Because They Scared “All My Baby Mommas” May Reveal the Truth about How Black Women Really Get Down in the Black Community

First of all, I usually don’t comment on ATL cats because of the less than 2-degrees of separation and most of the time, I like the cats in the ATL and we operate the way real brothas and sistas should operate toward each other down here. Besides, Atlanta is not that big of a town and you will be surprised how often paths cross here with anybody Black in terms of who we run into. So one of the shows that is coming out is a show called “All My Baby Mommas” that feature Shawty Lo and a bunch of chicks who had his babies and I guess there is drama supposed to come out of that. Now, I was watching the Black community and Black pundits all up in arms and Black women are screaming the show is degrading and trying to cancel the show. I haven’t seen the show or pre-judged the show but I do want to speak as a Black man, a real Black man from the hood in America that this sounds like the most realist Black reality show and probably the most positive Black reality show ever made. The truth of the matter is Black women in America will f*ck the same ass dude, no matter how dirty his d*ck is. Now I don’t want no Black women coming to this blog with some lie or typing up some feel-good lies that “not all sistas don’t do this” – yes yall do and I’m a real brotha, don’t bullshit me or the Black community because we know better. Black women here in America will f*ck the same ass dude, no matter how dirty his d*ck is and that’s the truth. In high school, you will see Black teenage girls all pregnant by the same dude in a staggered format – all of these sistas talking among each other about dude DNA like dude got good eyes or stud features and ish like that – again, don’t come to this blog with some lying ass bullshit sistas, I grew up in the hood. You go to college, damn near every sista f*cked the same Que or Kappa dude on the campus – again, don’t come to this blog with some lying ass bullshit sistas, I went to college and pledged. On the job, the same dude is telling us all the sistas at work – all the sistas at work – he already f*cked and these sistas know each other f*cked the same dude. Again, don’t come to this blog with some lying ass bullshit sistas – I worked at plenty of companies around my own people for more than a minute. Do I need to talk about the Black women going to the same Black church? Yeah, thought so.... Any Black man who is slanging his d*ck will tell you that we can f*ck every sista on that block, hanging out at the same table at a club, or even in the same family! We can date a sista and pimp her daughter to our nephews and that’s how ignorant most of these Black women are. These Black women knowingly will do this and we learned to exploit that Jerry Springer ish about Black women always talking about they did another sista man. Sistas act like they want to outdo the next sista and we brothas play on that and have a doggy style buffet on all those silly ass sistas that grew up together or hang out together. Don’t get mad at me or any brotha out there – I don’t understand how I can easily through conversation get a sista that know I’m messing with her girlfriend to let me quickly hit it from the back, bending her over the couch and pound it hard. It ain’t us brothas - you sistas are the one with the damn problem and Shawty Lo and this “All My Baby Mommas” is putting that truth out there about you Black women you want to deny on the Internet while you watch these other phony ass reality shows that feature Black women being celebrity wives, hip hop love and all that other made-up scripted crap. Look at Shawty Lo show again “All My Baby Mommas” like he is the center of their universe and the chicks are participating. You can bet they all the sistas that had his raw semen fertilized her eggs, all of them sista know each other and love to compete against each other in this trifling manner. You bring up polygamy in the Black community and sistas want to come around talking nonsense but the truth is, sistas be f*cking us Black men and having babies from us Black men in a polygamist fashion. In fact, you have to teach your Black son about this stuff so he don’t get caught up with these Black women running that game against him. Sistas be talking about Fantasia and look at her illiterate ignorant ass doing the same ish, messing with some other dude who had a wife and family and she flaunting that ignorant crap about. Yall sistas been supporting that Fantasia ish and know you have. That’s why R.Kelly can have a video pissing on another Black women and yall sistas still want to go visit that man concert and sing his ish because you sistas didn’t give a damn, keep that ish real. This Shawty Lo reality show is doing nothing but speaking the truth about the mentality of Black women in America – they will f*ck the same ass dude, no matter how dirty his d*ck is. I probably would like to see this show and maybe it will show and expose the truth about Black women. Because let’s really go there and I will end this blog on this note. Every last one of the chicks I see as the baby momma in Shawty Lo reality show – they look like REAL BLACK WOMEN from around the way. Those sistas in that reality show look too real and authentic and the truth of the matter is, Black women watching these shows don’t want to show real sistas from the hood and how our people really get down. That’s why I say I want to see this show and I hope it expose the truth about our Black women they want to lie about, which is they all like the f*ck the same dude, no matter how dirty his d*ck is. I as a dude have played many sistas like that and many of those cliques sistas were sorority girls and Eastern Stars hanging out together and I don’t give a f*ck if you high-minded sistas have a problem with that truth. And I have dozens of first cousins on the West Side of Chicago alone – explain that ish. So don’t come to this blog with some bullshit lies about how sistas don't get down like this. Black women need to be real about how Black women are chasing some twisted form of “alpha males” in the Black community instead of putting in a genuine effort to find a good brotha in her life by going out there and get one instead of settling for dirty d*cks.

7 thoughts on “Because They Scared “All My Baby Mommas” May Reveal the Truth about How Black Women Really Get Down in the Black Community

  1. “Black women need to be real about how Black women are chasing some twisted form of “alpha males” in the Black community instead of putting in a genuine effort to find a good brotha in her life by going out there and get one instead of settling for dirty d*cks.”

    I do see this and have become very selective in choosing or even making myself available to men especially if they are husband material and want to actually be husbands with the same mentality for a good thang. To be real hustling and keeping my mind on growing a business instead of some weak boy and a child out of marriage is what I have been striving for if its not traveling seeing friends. To be real this is a major factor in our community and some of the associates I have are in denial of their immature decisions. I mean how do you not use condoms, or become blind to ignorance. I can speak as one to say NO I DO NOT CONDONE TARNISHED DICK AND HAVE NEVER SETTLED FOR IT RATHER IT WAS MONEY OR AN EGOTISTICAL IMAGE. Also I came across your blog so I’m not sure if you have met me somewhere to which you include the notion of “all of us”. Me as a sista have to go through the embarassment of being stereotyped because of women like these that are in these shows or on a daily basis. It’s disrespectful to me when I don’t wear skank shit or flaunt my ass around trying catch a thirsty fool and still get approached as if I am an item of sex appeal for them. Or people look as if I’m going to have an instant attitude when I’m a very down to earth chick, I prove people wrong everyday lol. This is good! To be fair this show will show as a vise versa deal I mean men have always slept with the same dirty vagina’s as well so It’s no real difference being that it’s women who can hold life in a womb vs a ball sack. I am real with any guy I meet, shyt I mack just like you may lol. I am single, have no kids, had no STD’s, drama, or even bought a pair of Jordan’s for a lame with my pay check (I’m stingy as hell lol) fell for them bullshyt lines those ignorant women fall for. (Trust I know I’m around ego’s all day lol it’s become amusing) Why? I was blessed with an image from my parents that didn’t appease to drugs or a thugish lifestyle. It was work hard and move up out. I do not call all my brothas thugs or criminals and no goods. Black men and women are both nasty in our communities I been peeped game. I don’t like thugs, pants sagging is gay as hell, illegal hustling doesn’t interest me, your money or personal accomplishments doesn’t interest me, rappers is a low standard of selection of husband material the list can go on. My African Queens had to have that mentality in order to run men armies lol you will see the mentality i’m on. Fuck feminisim it destroyed our brothas because they are extra sensitive as well, where are the Kings?? These posts similar to yours truly makes me feel good about myself if it’s like that. So I comment because again the generalization of those whom you never met is apparent that both black men and women are in denial of their parts played in this communities destruction (it takes two to tangle). I agree it is major but NO not all “black” women are held to this same standard of fuckery. These things you speak are not me and never been me and I can stand with FACTS behind it lol. Now lets get to the business.

    1. @Shay,

      I would say 100% of the Black people that read this blog do not represent the majority Black culture. We including me are the exception that want better. With that said I try to be a realist than be acendotal applying my personal actions and values – you nor me represent Black culture at large.

      African-American women do engage in seeking alpha male and do mate with the same guy and the geanology patterns and multiple baby mammas in one area proves this fact.

      Black relationship is Black business – we will never be empowered until we have strong and solid family and relationship values. So that is why it is discussed here in this manner.

  2. I look at this show and wonder why they are tripping when you have shows like “SisterWives”. I saw the trailer and pretty sure it is an accurate account of the stuff that goes on in their lives. I just get disgusted thinking about how he litterraly had unprotected sex with all these women. Women he for sure got pregnant. What about the ones that didn’t get pregnant? Me- Never ever thought about sleeping with the men in my church. Never ever want a man because of his youknowwhat. Hell to the No. I don’t care who is raving about it.

    But being realistic there are men who may have had sex with lots of women but never tell the new woman because he is clean and it’s not relevant. But ten kids nope. 1 maybe 2. Ten? you go ahead and run that show by yourself player. People already think the “baby daddy” can always get back. Well in my situation that is not true I rather be run over by a bus.

    1. @Tiara,

      Let’s look at Evander Holyfield for example – do we honestly believe all the women who got pregnant by the former champ didn’t know or realize he had so many kids? I cannot fault the brotha because there is only two types of sex – consensual and non-consensual. And these women definitely consented.

  3. Can we say 99% instead of 100%.
    I begin to question any man who has more than one child out of wedlock.
    Knowing our history, Shawty Lo, is nothing but a “breeder”,
    The big strong black buck thrown into the female slave quarters to impregnate the plantation women.
    As a woman, these kids deserve better. They deserve a fulltime Father.

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