosperous and joyful 2013 and hope you look forward to seeing how me and you will be getting it done in our goals to do for self, our people, our communities and our future.

6 thoughts on “2013 – The Year of Black Creative Construction and Black Creative Destruction

  1. We look forward to seeing you in London this year.I am working on introducing QR code smart walls in London
    Happy New Year

  2. I can’t agree with this post anymore! I’m here in Chicago, and am very interested in the Geospatial-Orientated Models that you speak of. Do you have any successful examples i can model my adventures from? Thanks for the truth everyone of us need to hear.

  3. I am super excited for this year. I am mapping out my hustle to progress as we speak. Thanks Ed and I wish success to all of us! Salute

  4. Very good post. thanks Ed. Happy New Year to you and your team!
    Looking forward to a very positive, productive and prosperous year for all of us!

  5. Ed, You do know Clean Energy Entrepreneurs will gain the most upside in the next few decades. What are your thoughs on the industry and strategies to incorporate the renewable energy side in our urban communities. Will you be involved in any clean energy projects?

    1. Most of what I know about clean energy is that it is done in places like China and Africa where there is a void of energy solutions.

      From my understanding, the USA cannot compete with China in terms of manufacturing clean energy and that alone put a lot of USA clean energy firms out of business.

      Also, the view among many is clean energy in the USA is viewed as a solution looking for a problem as dirty energy is considered a better choice due to economics. Even many who use tax credits for clean energy still find that existing dirty energy is still cheaper and can put off the clean energy option for now.

      I probably would look at implementing clean energy solutions outside of the USA in emerging growth markets if I was interested…

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