A Reminder to Join Dream and Hustle Facebook Page for Exclusive Content

If you have not done so already, please join our Dream and Hustle Facebook page to get access to exclusive content and expanded coverage. While the blog is really for long-winded articles, the Facebook page will contain additional content in real-time and expanded content for articles that I written here with additional content to discuss on the Facebook Page. To make people understand I'm serious, I will need 300 likes on https://www.facebook.com/dreamandhustle before I start blogging on this site again - in the meantime, I will be focusing on providing content on Facebook and promoting Dream and Hustle Facebook group until I get those 300 likes. I got a lot of stuff to talk about and a lot of articles but for real, help a brotha get his Facebook page up or this blog going to look like a ghost town until I get those 300 likes. But even on Facebook, I will show cats how I will promote/market to get the numbers up. When things start popping off, I will be using the Dream and Hustle Facebook page to quickly post up pictures and videos and show cats how we are hustling and getting ours on the live spot. Also, there may be things I can blog about while on the road or out in the real world. You are going to see a serious push towards a lot of expanded content on the Facebook page. If you look at the photo above for example, you will see some store fixture items or table hustle items such as the acrylic multi-level display in the back and the white bracelet holder and black watch holder – those things will be used for a live demonstration of the QR code shopping hustle powered by ShopWallStar I will be doing around Atlanta. The signs will also hold QR codes and will be part of the demonstration. Then you see the black barcode scanner – that is a state of the art QR code scanner as well as barcode scanner that you saw me demonstrate when I had the Liquiditi beverage stand open in downtown Atlanta, and the other thing is an RFID reader/writer and I will be showing how to use these things in mobile commerce hustles for the hood. I have more pet projects that I will not be blogging about but will be documenting on Facebook that you cats will miss out on if you do not join the Dream and Hustle Facebook group. The most important thing I will be blogging about is our marketing efforts. I already wrote about marketing on this blog but you will see on the Facebook page us in practice setting up our positioning to channel customers and measure our conversion rate. We will keep trying and stick to what works until you see it take off. We will practice real-world area domination in the hood. Really, things are very exciting and going on in 2013 and I don’t even write up the majority of articles I post on the blog or discuss the conversations I have with real industry professionals – not cornball bloggers but real industry professionals. In fact, I’m a real industry professional so now you can actually see one upfront and doing my thing and even meet some of my people involved in the hustle of making it happen. I really can go on and on but the truth is, I asking cats to start joining the Dream and Hustle Facebook group for expanded and exclusive content. I’m definitely looking forward to a great year ahead with all the opportunities and positive moves we both can make together.

7 thoughts on “A Reminder to Join Dream and Hustle Facebook Page for Exclusive Content

  1. Ed,
    I would like to know when and what day you will be conducting the demonstrations for the QR code and ShopWallStar? I would like to see this firsthand as i’m a ready of the blog/website. I would need to know in advance as i live 2hrs away and I’m in Tennessee.

    1. darr741

      I already provided some information on the Facebook page about that – have you liked our Facebook page? We are looking for 300 likes!!!

  2. Yes i have liked your facebook page.. i will go there… i really dont use facebook.. but thanks..


    1. Facebook can be used as an effective market to channel a message for your business. The goal is to show people in real time, real small business how it can be done and do it organically. I will be using Facebook for that purpose alone.

      1. I went to the Facebook page and could not find any dates you would be demoing the QR codes in Atlanta. Are there any dates and locations set in stone? I would like to see it in person.



        1. The first beta will be done online hopefully next week. This will allow people to test online and report bugs and feedback. Once we complete online beta, then we move into alpha phase with live testing. We got arrangements already in the ATL for alpha testing but will be in beta right now. I will keep updated on every step of the way and thank you for supporting.

          1. Ed,
            Thank you for responding.. I dont know of webstie where you post to the support line and get a personal response back.

            I am glad your doing all this but i dont know how you blog, keep the website up, beta test ..etc… keep up the good work..
            And to let you know.. I go to your website if not every other day for information.
            I just watched the Dr Claude Anderson post you put up and the information was rewarding.

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