Auto-Tune Lip Syncing Dance Track Performers are More Profitable than Self-Hating Black Performers

You know, the funny part for me is just sitting back with a big smirk watching the whole Black media/entertainment sector in absolute denial of their deteriorating existence. Let’s just get to the obvious and put it out there – Black entertainers and Black media outlets betted the farm on promoting negativity and self-hatred of themselves and our people for profits and they losing that bet. These self-hating Black artists and Black radio stations and content media are straight looking like losers who just placed fifth in the race.

Even worse is you brothas and sistas out there stupid enough to support this negative Black media crap and not smart enough to recognize to understand where the money is really at. Well, hopefully you will get a clue when we step to your face and show and tell what you probably already know but want to deny about our African-American cooning and self-hating culture while globalization and emerging economy consumers are taking over in the 21st century.

Black Performers and Black Media Strategy

The African-American media and entertainment model today is the exact same model as the Blackface minstrel shows like Amos and Andy, Al Jolson and self-hating Stepin Fetchit coon characters used to entertain a racist audience from nearly 100 years ago. Create a negative stereotype of a Black persona and Black people and sell that negative stereotype to a bigoted and self-hating audience. This model is not a random design – this is an intelligent design by certain major media outlets.

You should already realize the obvious – notice no positive Black artists are in rotation or positive Black media. Some people say that positive Black stuff doesn’t sell but those people saying that propaganda, you go and ask their ass if they did any real research – no, they didn’t. Let me give you a hint – positive media not only sells, but it dominates but let’s save that talking point later. But these media outlets have filters that only allow self-hating Blacks who talk about Black-on-Black violence, 1% wealthy materialism like Bentleys or degrading Black women to take to market.

So in response, these Black artists start making songs about shooting other Blacks, big booty women and strip clubs, make reality television shows where they full of drama and conflict that escalates and show commercials and promote media where we looking stupid or always got jokes. Then Black radio stations promote and rotate this self-hate music and some Black people subscribe to this crap not running away from poison looking for better alternatives for their own sake. Then you have clubs that promote this negative music and cats in the club want to fight and flex guns, the sistas want to see if they can trick a john by getting him to buy drinks then say they will offer some for cash with a “pimp” dude or lesbian handler not far away.

Cats wanted to argue for the longest time it is cheaper to produce and manage these self-hating rap acts than the budget required for R&B singers or rock groups. They said this crap to justify the type of music they promote. Unfortunately for the self-hate rappers and that whole industry, there was another genre out there lurking that is cheaper and already global..

Auto-Tune Lip Syncing Dance Music Performers

Now, while the rap game invented by brothas and sistas has now turned into a minstrel coon show, another genre invented by brothas and sistas took an interesting turn. The SalSoul Records movement out of New York and Philadelphia sound by Gamble and Huff in the early 70s turned into disco music in the late 70s and early 80s turned into Italian hi-energy dance music and then house music out of Chicago late 80s, techno out of Detroit and trance/rave out of Europe during the 90s with performing group like Snap!, Culture Beat and Crystal Waters. But the genre kept going strong during the 2000s with Daft Punk, Moby, Fatboy Slim and other DJ performers.

Today, what many of you young cats do not realize is this same genre known as dance music had it own alternative universe in Los Angeles and Miami and Norway – all three of these markets since the 1990s actually started promoting a more mainstream dance music format similar to pop music. And today the Southern California, Miami and Norway perfected that craft and now you see the new genre of dance music:

It cost ridiculously only a few thousand dollars to produce a dance-orientated track on a keyboard/sequencer and in some cases easier to create than a rap track on a drum machine because with hip-hop, you need a distinct drum pattern but with house music, you can use the same 4/4 124bpm beat and layer synths on top of it. Then came Autotunes and now everybody can sing on a dance track. Then you have bands and performers lip syncing at concerts that draws tens of thousands of people. And it all rolls down into this right here:

The music executives found their new gold mine – creating dance tracks that the whole world already listen to, creating a studio artist using Autotunes to sing and a persona people can admire and put them on tour lip-syncing and attract hundreds of thousands and they can tour the whole world over and over again keep making money.

Now you are seeing a whole bunch of artists jumping on this bandwagon and they are smart because they are selling more recordings and touring more venues around their world and expanded their base globally.

The Black Artists and Black Media is Looking Stupid in 2013

You know what’s comedy gold here? Do you see MC Hammer next to PSY and all around PSY nowadays? You do realize MC Hammer used to run concerts with Oaktown 357 in the background dancing, a bunch of attractive sistas and other dancers and if you haven’t figured it out, PSY is using that same template MC Hammer created back in the late 80s and early 90s. Yeah, once again we see brothas and sistas starting a genre or format and now being adopted by someone else who is getting super rich.

Don’t make no mistakes – MC Hammer got real rich off his routine back in the day. But did brothas and sistas realize this was real money or did cats, especially cats in New York started talking that “keep it real” ish and “screw MC Hammer” nonsense? Even further, did MC Hammer made the mistake of not elevating his game but spent time focusing on trying to compete with the petty Black rappers who were dissing him? These are the lessons we brothas and sistas need to understand and take away and not repeat the mistakes.

Because the truth is, you didn’t see any rappers out there for New Year Eve headlining with the exception of Pitbull, but you saw a lot of autotune lip syncing artists performing behind some dance track didn’t you? That is the sign right here and the indicator for all these Black artists that the mainstream don’t need their self-hating cooning performances anymore. They got Pitbull and PSY and if they want Black rappers, they will listen to FloRida:

So yeah, this is January 2013 and you brothas and sistas been briefed and can no longer be in denial. All you dumbass Black people wasted your damn time and energy cooning yourself, hating yourself, promoting dysfunction and division in the Black community to entertain a mainstream audience and the mainstream sent you the message they don’t care about you like that anymore. Feel stupid and yes, I’m sitting up here smirking my ass off at all of you self-hating morons out there self-hating for profit.

The Takeaway for Brothas and Sistas in 2013

The poster above featuring Roy Ayers – where do you think that venue is at? Hint, De La Soul and Mos Def just performed there also – yes, this is Hong Kong. These are not self-hating Black artists we are talking about and they can perform all around the world and book venues and sellout halls. That should give you a clue if you want to say again that positive Black music and positive Black artists do not sell.

What I just described to you guys is one of the primary indicators of how current African-American negative-reinforcing culture as we know it will be destroyed very fast and I love this kind of creative destruction. You should realize that your favorite Black radio stations are desperate and because they pigeon-holed themselves into a corner to play only negative Black music – now all Black radio can do is rotate more negative Black music on their radio stations out of desperation and find more pork chitterling eating comedians to host their radio shows and crack self-hating jokes with some Black chick laughing in the background.

All of the money shifted towards global artists who are not really artists. No one in Asia cares about lip-syncing or that the track is pre-recorded. They like seeing a stage of dancers performing to a track and they attracting thousands. In Europe, they don’t care the main act is a DJ playing prerecorded music pretending he spinning records, they are going to themed large scale events and having fun paying $80 per person at the door – you do the damn math on the return of investment and profits they getting from this!


In summary, the first thing we brothas and sistas need to recognize is we need to stop cooning and selling out and hating ourselves and think that is where the money is at. Like I said before, Black radio, Black television, these Black rappers, these ignorant Black reality television shows cannot change their tune overnight and start being positive and chase the money. They f*cked up and it’s 2013, it is what it is and you better recognize their mistakes and learn from their mistakes of being trapped in a genre of Black self-hate and can’t get out of that. Just laugh at them like I’m doing.

What you want to do and listen to me carefully- what you want to do is finally get it in your damn head that you can easily reproduce the Beyonce model of autotuning some brotha or sista to some pre-recorded dance track and ship their ass all over the world to perform dances to those tracks and get the money up. F*ck all of that real hip-hop bullsh*t because the cats in China, cats in Kuala Lumpur, cats in Barcelona, cats in Rio De Janerio, cats in Tokyo don’t want to hear that “keep it real hip-hop” sh*t – they want to hear and see autotune cats dancing to tracks and that’s the reality and where the money is at.

Focus on promoting positive music and take the path of positivity – that should be the goal of any new Black entertainer nowadays to pursue a global audience. Most of the international fine chicks I’m messing with under 30 listen to that autotuned dance music and love it. And these fine international chicks is the crowd that got money while Black women are marching like cows to see Tyler Perry, lay on the couch all night to watch reality television showing Black fighting each other and listen to some cornball Black comedian crack self-hating jokes every morning on the radio as they drive to work.

Real talk, I know some of you out there still want to cling to that self-hating Black media and my response is simple – fuck you and nobody cares about your irrelevant self-hating Black ass anyway. Now the rest of you cats out there, let’s stop this self-hating crap, let’s get money and power, go where the money is at, empower our lives and start focusing on living and consuming positive things all around us.

Self-hate Black media is dying and I say good riddance..

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