Guess We Going to Have that Discussion about Black Xtian Hypocrisy and Black Media that Supports It

Well, with this photo of Bishop Trotter going virally, it’s time for us in the Black community to have that real conversation about the controversial hypocrisy and non-progress of Black xtians and call them out on it. It appear Black xtians walk around with a double standard and use God name as they see fit and walk around with a false sense of high-spirit and holiness. Black xtians has been defined as a potential economic barrier to economic empowerment and freedom in the Black community. They worship a colonial and slaver religion and through generations to this day, still think like a colonized slave and we need to be honest about that. But let’s get to the real dialogue which is the hypocrisy and doing wrong and inappropriate actions under their religion and then try to write it off or justify it with some twisted concept of prayer and religion wipes everything away. If you play the video of R.Kelly having sex and pissing on that little girl with the audio background of R.Kelly song “Prayer Changes” he wrote after getting busted, that is the official music video of modern Black xtians. Cats operate on emotions, like to do foul ish, after they act foul start running their mouth about prayer, forgiveness and only God judgment matters and don’t be concerned about the harm and damage to the victims – just pray for the victims but loudly support the Black xtian who did the foul ish. I remember growing up it was this church ho that I didn’t realize she was a church ho, I thought she was sweet and innocent. Ok, she screws one dude in the church who get mad after finding out she been screwing other dudes and he called her out on it inside the church. I sat there and watch the grown men in that church remove that brotha and the rest of the church “put their hands” around the church ho – this is a very damn true story and that was my epiphany moment of how the Black church gets down. I will be honest – it is not the photo above that bothers me the most about this whole episode. I can accept the argument about the “ghetto pool” with granddaddy. It is historical truth homes in Chicago do not have showers! You have to do serious upgrade for a shower on the homes built in the late 1800s or early 1900s up in Chicago and cats would share the hot water and take baths together. Even the projects, I grew up in LeClaire Courts – those projects didn’t have showers and I had to share a bath with my brothas and sistas. But that is historical from the 1900s and there is no way in hell anybody should be taking this kind of picture in the 21st century. We sat there and watch scandals with Bishop Eddie Long and some boys, watch scandals with the Catholic church and their boys and priests and then we saw what happened at Penn State. With all of this going on, anybody in religion should have quickly adopted policy and procedures about appropriate and inappropriate contact with children. Oh, but not the Black church and Black xtians – they have a different set of rules and that is the core problem me and you really have with this photo. There is no way this Bishop Trotter should have even entertained the thought of taking a bath with his granddaughter. See, what happens is daughter start sitting on daddy lap, start sitting on uncle’s lap and start sitting on boys in the school laps and when she grows up, she giving me lap dances and I throw the money on the floor and she picks it up while putting back on her clothes and that stripper want me to think grinding on strangers d*cks all night is easier money than marketing and selling fashion and beauty to other women in the information age. You guys are right, that little girl at the age of 4 is being indoctrinated that it is okay to be naked with grown naked men. I actually remember vividly my life at the age of four and I even remember my 4th birthday so don’t give me any excuses that she is just a little girl who won’t remember that. If I can remember my 4th birthday, that little girl will damn sure can remember being naked in a bathtub with grandpa and when she grow up, that will cause conflicts in her value system as to if that was appropriate. Bishop Trotter f*cked up and I would have to agree that he may have contributed to the delinquency of a minor. But let me show you the real reason why I’m entertaining this story on Dream and Hustle and why it matters. Do you see that character name John Hannah and his baldheaded chick sidekick in the video below? Notice all the apologies for the Bishop Trotter and not one talk or mention about what impact this will have on a 4-year old girl. Go ahead and notice it in the video conservation below – these are Black xtians in their pure raw form here: See, notice how hard John Hannah and his bald-headed chick sidekick apologizing for Bishop Trotter and start talking that prayer ish and all that other crap. Now we just had some Sandusky caught in the shower with little Black boys at Penn State and we saw how hard they came down on Penn State saying they were more concerned about protecting the anointed football coach Joe Paterno instead of being concern about the child victims. Notice this John Hannah character had zero concern about the 4-year old child well being and start talking this God and prayer stuff – this is how these Black xtians talk and have their double standards. See, this is the core problem of Black economic development – we have these kind of scumbags in our media and in our religious leadership. No conscious Black man in the 21st century would ever put their daughter in the same bathtub with them - I don’t give a sh*t what people did back in the day when Bishop Trotter was a kid. I would never do nothing like that and if I had a daughter I would make sure she know to protect her body from everybody and I mean everybody! Don’t even trust the in-laws and in some cases direct family members around her, not in this day and age when we all know the stories of Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey – we know better. This John Hannah is the same cloth as that Warren Ballentine clown and I’m from Chicago and see these scumbags all the time that talk that God and prayer ish but don’t nothing but apologize and protect status quo. The same clowns running around talking about President Obama was sent by God and crying and praying for Obama while the Black community suffers around them. John Hannah can call himself a Black xtian but he is a piece of sh*t in my book for rushing to this man defense instead of trying to find out the truth. You will never see me apologize for anybody unless I’m 1000% sure about them. John Hannah apologizing for Bishop Trotter as if John Hannah knows about Bishop Trotter d*ck. I don’t know if Bishop Trotter had an erection in the bathtub with that 4-year old or if that 4-year old may have touched Bishop Trotter erection under those bath bubbles. I don’t know that ish and neither does John Hannah – or maybe Mr. Hannah do know about Bishop Trotter d*ck with his sissy talking ass. First thing come to my mind and anybody reasonable mind is that 4-year old child well being. And all of you guys are right to think about that 4-year old child first and foremost because she is being conditioned that it is okay for grown naked men to take a bath with her. We got too much foul ish going in in the Black community and cats want to claim that Black xtian ish and hide behind that Black xtian ish and have double standards and think things they accuse others of should not apply to them. Then they hide behind bitch mother*ckers like this sissy monkey ass looking John Hannah who cares more about the Bishop than the 4-year old girl. I think the police and DCFS should investiage these characters and I think John Hannah, if he was a real man and not hide behind some image of God he made up in his punk ass head – if he was man enough, he would apologize and that bald-headed chick on 1390 would apologize for not considering that 4-year old girl first. This is why we need IPTV and our own media because of Black media crap like this filled with cats who apologize for Black status quo. Imagine if there was no Black blogs and other media not around to challenge these two punks hiding behind that Black xtian ish at 1390 – who would be looking out for that 4-year old girl in our community. That 4-year old girl is exactly why we need our own Black media and IPTV system to be real about what’s really going down in our Black community especially with these hypocrite leaders and phony Black media establishment apologizing for these characters.

7 thoughts on “Guess We Going to Have that Discussion about Black Xtian Hypocrisy and Black Media that Supports It

  1. Apparently his daughter took the pic. She herself must have been accustomed to this. A huge pool maybe, a bathub? Hell to the no! If this had not been a man of the cloth there would be outrage. That is the problem here. These people need to strip this down. Grown PEOPLE do not take baths with their kids.

    The good news is I know enough to stand on my own belief in the word of God and not worship these humans. It’s like a seperation between people’s own agenda/twist/whatever on the Word and not the Word itself. Sometimes too much churchin and routine and religion. They are too blind to see it themselves.

    1. Wow, you just opened my eyes…that is very likely he did this same thing to his daughter growing up.

      The people I know in Chicago are grasping for straws trying to find excuses for this behavior. That’s the problem with our people is we always spend so much energy fighting for this guy and not realize the little girl has no say in being put in this situation.

      I was arguing with someone I know from Chicago who kept trying to make up stuff and then I asked him if he had any children..he said no and it went silent from there…

  2. I have been out of the xtian system for years and glad that at 26years old I know now the bullcrap that is portrayed to us as OK. This is not ok AT ALL in my opinion. This year I vowed to truly “REBUKE” these xtians that want to throw scripture and false prayer to a GOD not everyone definately doesn’t worship, without proof beyond the given word. I overstand some of us are scared and lost but it’s sickening to pass along lies and live a life that is a lie and hear truth yet don’t read it like the word they receive. I tell my mother all the time let me talk to those so called women in the church about some real truth. Our community is greatly effected by this and i’m not atheist but I don’t and will not believe this is ok in this time for that to be showcased to the world. I mean I was aware of the pastors being called out on their “sins” but you think these fake xtians jumped or questioned it?? Hell naw!! they continued to attend and leave him in the position and let these so-called jews knight him with an honor no ignorant xtian understood. Just prayed a false prayer instead and let it go down. Too many hold on to old school slave beliefs that we cover up things to which no one wants to address as a whole. This has to stop and I am a warrior for waking up my community.
    Great post sorry went on a small rant but this bothers me as I gain overstanding

  3. In the absolutely best case scenario I can think of, this guy is just plain stupid. Who in their right mind wouldn’t think that this at least looks bad. Beyond that what kind of fool would post the picture for everybody to see? But like you said, maybe the daughter had been molested. So maybe this was her way of crying for help?

  4. People on other blogs are noting that the little girl is either sitting on his penis or very close to his penis. Also, I’m not happy with comments about “releasing the picture” – Bishop Eddie Long released mirror pics of himself that was not meant to go public either. The issue isn’t whether social media is a “beast” or should he release pictures…the issue is a 4-year old is in the bathtub naked next to an old man who appear naked and she is clearly positioned near his penis…something is definitely below the surface here.

  5. I was raised Christian and still call my self a Christian to this day. But I have always felt even from a very young age there was a certain level of weirdo to these high and mighty type of Christians and their cliques. Its funny how now the young women that use to be little girls in the church are now on Facebook/Instagram showing their a$$ in the most thirst-trap type of ways. I guess they forgot all of that “WORD” they being taught back in the day. Til this day most of the stuff displayed in church settings looks like a big show, learned behavior. I believe in a creator but the rest of the smoke and mirrors stuff I aint buying. That Bishop had no reason to be in the tub with a 4 year old, talking about a ghetto pool…fool it aint even hot in Chicago right now.

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